New Music: Wolf People, Halestorm and More

Adrenaline Mob and Hardcore Superstar also feature in this week’s roundup of new music streams. Vote for your favorite track here.

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Welcome to our weekly new music playlist!

This week it opens with impressive track from the English folk-inspired Wolf People, who are bringing all the songwriting zest and recording magic of the early 70s back to life. They're not big news yet, but watch this space.

Elsewhere, this week's new music playlist features new releases by Halestorm and Adrenaline Mob, and some good ol' aggressive metal to keep you all in check.

Vote for the tracks you enjoy in the poll below, and remember to share your latest discoveries in the comments - we really do listen to them all, and they could appear in the playlist next week.

Wolf People "When the Fire Is Dead in the Grate"

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Halestorm "Mz. Hyde"

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Adrenaline Mob "Judgement Day"

Hardcore Superstar "Last Call for Alcohol"

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The Haunted "My Enemy"

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    Wow, I'm really liking Wolf People. To me it sounds like a band that's been playing together for years and are so tight together, it's seemingly effortless the way they play... making it a completely smooth and peaceful yet dangerous and intense musical experience that is seldom nowadays. Will definitely check out more. Thanks!
    I saw Halestorm live before they started to get big, really an amazing band.
    Mz Hyde has been out for a couple years, but It's a good song to choose to introduce people to the album. Miss the Misery is my favorite though.
    Wolf People, not bad at all!! I will definitely check these guys out. I've always had a soft spot for The Haunted that one isn't bad either.
    Really liking Wolf People, they have a good '70 vibe, almost like the '70 Golden Earing, love it.
    Damn-it, at first glance I thought "Wolf" and "Alestorm" had some new music out...
    The Haunted also came out with another single few weeks ago "Eye of the storm" which is really good!