PSA: Tab Approval Queue Update and Promotions for the Best Authors

It's about time to rate some tabs...

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PSA: Tab Approval Queue Update and Promotions for the Best Authors

Hey, everyone!

When we launched UG IQ Rewards programs there were some difficulties we didn't expect. The UG IQ Rewards system was abused, users were frustrated, we even had to disqualify the grand prize winner once, when we found out that he abused the UG Rewards system. And, of course, there were controversies around Tab Approval Queue where users could get their fair share of UG IQ by voting for tabs pending for approval.

Let's say honestly, it hasn't been an easy time for Tab Approval Queue. Some users complained about the poor quality of the tabs that were approved, some users that had their tab rejected, didn't understand what was wrong with their tab and how to fix it. We've come a long way to make this process more appealing as we want to make our Tab Approval Queue more than just a proving ground for tabs, we want it to teach users how the tabs should be made, so no low-quality tabs will ever be accepted on UG. Moreover, we want our best users to teach other users how to make perfect tabs. And here's what we have come up with at the moment.

Now, UG team is constantly scanning Tab Approval Queue for judgment mistakes and if anyone downvoted or upvoted a tab incorrectly they will receive a notification, explaining the mistake and how to avoid it in the future. This way we'll let the inexperienced users know how to rate the tabs. But of course, that won't be possible to achieve without our Authors. When we were analyzing thousands of activities in Tab Approval Queue, looking for mistakes, we noticed that some Authors possess almost perfect judgment and surely know their stuff. We put our trust in our best Authors, who we believe are more than qualified to evaluate tabs and will always help you to correct any mistakes. Here they are:

reconssuck BlueMatador narqelion

All of you guys are promoted to Level 4 Authors. You've earned it. We also would like to show our utmost respect for mendace, who is currently the top-1 Author in Tab Approval Queue. It's the people like you, who keep UG going strong. You deserve every each of the prizes you won.

Keep rocking and evaluating the tabs, guys, but remember... With great power comes great responsibility ;)

And a few words for those who are new to Tab Approval Queue. Most of the decisions there are made by users just like you. You just need to submit one tab to become Level 1 Author to make your votes count. Don't be afraid to vote for a tab if you think it's great and it complies with our UG Tab Guide and UG Authors Guide as active participation means more UG IQ points. And a lot of UG IQ points means awesome prizes from our sponsors! You can check out our UG IQ Rewards program here.

And if anything happens or sounds too complicated, UG team is always there to help you.

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    I am honored and humbled by this recognition, thank you so much And congratulations to all of you who got promoted, you guys deserve it
    Thank you for this incredible honor. I love this site and I love this community. Congrats to my fellow Authors, your work inspires me to keep improving day after day.
    Well done to all the level 4 promotions,you really do deserve the recognition,and also well done to mendace,to do TPA is hard and time consuming work and you really have worked hard to be fair and constructive,as well as doing your bit to keep on top of the submissions,your lead is something i am trying to follow.All The Best to you all, Mark
    Yeah, thanks so much!! This is crazy lol.... I don't even play guitar (don't worry, I only vote on chords though)
    Im hoping I can become lvl 4 too one day, I started working on my first tab yesterday but that turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be