PSA: Introducing the Official Tabs, Songs Tabbed Out by Professional Musicians

Check out first Official Tabs in Tab Pro (for free) and let us know what to add and where to improve.

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PSA: Introducing the Official Tabs, Songs Tabbed Out by Professional Musicians

This year UG guitarists decided to become rockstars and started to create fingerstyle arrangements, record videos and give you complete guides and certified tabs. A few weeks ago we announced UG arrangements, then introduced Complete Guides and today we want to share one of the first Official Tabs.

The Official Tabs are made by professional guitarists here at Ultimate Guitar, so it's not an effort of one guitarist. The Official Tabs are always teamwork to make different parts of the tab.
So, what is so special about these tabs, except the fact that they are 100% correct?

  • This is NOT user generated tablatures. This is an official version of a song tabbed out by professional musicians just like from print/sheet music books. Each tablature bypass numerous quality assurance checks;
  • Each song has a proper song part attribution;
  • They include chords across the entire song;
  • They always have a voice track (as long as there is vocal in a song presented).

Why are we doing this?

We are moving into high quality, official tabs area. In addition to that, we want to make sure that the tablatures are as much 'digital' as possible in opposite to many services and sheet music stores who sell digital tabs which are in many cases just scans of printed music, PDFs or semi-editable files.

Besides, we will make an announcement short two more additional things that will be a part of the Official Tabs feature. Stay tuned.

Here is a list of the first official tabs that you can check. Everything is in Tab Pro format with a free access. 

Try it, learn it, let us know what you think about it =) 

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    I'm not sure that's what official means... But that's cool!
    Listening through "Nothing Else Matters", sounds really nice Thoughts: - Might want to check the vocals on measure 45, though, and it's not as tight as what each singer sings (although many singers are a lot looser with melisma - multiple notes - and when exactly they start singing X note). - 6/8 is grouped into two sets of dotted quarter notes, not a half note and a quarter note (and their equivalents) - example, the entire second vocal track is in 1/2+1/4, but should be either like mm. 21-22 in the first vocal track or (better) dotted half rests or (less recommended) whole rests I'll give more feedback when I find time, but these are preliminary thoughts!
    For me, the tab does not display note lengths at all (hence, there are obviously no note groupings)
    Try "Setttings" -> "Note Durations" -> "On" I was personally trying to point out the rests, although the fact that eighth notes are just individual stem representations can be a bit confusing too. That's more of a Tab Pro issue than an "official tab" issue, though
    Too bad they are tab pro, guitar pro is better. As I left in a review when the website wanted feedback: The timeline bar at the bottom in guitar pro is really, really important.
    Agreed. And with Guitar Pro you have a lot more options on how you display the tab (I always use the horizontal view with the "standard" rhythm visible), how you play it... You can also edit it if you don't like some fingerings, change tuning or want to simplify a solo... And MIDI is not how a real musician write drums... Tab Pro is nice for those that don't have GP, but for GP owners, this is a step back ! You can import GP file to Tab Pro, maybe you could add an export button ? (Yes I'm dreaming)
    saw the first one, and nothing else mattered., no, I'll see myself out.
    something tells me that "official" means "we are going to try to charge you for access to the "real" tabs...."
    Pretty sure they're already charging for Tab Pro access.
    not if you've submitted a tab before - i logged in one day and had free access... though i did have to pay for the iphone phone app.. then pay again on THAT to get tab-pro for mobile. so it wouldn't shock me in the least to see these "pro" tabs eventually turned into another pay-wall. but it's also misleading the way they've billed it - i clicked on it thinking that they had gotten the actual composers to either tab the songs, or verify the tabs. neither is the case. this also seems redundant, because we already have a rating system - unless you're completely tone-deaf, you should be able to use your ear and the peer-reviews to figure out which tab is right. basically, this is UG finding some already-good tabs and confirming that yes, they are good.
    Yes, I too have the free access because of my contributions—they let us have it out of courtesy (or possibly because they know we don't need it). Point is, it's a paid service to begin with. The second part of your post is pretty much the comment I made on yesterday's article which for some reason was removed a few hours later only to be reposted today. All they're doing is publishing "editor's choice" tabs that bypass the validation process.
    fair. i'm hella old on UG... i joined in like 2002 or something when it was small-potatoes and totally free. obviously things need to move forward and people need to eat... but as a consumer i find it tiresome to have the full functionality of the site hidden behind more than one paywall. like you say... good thing that we, as proper musicians, don't really *need* the confirmed tabs to know what's right... but it muddies the waters for those who are still learning and now have to pay to compare tabs.
    Is there a way to view drum tab with real symbols instead of midi numbers ?
    I hope these professionals are better than some of the ones Hal Leonard uses. I've seen some dogshit tabs in Hal Leonard books, wrong positions, wrong technique for solos.
    Now the real question is this: Can't Stop. This being tabbed out by Klinghoffer or did Frusciante come back temporarily just to write out tabs? All jokes aside, a pretty important question considering the two play that song in wildly different ways.
    Good point, though these tabs aren't written by the artists. The title is a bit misleading, but the article does say that these are written by "professional guitarists here at Ultimate Guitar." Seems like they're using the album versions here.
    Not really; why would you assume for even a second that a tab wasn't the album version unless the title specifically says it isn't?
    I just learned this song, similar (but not exactly) to the one posted here, so I'm quite curious how they each play it. Would you have two contrasting tabs or a video showing the differences?