The UG Playlist: Songs We Loved In 2012

artist: Misc date: 12/24/2012 category: ug news

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The UG Playlist: Songs We Loved In 2012
The Ultimate Guitar team always puts the community first, but for just one post we thought you might like an insight into the team by hearing about our favourite songs this year.

Not every song was released in 2012, but in one way or another they became the soundtrack to our year.

Each entry has a comment from the team member who nominated it.

You might be surprised at the breadth of music tastes in our office - scroll through and see if you find anything new to love.

And say hello to us in the comments, we'll be diving into the discussion over the holidays to talk about our favourite music.

The Offspring "Dirty Magic"

"A nicely re-recorded version of their 1992 classic (they even sang it in the same key!). I've been looking forward to the new Offspring album since 2008. Sadly, 'Dirty Magic' was the only listenable cut on this LP." - Pavel, Tab Manager

Muse "Supremacy"

"Simply the best song from their new album. I've seen Muse live twice this year, and both times I was blown away by the stage production and performance." - Dmitriy, Quality Assurance Dpt.

Hadouken "Bliss Out"

"It was the only 2012-released song from my playlist. I guess it just appealed to me with cool beats." - Alexander, Web Content Manager

Dark Tranquillity "The Bow And The Arrow"

"This is a really dark and bombastic song from, in my opinion, the most important pioneers of the melodic death metal genre." - Asilia, R&D Dpt

Placebo "B3"

"As a fan of Placebo, I've been waiting for their new EP release. Cuz, Molko, y'know." - Dmitriy (a.k.a. HooK), Quality Assurance Dpt.

Mylene Farmer "A L'Ombre"

"Mylene Farmer is my favorite singer. Her music is like French wine: it gets better with age." - Nikolay, Programmer

Muse "Survival"

"Muse might have contributed to the 'Twilight' soundtrack, but they still know how to do the right things!" - Artyom, Quality Assurance Dpt.

Big Pink "Stay Gold"

"This song kickstarted 2012 for me - a nice reminder of early 90s' shoegaze bands. Too bad it's the only decent track on their album." - Ian, Chief Editor

Lana Del Rey "Diet Mountain Dew"

"I think that Lana Del Rey's ability to write and perform great songs is a bit overshadowed by her media personality." - Kate, Licensing Dpt.

Nickelback "Lullaby"

"Reminds me of a special evening in Hard Rock cafe - very relaxing music." - Tamara, Technical Support Dpt.

Rush "BU2B"

"Definitely my song of the year! This is the best piece I've heard from Rush in a while." - Vladimir, Programmer

Tame Impala "Solitude Is Bliss"

"This song is exactly what I've been waiting for. Tame Impala is my discovery of the year." - Andrew, System Administrator

Burzum "Surtr Sunnan"

"I like Nordic metal and the mythology that surrounds it. Burzum always produce excellent tracks." - Alla, Release Manager

Imagine Dragons "It's Time"

"I liked it, because this song feels like 2012 to me. Things at UG have been changing for the better, but you have to remember to go your own way too. That's what this song is about to me." - Max, Programmer

Kamelot "Sacrimony"

"They've been my favorite group for 5 years already, and every new album is like a present. Roy Khan (singer) left the group in 2011, but this song sounds great with their new frontman Tommy Karevik." - Oleg, Programmer

Green Day "Kill The DJ"

"Cool mixture of dance rhythms, jangling guitars, poppy vocals and serious attitude. This track made my September vacation one to remember." - Andrew, Programmer

Hypno5e "Story Of The Eye"

"I picked this song for two reasons. First, it's a great example of their experimental sound which combines technicality, rage, sadness and beauty. They have a really interesting approach to writing their music and song structures. Second, it's an inexpressible trip for me - a real story with genuine emotion that I feel every time I hear it." - Anthony (a.k.a. N-D), Web Content Manager

Jack White "Freedom At 21"

"One of the best musicians ever. I couldn't ignore his debut solo album." - Natalie, Editor

Gotye "Somebody That I Used To Know"

"Not exactly a 2012 song, but still a nice example of an artistic approach to songwriting and recording with mass appeal." - Ivan, Art Director

Snowgoons "Goonsville (feat. Blaq Poet & Usual Suspectz)"

"Good old rap music from the streets makes me wanna be stronger, if you know what I mean, bro. Ahem." - Vladimir, Release Manager

Deftones "Swerve City"

"A brutal, uncompromising opening to what is probably Deftones' finest record since 'White Pony'. An excellent balance of melody and aggression with flawless execution." - Alec Plowman, Writer

Adele "Rolling In The Deep"

"The only pop song that may appeal to UG community." - Oleg, R&D Dpt.

Tame Impala "Apocalypse Dreams"

"I discovered their older album 'Innerspeaker' this year and played it more than anything else, but the new Beatles-infused 'Lonerism' LP has some of the best pop songs I've ever heard. This is one of them." - Tom Davenport, Writer

Thanks for making 2012 a year to remember. We're always honored to be working with such an awesome community every day.

We love checking out your music tips, so this is a good time to post them in the comments. And feel free to ask us anything you like, a few of us will be taking part in the comment thread over the holidays.

Oh, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at UG!
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