PSA: News, Lessons and, Finally, Reviews End This Year With the Brand New Look

Check out what we've done to reviews ;-)

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PSA: News, Lessons and, Finally, Reviews End This Year With the Brand New Look

2 months ago we started changing the UG News layout, then switched our focus to the UG Lessons. Finally, we are proud to announce that the most difficult migration was ended successfully. Reviews have not only a new look now, but a completely new logic as well.

What's new in UG Reviews

There are two killer features: new voting logic and more space.

I bet you didn't get anything from this description so let me explain.

Here is how it works right now

1. Every guitar/amp/album has its own home page, where you can find all reviews that UG has and UG Score.
You can rate guitar/amp/albums from Junky to Gem (1-10) and your rating will count in Users Score.

2. Every review has its own page.
Using the same logic that we have here in the UG News you can upvote or downvote reviews, based on how well they were written. Comments used to be linked to the product but now you can comment a specific review. That also helps to keep an order. 


The best way to add what we missed and fix what we broke is testing. Layouts and new voting have passed our internal tests, but the hardest one is users' test (aka production). 

Try it, vote, rate guitars and albums! Go there, get back and let us know what you think: and

P.S. We'd love to hear any feedback, but if you can try to be more specifics than "this layout sucks" that'll be more helpful ;-)

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    I love how admins can now delete opinions. This new layout in horrible and it is impossible to navigate on mobile devices. Do the devs not know the golden rule of making a website. You should test it on mobile first
    This layout for web. Mobile optimozation takes a little bit more time, but we are working on it. So, finally, you will have web as it is right now and mobile version (in 2017)
    I only have a mobile device and I like the new layout. I find many Mobile forms on websites are highly restrictive. If you do make a mobile version please either have all options available or grant access to the regular style page. Thanks UG!