Tab Author Day Special

The ultimate thank you to the real rock stars of UG.

Ultimate Guitar
Tab Author Day Special

Today UG is celebrating the Tab Author Day!

Many years ago zappp started Ultimate Guitar as a place to share his passion for music with the world. Today UG is the largest community of guitar enthusiasts in the Universe (here is a bold statement for you), and we’re very happy that you are a huge part of it.

Needless to say, Authors have a special place in our community.

It is still amazing to us that 200k Tab Authors from all over the world decided to contribute their time and energy into making music approachable for everyone! Their tabs make people feel better about troubles in life, reunite with their loved ones, troll their neighbors, make new friends (and lovers), remember the good old times, dream about tomorrow, better their playing, declare their love, and be inspired.

We asked the UG users to leave a feedback for the authors under their favorite tabs, and we received thousands and thousands of amazing comments! Here are a few of them.

‘No Reply’ by The Beatles, tab author cblank423

Comment from Nokomis209:

‘I was seven when Beatles 65 was released in the U.S. and my sister had just bought the record. She would play it over and over and it still resonates with me and is still one of my favorite albums. My sister is now 65 and she just picked up a Taylor Mini GS to learn guitar. She wants to learn No Reply so I looked up your chords to show her. It will be fun to share that memory. Thanks, Rob’

‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen, tab author Pencom

Comment from sherpa:

‘My family's been through some hard times these past years .. I wanted to learn this song to play at our next family gathering. We can't necessarily all sit down and talk about our feelings, but I reckon this song will hit the spot. thanks.’

‘Live Wire’by Mötley Crüe, tab author spectre1123

Comment from eseith:

‘Learning this one for an audition and REALLY didn't want to bring a 2nd guitar tuned to D standard. This is a solid workable alternative without having to figure it out myself. Thanks!’

‘USA National Anthem’, tab author aaron8a

Comment from ArtBekk:

‘Greetings from Siberia! Big thx for the tabs. Even though I'm not American, but it's perfect way to wake up my neighbors in the morning’

‘Strangely Dim’ by Francesca Battistelli, tab author radioshack

Comment from rachelm98:

‘I want to go to the hospitals around Las Vegas and bring the healing of music and the ultimate power of the Gospel. ‘

'1234 1234' by Streetlight Manifesto, tab author zeebrah

Comment from Llottieda:

‘I listened to a lot of streetlight manifesto & catch 22 when I was in highschool. Now, years later, I am finally actually learning guitar ( after several failed attempts) and I know 6 chords! Still just barely getting started. But I was so excited to see that this was a song I could play with the limited repertoire I have so far. Thanks for sharing this!!’

We’d like to thank all the UG users that left their feedback for Tab Authors. Your awesome comments made this day a thousand times more special!

And now to the surprise we’ve been talking about!

We’ve prepared a small gift to all of our Tab Authors to show the deepest love and respect we have for you, guys.

From now on, each and every Tab Author in UG has a special personal page where they can see what impact their tabs make to the world.

Check out your ‘My Stats’ page!

You can also share your achievements on social networks to let your fam know that you're an ambassador of guitar music to the world and thanks to you this Ball keeps rock 'n' rolling!

Special thanks to Stefan_P, dolphinsrule01, and mendace for helping us out with beta tests.

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    How lovely. The stats thing is rather cool, I must say. Glad to be a part of this community.
    I absolutely love the new feature, it's so special and it is great to see how many people I have reached. I'm so happy to be a part of this community!
    This is pretty cool.   Over 100 requested tabs submitted and only 8 people have taken the time to write a message of thanks.  Not that I do it for the praise (we all know we do it for the Bonanza points) but it's still nice to see appreciation now and then
       UG is the finest guitar / tabs website in the world. I really don't think anything else even comes close. Years ago I published tabs to other web sites only to have them taken down because of legal issues. UG also experiences some of these same legal issues but has managed to coexist with the music barons. The site is "dynamic" in that it continues to evolve and grow. The ability to easily and effectively make changes to our tabs is especially impressive. UG gives the viewer the ability to choose a variety of different "interpretations" of the same song. I have particularly liked the push, which started some time ago, to make all tabs "uniform" in their formatting. This lets viewers have a high level of continuity going from tab to tab. The viewing screens are clean and neat, allowing for easy playing. Needless to say UG provides a huge selection of just about any song you can imagine, and many you can't imagine. The UG servers are fast. Nobody likes to "wait" for a screen to boot up. This speed appears to me to be a combination of both fast servers and very "efficient" coding.  Whatever the reason, it makes one want to return to the site over and over again. Finally, UG is a very "comprehensive" music site. It appeals to all age groups. Hard rock, folk, religious music etc., UG provides it all. Simply impressive! As impressive as UG is, I do believe there are, like everything in life, areas that could be improved. I personally, as someone getting up in the years, would like to see a time limit placed on automatic tab corrections. I would like to see a "prominent" button placed on every tab linking that tab to a YouTube version of that song, so there are no misunderstandings about what song version that tab represents. Lastly, I would like to see "less" authority placed in so few people regarding tabs and tab authors. I would like to see UG give greater weight to what actual tabs authors have to say, rather then shutting down their input. In other words, a bit more tab author flexibility, and input. Other then that, great work UG. I wish you the best and a continued major presence on the internet, and the world of music. Thank you again for everything.  
    automatic tab corrections?
      Technically, not "automatic". The net effect of you posting a tab is that it gets reviewed and approved (or not). From then on out it is subject to someone making changes to it, unless you or a tab mod stops it. For the most part, the tab mods do a terrific job of trying to keep order with the tabs. Given the sheer volume of tabs it is, increasingly, an uphill task. Myself, along with almost every tab author I'm familiar with believe there should be a "sunset", time limit placed on correcting a particular tab. You, for example, may have posted a tab. It is unreasonable to expect that you, five years from now,  should still have to deal with folks who wish to modify your tab. It is unreasonable to expect the tab mods, already overloaded, should have to revisit the same tab over and over again just because someone has an "opinion" about how they feel the tab should look. This, of course, would never foreclose the possibility of someone making "suggestions" to the tab. In that case "only" the tab author could make changes.
    Thank you the recognition and appreciation you have shown tab authors. The new stats page is very cool to say the least. It is amazing to see how many people have found our contributions to be useful. Thank you UG for providing a platform for us to share the music we love with others around the world. Stay sick!
    Thank you for your comment, man! Means a lot to the UG team   Thanks  for contribution to UG and keep rocking! 
    Bonanza is a kind of soda in my country. I kinda like it just the way it goes with the meaning of this community... its a bonanza!
    Thanks. I like it, because it shows me, that what I contribute here, may be helpful to at least a few people somewhere on the globe.
    Thanks for the stats page. I just put songs on UG that I want to play and are not posted yet. I didnt know how many people viewed them. 
    Ok, It's curious and interesting can see a world map with the visits and respective percentage.  I'll hope that's not the end and can improve the page along the time; for example, include in the same page a list of views clasified for visitors, other authors, moderators, etc. Thanks for your efforts and... play and enjoy!!!
    Thanks   We're surely planning to make the page more informative over time! 
    Awesome page, thank you for that!      I'd watch out regarding the free stuff for tab authors though, since there are also "authors" who simply steal tabs of others and just upload them here. I found some tabs on this site that I did before ultimate-guitar even existed (or well, at least I didn't know it), so all the work that was done by the people uploading that is uploading it, while preventing the actual authors from putting it here officially. Stealing might be a harsh word since it might not have been the intention, but just saying . This kind of behavior could be promoted the more actual benefits you get that are not connected to you being the author, like free software. 
    I just started to make tabs and I would love if you guys could check out my tab and give me advice to make it better in the future,and the song i have is Sparkle ver 2
    It's cool, but it would be nice to get more detailed stats, like how many times added to favourites for each individual tab.
    We have this feature in our todo list -- will be implemented a little bit later!
    Thank you. Thank you also for adding the Edit facility to your tabs for private use. It's great Can you enable a search feature that would allow members to search a particular author's body of work? Thanks in advance!
    Well,  you can go to an Author's public profile and in top right corner you'll see a section called Contributions. There you'll see a list of all tabs submitted by this Author If you're actually meant something else, please specify  
    136 people from Fiji viewed my tabs! Hard to believe that my contributions made it all the way from my house here in East Anglia to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Absolutely ludicrous.
    i wish Dave Mustaine were here ti see this. unfortunately, he’s gone to the store for more Dave Mustaine stuff, and theres no telking how long that could take. 
    Guys, where can I access this from? If I follow the see all stats link in my profile I get an access denied landing page. I don't have many tabs but I do love stats so I'd really like to check mine out!
    Please, see the screenshot in the article. Just go to UG homepage > Submit > My stats
    Thank you very much! I would have never imagined it would be under the submit button. 
    Where can I find this stats page?
    You can find it clicking on your contributions at your profile page
    Really cool feature, had a look and very interesting stats. A lot of Brazilians and Russian views
    How about free access to apps etc for authors? We provide the content for the site, and yet we still have to pay for the apps. Doesn't seem right. 
    All Tab Authors do have free desktop access to Tab Pro service.    
    Yes but we have to pay for the iPad app
    I think it's a great idea -- will give you access to the Tab Pro app on iOS/Android as well!
    What about the rest of us
    Oh, of course I meant all authors, not only one!  
    A small update about this issue: we're going to introduce new system for authors that will provide free access to other Ultimate Guitar products and apps (not only Tab Pro) based on number and quality of submitted tabs. Stay tuned!
    I would love to contribute more to this site, but had a VERY bad experience last time I tried. It has left a bad taste in my mouth for ultimate-guitar.
     A lot of things have changed since the last time you contributed.  We do have some guidelines though which help you get your tabs approved faster.  And they mostly concern formatting in fact.  Please PM me if you have a specific problem.