Tab Pro Now Available Worldwide

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Tab Pro Now Available Worldwide
Our world-class tab tuition service Tab Pro is now available worldwide. Tab Pro was our vision of what a tab application should be. We saw what other services were lacking, looked at our staggering database of tabs, and decided to do it properly. Until now, the program was US-only. During that time, we've been perfecting every nuance of the app and making sure you love it from day one. If you're wondering how Tab Pro works, get hold of the free trial to see for yourself. Along with all the classic Tab Pro options that have been available since day one, we're excited to unveil a bevy of upgrades and additions to make the program even more enjoyable and user friendly. For a lot of players out there, it often comes down to fundamentals the song choices. So to accommodate a greater variety of tastes, we've added over 70,000 new songs to the Tab Pro catalog. We've also included alternate versions of existing songs that users have been enjoying since the initial launch of the service. With those latest additions, our Tab Pro database now offers over 200,000 tabs for your jamming pleasure. Creating a stress-free experience with our Tab Pro player was high up on our list of to-dos, and our technical team has ensured that any initial kinks in the system have been ironed out. The system has been totally revised, allowing for improved performance and smoother user interface. We didn't ignore the aesthetic side of the equation, either. It just never hurts to be a bit more attractive, does it? With that in mind, we have tweaked the look of our song pages to make them sleeker and easier to navigate. We really have been dying to show the rest of the world how cool Tab Pro is, so please share your reaction in the comments.
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