This Week's Question: Best Hair Metal Bands?

What fluffy-headed hard rockers will stand the test of time? Vote here.

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Hair metal (otherwise known as Glam Metal) is possibly the only genre to be better known for its appearance than its history. Forged as much from pop and punk as heavy metal, it amplified everything flamboyant about the 70s and multiplied it with the plastic excess of the '80s.

Hair metal might look like a joke to younger rock listeners, but for a time before Nirvana helped grunge explode onto the mainstream in 1992, hair metal ruled the world.

This week's question is:

Who is the best hair metal band of all time?

You could pick an authentic '80s staple like Motley Crue, or a modern tribute like Steel Panther. Whoever it is, let us know in the comments and we'll put them into a head banging top 10 for you this week.

Post one nomination per comment and up vote others you agree with. Thanks!

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    I love the change from Wednesday Question to This Weeks Question because UG can't seem to get the question out in time.
    Skid Row
    Maybe first album. I think 'Slave to the Grind' was less 'hair metal'. Not sure how to describe it, but i think it's heavier than 'hair metal'.
    Spinal Tap
    Since basically the only good hair metal bands are parodies of hair metal bands, I'll second this.
    I'm so glad to see those upvotes. They started as a glam-metal band that got sick of the scene attached to it, so they went in a different direction, and we got groove-metal! Pantera all the way! \m/
    Too bad their Hair Metal albums sucked ass
    Not too hate on Pantera as a whole because I found Vulgar Display and Cowboys from Hell to be quite remarkable especially for the lack of quality metal the 90's had but I found their few glam stints to be quite gimmicky and bland not to mention had to horrible cover art
    What ? Are they really hair metal ? They just had 80s hair in the 80s like everybody else, or am I mistaken ?
    I kind of struggle calling them hair metal, since they were around for quite a while before the 80's, but they did adapt to the sound. They're definitely really talented. Both Uli Jon Roth and Michael Schenker are great guitarists.
    The Scorpions are not really a hair metal band,maybe a hairless band!They came out in the early seventies,and had many albums before the eighties! More of a hard rock /metal band than glam.