The Ultimate-Guitar Halloween Mixtape

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The Ultimate-Guitar Halloween Mixtape
Ah, Halloween! The most wonderful time of year!.. oh wait, that's Christmas, right?.. Anyway, while you, the faithful Ultimate-Guitar reader are out on this Hallow's eve, eating candies, wearing your silly costumes and cavorting with attractive men, women or transgendered people who are doing the same, spare a thought for us, the Ultimate-Guitar staff.

Here we are this October 31st, trapped in Ultimate-Guitar towers (that's a thing...) with nothing but a 16 year old bottle of Babycham and and a Betamax copy of "Friday 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan" for company. Luckily for you though, our desolate Halloween situation has given us time to compile... THE ULTIMATE-GUITAR HALLOWEEN MIX-TAPE.

Five (yes, count them, five) unadulterated slabs of spooky rock and roll goodness for your delectation. So sit back, turn up the volume on your speakers, and let our choice musical selections be the soundtrack to your Halloween 2012! Or, y'know, shout at us for missing out your favorite song in the comments... whatever works for you really...

1. "Sympathy For The Devil" - The Rolling Stones

The song in which Mick Jagger plays the devil. While the scariest thing about the Stones these days is the price of their concert tickets, when this came out back in 1969, it was a truly spine chilling experience. Under no circumstances should you confuse this with the AWFUL Guns N' Roses cover from the "Interview With The Vampire" movie soundtrack

2. "Welcome To My Nightmare" - Alice Cooper

Pretty much anything by the Coop is a necessary addition to any Halloween playlist. We've gone with the titular track from the 1976 album "Welcome To My Nightmare" here because it's just bad-a-s, with Alice's characteristic sneer working to full effect. Also, it has horns in it, and horns are killer.

3. "God Of Thunder" - Kiss

Gene Simmons' finest vocal performance, and the ultimate manifestation of his Demon persona. A real stomper of a track replete with bizarre child voices in the mix. Kiss's best tune? Maybe... It's got a suitably eerie lead guitar performance from Space Ace as well.

4. "Release The Bats" - The Birthday Party

Maybe it's the Babycham talking, but there are several points when listening to this song where I genuinely thought that Nick Cave was going to jump out of the speakers and eat my face off. A song that not only kicks, but also swings... and makes reference to Sex Vampires...

5. "Die, Die My Darling" - Misfits

Those Metallica fellas did a pretty nifty cover of this little ditty, but for our money, it's got to be the original version by the Misfits. Lo-fi, ballsy, and full of venom, this number is not only great for Halloween but is also the perfect choice for a first dance at a wedding.

So that's all the Halloween music madness that we could fit onto one side of a cheap, degraded audio cassette. You've got more suggestions you say. Well, YOU CAN GO TO HELL YOU PUSS SPEWING PIG DOGS (sorry, the Babycham again). Seriously though, if you have more suggestions, then by all means post them in the comments section. Maybe we'll compile them into one of those new fangled list things that you kids seem to be so fond of these days...
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