Tab Contributors Go Ad-Free On UG

All tab contributors get an ad-free version of the site as a "thank you" for being an important part of the UG community.

Ultimate Guitar

A good website is built on the foundations of a good community, and Ultimate Guitar is a perfect example of that.

For years we've been building the biggest and best guitar community in the world, thanks to the dedicated work of all our visitors who write tabs for great music and share it with the world on this site.

Some of the tab artists become legends in their own right, for being the one person to write that killer 5-star tab that everyone uses. It's amazing to think about how many other people around the world then go to learn those songs, get better at their craft, perform to friends, and all the other enriching things that comes with being a musician.

We decided it's time to thank all the tab writers by giving them an ad-free version of this site. Hooray!

If you've ever submitted a tab, the site will automatically update without any ads being displayed. When the changes come in, all you have to do is hit refresh and it should work straight away.

If you haven't written a tab for the site yet, guess what - you can get the same ad-free offer too. Just submit a tab, and when it goes live, you'll get the same bonus.

We can't offer the same to other types of contributions - just tabs.

Thanks again to all of you for making this the best guitar community in the world.

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    And suddenly, 3,000 new tabs for the intro of Smoke On The Water are submitted.
    I'll have to start coming up with some funny things to write in the comments box while rejecting them.
    Awesome! I admit I'll miss the softcore porn ads though...
    softcore? porn? do i get ads back
    All the ads are google sponsored. you can edit what kind of ads you want to have so you only see relevant tabs. Allads I get are guitars and other stuff. But I guess you can set your preferences to porn aswell
    Danjo's Guitar
    Cool, haha. I think its funny that my tabs made it in despite the fact that they were for my own band, and no one will ever use them.
    Despite all these "Mustaine bought a new sweater" type of news, ridiculous threads in the Pit, some my tabs declined by moderators, etc, I just love UG!
    Do the TabPro tabs that appear in search count as ads? >_>
    Well that's a nice treat! Even if 99% of the ads where blocked already for me but still, its a good gesture!
    I'm still amazed at the number of people that don't use the Ad Block Plus extension/addon. It's almost flawless.
    I honestly didnt know people had to wait for an ad to end before watching some videos on youtube. I was at my friend's and couldnt believe it. Thank you based Adblock
    Why not thank people who write tabs for their contribution by sorting out the issues that cause some tabs to be blocked in some countries (including British artists on British labels such as Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and Def Leppard, being blocked in Britain).
    that is mainly because of british publishers. they want you to buy their tab book and wouldnt strike any deal with UG, so if UG makes those tabs available in Britain, they can get into trouble. if it gets to the point where UG blocks of a tab in an area, its likely because the publisher/rights holder was asking for too much.
    However, UG also states that all tabs submitted must be done by the contributor - submissions can't simply be taken from a book or published document. Although, there are some fairly well-known songs that still aren't on here, so publishers still have a bit of an upper hand for some things.
    Which is ridiculous, because no artist has a TAB book published that has every single song they've done, including live versions and B-Sides and what have you. Just another way for publishers to treat their target market like shit.
    Awesome suggestion. Ive just installed it and now not only am i ad-free on UG but everywhere else as well. As Insanity Ninja said, best extension ever haha
    The really good thing about it is it's like a good condom. It's there but it feels nothing there xD. Unlike most extensions that always bother me with their updates and shit.
    It's mostly because ads are how UG makes it's money. To suggest that, is losing them money, so you can understand why they're not too keen on letting it get out
    That's an awesome idea, though for those who aren't good enough to tab yet then there's always the adblock plugin for firefox and chrome!
    You realise you can be banned for encouraging that, right?
    Insanity ninja
    What? We can be banned for installing and telling people about an add on that is totally legitimate and legal? Okay. Edit: Yep, just checked TOS, there's absolutely nothing to say we can't use/talk about ad blocking.
    That's because if it were in the TOS they would have to mention/acknowledge it. It's like the he-who-must-not-be-named of browser extensions - we all know of it's existence, but we daren't speak it's name.
    Still really nice that contributors now won't need to on here. I use it myself because the ads really slowed everything down on some sites, but I've never had many problems on here. It's a good thing for them to have done.
    Gerard Way Jr
    Bullshit. Reviews are way harder to write than a goddamn tab. Especially considering that our top tabber, "paramore_fans," only tabs punk songs.
    You still have to listen to the song and figure it out, regardless of how easy it is. Writing a review doesn't take much effort... smoke a bowl and pretend it's a 12th grade essay.
    I've contributed tabs before but the adverts have never really bothered me if im honest.
    Joshua Garcia
    Cool! They're especially annoying on my devices, so this is excellent. So while you're at it, can I have a wad of money for making 100 contributions and being ranked 196 of all users?