This Week's Question: Biggest Rock Posers?

Who is the most prissy poser in rock music? Post your nominations here.

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With all their preening and posing, rockstars may as well be peacocks. They dress in outrageous garbs, line their eyes with makeup and slick their hair with the care of a catwalk model. Yes, rockstars can be a vain breed - but we usually wouldn't have them any other way. This week's question is:

Who are the biggest posers in rock?

It can be in a good or bad way - some rockstars strike a pose and look all the cooler for it. Others try a little too hard, and it can come across as needy and desperate for attention. Whatever your reasons, post the name of the star who you think is the biggest poser in the comments and up vote any you agree with. We'll stack up the results and post them early this week. Good luck!

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    Black Veil Brides
    They better be on the list
    should be No.1..... for setting the worst example... representing everything rock n roll is NOT about.....
    Has to be top of the list - Dont mind posers, but when their musical is sooo awful, they just look like idiots.
    I'm assuming you just mean their singer, the other guys don't really say much.
    Check out their Golden Gods 2013 acceptance speech. Made me completely loose what little respect I had for them .
    Audible Warfare
    I like them but I definitely agree that BVB are posers. They think that because they replace breakdowns with guitar solos and dress in a bunch of chains, makeup, and belts from Hot Topic they are the 80's revived.
    Asking Alexandria
    And almost everyone that uses it.
    seriously. What the f*** kind of question is this? POSER, really? I feel like I'm in a highschool movie produced in the 90s
    I am probably gonna get a lot of heat for saying this but I will have to say: Black Metal fans. It's like they don't care about the Metal anymore, all they care about is Satan and bringing down other Metal fans. They think they are the elite in Metal. They hate the world.
    Second Rate
    This is the first strawman i've seen on U.G. Try being specific, it's quite easy to say "black metal fans" when it is in fact the underground for the sake of being underground black metal hipsters that are the problem. I know plenty of black metal fans that aren't anything like what you described there. And this "elite" bullshit. People need to stop treating the term "elitist" like it's some sort of insult. After all, at the end of the day.... those of us that have been accused of elitism are the ones that keep these genres alive when the hip crowd have moved on to the next trend they feel the need to gentrify, homogenize, and destroy. That being said, I'm gonna go in the black metal direction and nominate Erik Danielsson of Watain. The harder he tries to come off as some sort of serious, dark, hardcore satanist..... the more he seems like a character from a Christopher Guest movie.
    This x1000. You're right about black metal hipsters. I'm a fan of some more melodic black metal, like Watain and Dimmu, but I like the actual music. And Erik Danielsson isn't a poser, he's pretty genuine, he's just a little insane.
    I love black metal and i'm sorry to say that you are talking about the "elitists". But that is in every genre.
    Face R1pper
    Congratulations, you know nothing about black metal.
    lol you just proved him right you elitist mutaphuka
    lol how did he proved him right. Sorry, but black metal is much more than satan ... Kind of stereotype. And to say that he knows nothing about black metal, isnt elitist thinking.
    Jesus Christ, I realize that the word "elitist" and its meaning and relevance have been completely destroyed by its incorrect overuse by every piece of shit.. But telling someone who clearly knows nothing about Black Metal that they know nothing about Black Metal is "elitist"? I bet you think historians are elitists every time they correct someone's incorrect view on a piece of history.
    no,.. that just makes them annoying! ha ha. "History is written by the victors" so even those "facts" can be distorted. Think about it for a minute: The "lanf of teh free and home of the brave" was founded by aristocratic, slave owning white people fleeing their own country to avoid paying taxes and be free. irony? Not a Black Metal fan,.. had to think of something constructive to add...:)
    you might find that most music fans don't feel the need to wear a costume or adopt the persona of whatever music they happen to listen too
    once a wise man said "the darker metal, the brighter the heart
    How bout instead of just black metal elitists, lets just expand that to every elitist fan
    We could, but black metal, while not necessarily having more elitists than other genres, has by far the most hilarious. Case in point, the comments of some folks, I think from Mayhem, saying how they used the imagery to drive away people who weren't trve enough to "get" the music.
    The biggest poser in Rock is the first person to label someone else a poser. And yes I just called myself a poser.
    How about Tommy Lee? Lol coming for a Crue fan
    May be he doesn't fit into the 'Rock' category....but lil wayne trying to play guitar is one of the biggest posing stints I have come across!!!
    Gene Simmons.
    At one point in time I might have argued with you....about 30 years ago or so....
    Couldn't agree more. More so, his attempt to patent the devil horns that originally "reinvented" Sir Ronnie James Dio.
    I was going to say this is a really stupid question, but then I saw this. I think he should be the only one on this list. Or at least take up the top ten spots.
    For very long, I was under the impression that KISS is somewhat a comedy act, and they don't really take themselves very (like Steel Panther). I was shocked to find out, that they actually do. I always liked their music (I still kinda do), but damn. You've got to give them though, they are very good making money from what they do (just think about merchandiging), and they really know how to make a big show. Still, I perfectly agree.
    let me guess, you read the gene simmons article today and you're probably a foo fighters of green day fan? of you just hate kanye west
    Foo Fighters... you mean that band where all the musicians are super talented and don't need to rely on douchebag rock from the 70s to keep their career propelling?
    Defiantly Gene Simmons. Kiss was great, but are more known for there looks than there music, there musics great (Rock n roll all night, beth, i was made for loving you) but gene might have been the most known one but he didn't care about rock n roll at all. Just fame
    HOLY SHIT I said KISS down at the bottom before scrolling up, and saw this .. LOL
    Axl Rose- was great, but now is just a poser of his former self
    So true; from 1987-1992, AXL was the definition of reckless, dangerous rock n roll attitude. Now he looks like a biker that ate AXL Rose.
    Are you saying he's a poser because of Chinese Democracy? That album was more genuine and honest than almost any other album I've heard, a vivid articulation of the complex inner workings of Axl Rose's mind. He did what he wanted to with the album, it's not at all commercial. It would have been much easier to try for an Appetite 2.0 (which obviously wouldn't have been as good as the original).
    Lil Wayne
    BVB, Asking Alexandria, HIM.
    Going into deathcore bands, Emmure and Attila.
    Emmure is the worst band on earth, only possibly topped by Blood on The Dance Floor, and Brokncyde
    The whole ****ing deathcore thing is ridiculous.
    I enjoy some deathcore bands but mainly only the technical ones (Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris).
    no the Emmure, Attila, Chelsea Grin, BMTH deathcore thing is ridiculous. look somewhere much deeper for quality deathcore.
    I enjoy some deathcore bands but mainly only the technical ones (Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris).
    prepare for the butthurt
    I am probably gonna get a lot of heat for saying this but I will have to say: Black Metal fans. It's like they don't care about the Metal anymore, all they care about is Satan and bringing down other Metal fans. They think they are the elite in Metal. They hate the world.
    Steel panther. I mean, their whole point is trying to look like posers
    Yeah, but they are a comedy act. The word 'poser' makes me think of someone who does in fact take him(or her)self seriously.
    Life Wasted
    Black Vail Brides, Miley Cyrus, anyone who sports a Slayer or Maiden shirt but knows no songs by them
    link no1
    To be fair, how do you know they don't know any of their songs? Judging this by the music they play or the way they dress is pretty hypocritical of you.
    Life Wasted
    No I have asked and they always just say the same damn thing. "I don't listen to them" or "who?"
    Bret Michaels
    No way man. I'm not necessarily a fan of him or his music, but I attended a small concert he put on here about a year ago just for the hell of it... he's really one of the best performers I've seen. He's a damn good guitarist and singer, and he's a super nice guy. Never thought I'd stand up for him, but after seeing him in concert, it really changed my perspective.
    Kerry King
    I am probably gonna get a lot of heat for saying this but I will have to say: Black Metal fans. It's like they don't care about the Metal anymore, all they care about is Satan and bringing down other Metal fans. They think they are the elite in Metal. They hate the world.
    Every single metalhead who uses the word "poser". I'd say all the anti-80's glam guys are posers. All of the lookalike metal kiddies.
    This. I remember seeing a video of Dave Mustaine talking shit about all the glam metal bands, and while he was fair enough in his opinion, it just sounded so f*cking juvenile.
    Pink if you're speaking music wise. Her music is pop, maybe pop rock depending on the album, but mostly pure pop, yet she acts like she is the most hardcore rocker chick. Not saying she's bad or anything.
    I have to disagree regarding Pink. She shunned her label and started doing her own thing and always been the same. GWEN STEFANI is a great example. She was a prep in high school, but then became "SKA" because it was trendy, then did god awful dance pop with harajuku girls backing her up because anime was big. I guess it depends on your definition of a poser. Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy too!
    That lead singer from Creed.
    In a good way I hope. Have you seen his performances from 1997-2002? I am sure not, and if you will, you will be surprised how amazing he once used to be and how wrongly maligned the guy is. Stapp could sing and better than a lot of vocalists out there. It is shameful and sad how he isn't recognised for any of that. People judge Creed on Higher? My sacrifice? Arms Wide open? Well, decent songs, but not even close to Creed's best and overplayed enough number of times on radio to be hated. He had issues in his personal life, but the dude had one of the best stage presence anyone could ever have and powerful pipes... And that is coming from a huge Maynard James Kennan fan. I don't think the stage presence with conviction can be called poses. Yeah he comes out odd these days, but denying the fact that the guy could sing powerfully back in the day, could write amazing lyrics and perform with a lion's ferocity is stupidity. Its funny how people like to take a dig on this band. Most of them come out to be following a trend and blindly hating one of the bands that could have made all the difference(in a good way) before media tore it apart. Not a great quality video here, but I suggest you check out Creed's early stuff including some rare bootlegs you will be amazed how amazing they really were once. :
    Nero Galon
    Can't really say much about Stapp and how he is now because I don't know anything of him and his personality or behaviour. All I know is that I like some of Creed's songs and not afraid to admit it either because it's popular to hate him.
    I use to really dig Creed back in the day, and while I think Scott's voice was great, it wasn't really that original. Lots of singers in the 90's were doing throaty Eddie Vedder style singing. Too bad Scott turned out to be an enormous douche bag. Mark Tremonti (guitarist) was really their strong point. Not Scott's insufferable Pearl Jam imitation vocals.
    I agree. Even on 'Core' from STP you hear Weiland going for Vedder vocals on most of the songs from that album.
    So you see thats the problem.Getting it wrong. He was singing with the voice he had, it did not come out imitated. You can't sing with so much power and ferocity if the voice is not your own. Also, I am probably a bigger Eddie Vedder fan, but Stapp sounding like Eddie? YOu either need to listen to Pearl Jam properly or Creed. Eddie had a different voice and could never really have the range Stapp had. Have you heard some of the highs that Stapp has hit on Human Clay? I don't think people comparing Stapp's voice to Eddies have really listened to any Creed. You'll be shocked at how different he sounds,, and how wrongly you have been led to believe otherwise. Its your perception of the guy and the trend. Everybody loves Myles Kennedy these days, he is great, the best thesw days, but why doesn't any body see how he imitates Robert Plant on stage and how his voice is one of the most common ones in rock? High pitched vocals, reminiscent of Steven yler, Ot Plan, or Glen Hughes or Jeff Buckley? Imo all of this makes Myles Kennedy much more of a poser and imitator? But no, people are blindfolded. besides thats not the point, musics not about any of that.
    Do give this a listen if you have the time. You might just like something here considering you seem to like A Perfect Circle.
    creed sucks.
    fair enough.. if you are saying that after listening to what I posted, then Creed is not for you. However, if you hate em based on Higher or one of their other radio hit songs.. then you are an idiot, plain and simple.
    Can't stand any of their new stuff, but Kroeger is still one helluva performer live, I was amazed at how good of a show they put on.
    I know it's popular to hate on Nickelback or whatever. But a lot of the hate is deserved, they are posers. Similar to my FFDP argument further up the comments, Nickelback really likes to play up their toughness and how "hardcore" they think they are when in reality a number of their songs are played on pop stations.
    I really liked Nickelback until "All the Right Reasons." I still love the songs "Hero," "Never Again," and "How You Remind Me," but what they've turned into is nothing to be proud of. They still make good songs, but they're not played on the radio, leaving the crap their new fanbase adores. Tragic.
    kerry king is not a poser, he is just an *******.ok it's the same!
    He likes Slipknot, doesn't like Celtic Frost, and is probably responsible for everything band Slayer has done since they shit the bed with "Diabolus in Musica"
    Great question for the week probably the best question ever, the opinions of the users on this site are always perfect 100% right, these voters will def know who the posers are in rock
    Capture The Crown
    My Chemical Romance anyone?? I'm a big fan of theirs, but man did they pose and strut around in makeup and marching band uniforms.
    Jared Leto?
    Why, just because he plays in movies? I not a huge fan of 30 Seconds to Mars but he is no where near a musical poser. That band is actually very talented. That's like saying Caduceus Cellars is a poser wine company because MJK was a rockstar previously.
    He steals a lot of other peoples ideas and calls it art. A poser in my book.
    Bullshit how is he a poser? the dude is a great actor, creates his own music videos/projects, and makes great music with his brother ... and what exactly has he stolen?
    I'm not gonna deny he's a good actor since he's been in a lot of great films, however, the Up In The Air video is such a rip off of the Lotus Flower video by Radiohead. Also the concept for the Hurricane video is also a rip off of that movie Memento. Lately his music is a sad, watered down imitation of U2 and Muse. We'll talk later when Jared actually comes up with an original idea.
    I completely agree. Jared is a great guy that's creating the music he wants (not to mention decent music) solely for himself and his fans. He's actually a really good singer. Not to mention he's an amazing actor, as well.
    I completely agree. Jared is a great guy that's creating the music he wants (not to mention decent music) solely for himself and his fans. He's actually a really good singer. Not to mention he's an amazing actor, as well.
    I completely agree. Jared is a great guy that's creating the music he wants (not to mention decent music) solely for himself and his fans. He's actually a really good singer. Not to mention he's an amazing actor, as well.
    Him, definitely.
    The only justification for saying he's a poser is the way he talks about his band like it fits in the "rock" tag more than it actually does. But if you've listened to a recent album, it's progressing towards rock but most definitely not in a poser way. And regardless of what genre they were to play, their shows are 100% rock shows
    Imagine Dragons
    Guns N' Chains
    Can't stand that band. My local rock/alternative station plays them all the time. Makes me sick. They are rock n' roll? They are abusing the term and dragging it through the mud.
    I saw them at a festival once, total posers. The singer was beating on this big stupid drum out of time and the drum wasn't even mic'd....
    I'm pretty sure imagine dragons is pop right? I wouldn't call that rock. And yes they are terrible.
    fans of metal and rock who are just jumping on the bandwagon to look cool but don't give a flying fock about the music