This Week's Question: Worst Music Fans?

Which band has the worst and most annoying music fans ever? Share you nominations here.

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Music fans should be brothers united - but some music fans are unbearable to others. We can respect music from any background, but it's fair to say that some bands attract a crowd which is less appealing than others. And sometimes those fans can even do a disservice to the band they follow, who may or may not be great themselves. This week's question is:

Which band has the worst fans?

It might be a metal band with horribly aggressive fans, rap artists like Insane Clown Posse, or even a pop artist like Lady Gaga whose annoying "little monster" following drive you nutty. Post one nomination per comment, and up vote others that you agree with. We'll collect your answers into an infuriating top 10 list this Friday.

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    People who only one song from a particular band and claim that's there favorite band ever.
    or people that wear popular band shirts like the ramones or the misfits without knowing their music
    The worst are the Che Guevara t-shirts! Most of those who wear his now legendary visage on their chests don't know two hoots about who he was or what he stood for! I remember asking a random cretin about it and he replied with 'Che, full blown metal dude! \m/ '.
    tuh hah miss
    I hate being that guy. But my little sister spent a decent amount of time and money making me a Kinks shirt. I only know a few of their songs and don't listen to them often, but I'll be damned if someone says I can't wear a shirt my sister made for me because I don't know the music that well.
    This. I feel as though ever since Mitch Lucker's passing of Suicide Silence happened, a huge fan base randomly appeared only because he died. And most people know one song from them.
    Well, here's the first obvious entry: Beliebers!
    Forgive the 'first' part of my comment.. I wrote it when no one else had commented yet here..
    Insane clown posse...the beliebers...and the one direction geeks. There goes most of everyone's votes already.
    Honey Badger
    You forgot EDM enthusiasts. Although not a band, electronic music has some pretty lame followers. They act like it's the pinnacle of music and more revolutionary than any other genre before it.
    What I hate are when bands change for the worse and people post "If you were REALLY a fan then you'd listen to them no matter what!" I listened to them because I liked their music, I'm not gonna force myself to listen to crap because I idolize the musicians.
    really annoying straight edge kids that talk about how much they don't do drugs (almost as much as the stoners talk about pot).
    one nomination per comment bro!
    Just wondering how little BVB shits havent won this yet
    Asking Alexandria. I like a few songs, but their fans are awful.
    Falling In Reverse/Escape the Fate and Hollywood Undead fans are also bloody annoying.
    Nero Galon
    Fearless Vampire Killers' fans drive me mental -_-
    Metallica fanboys! I love Metallica, especially the CLiff Burton era, everybody is a Metallica fan but these fanboys are so full of themselves that they troll random threads going \m/ Metallica \m/! And most of them never heard any other band.
    Agreed. I'm a huge fan of the band, but as a 20 year old guy who looks like James Hetfield, I can't stand their fans.
    A7X fans are actually one of the first ones that comes to mind for me. Especially the ones that raid Loudwire.
    those are the radicals. you got ones like me, that are respectful of other people. But I do get what you mean.
    Sorry to say this but Iron Maiden fans.....nah Die hard metal fans, or purists are in my opinion annoying, punks too
    *Insert random metalcore band* fangirls
    Well then, Bring Me The Horizon fits that description perfectly.
    tuh hah miss
    Fun story: This summer, I went to Warped. At my location, Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, and Never Shout Never were the three bands (in that order) that played directly before Bring Me The Horizon. I'm sure you can only imagine the fangirl population. There was only a couple minutes between sets. I didn't really see any BMTH fangirls there, as they must have known to stay away from the pit area (the openers didn't have pits). Anyways, BMTH got onstage and immediately started a pretty aggressive show. The only thing louder than the music was the annoying fangirls from the previous acts screaming to get out of the crowd. It was glorious. I never thought I'd see the day when Bring Me The Horizon helped crush the fangirls.
    Green Day fans who haven't listened to anything pre American Idiot. Don't get me wrong, I like their later stuff too, but you're not a fan just because you jumped on the band wagon when they became megastars! Beliebers have to take this award though, just for their sheer stupidity. Read some of their comments on Twitter if you ever need a laugh!
    Sleeping in
    Asking Alexandria fans who swear that band is the epitomy of music and get ticked if you don't agree.
    I've found that Avenged Sevenfold fans are rather like this as well. In fact it with the articles we've been getting on here I think the band itself think that of themselves. So can I nominate Avenged Sevenfold? As in the actual band members?
    Korn fans are the most tone deaf and ignorant fans I've ever seen. Example: an admin of a Korn fansite didn't know the difference between verse and chorus and what's the difference between clean and distorted guitar.
    Metallica fans, who know only Nothing Else Matters and Whiskey in the Jar, go to the show and get pissed that they don't play one of those songs. there was this girl who got pissed of that my headbanging was spraying her with water, due to the fact that it was raining.
    man i ****ing hate those ... the ones i know haven't even heard of whiskey in the jar but keep sharing nothing else matters + ' |m|/ MetallicA rules' on facebook. while we're on the subject **** facebook
    The Nirvana fanbase can be pretty judgemetal, particularly the ones that assume that you're not a real Nirvana fan if you're not into their songs like Hairspray Queen and Big Long Now and most of the tracklists on Bleach/Incesticide. Then you get the few who go around wearing T-shirts and writing "rip kurk coburn xox" on their Facebook every day and flaunting that their favourite song is "Smells Like 'Team' Spirit". You ask them their second favourite song and they respond "I like their song 'Nevermind' ?!! I love Nirvana's music and all that but most of their fans embarass me
    Nero Galon
    Reminds me of those girls that walk around in Ramones T-Shirt and couldn't even tell you what genre they are haha. Had a friend who came in once with a Pink Floyd T-shirt and tried talking to him about them and he told me he's never listened to them....
    Bieber and One Direction fans. I mean, they start ****ing campaigns whenever their "honey" isn't on top. For example when Katy Perry got more twitter followers than Bieber. And One Direction fans who bashed the Who for "copying" them.
    Sorry to say this because it is my favorite band, but Muse fans are so annoying. Since Twilight stuff, the concert are full of 14 years old little girls and more annoying, their parents ! Right in the middle of the pit, screening if you start enjoying the concert a little bit by jumping.
    No offense intended as you say you're a fan, but I've never really seen the big deal with Muse. i mean, I've heard quite a few of their songs and I don't think they're bad, but I really don't think they're that good either. Yet I see loads of people seemingly saluting them and worshipping them as Gods, like they're the best thing that's happened to rock in decades. I've just never seen as much in the band to like as almost everyone else.
    I like you. You don't like them (they happen to be my favorite band) and you're not a dick about it unlike everyone else who dislikes a particular band in this post.
    I haven't actually seen that at more recent concerts, since the Twilight hype train came to a halt
    I'm gonna get hate but Slayer. The band's practically a beacon for the most closed-minded genre-elitist douches you'll ever come across. (Not saying it's all or even most Slayer fans but still...)
    Black veil brides for sure .... Emos of any sort
    And My Chemical Romance. All of the emos are still going crazy ever since they broke up earlier this year.
    Since I was a young teenager when these bands were around, I'm still actually quite a fan of them both. Where do you see people still going crazy about MCR's breakup? I haven't even seen them mentioned on the internet since
    crazy in a bad way ever since they went and did pop music? Id beleive that. I'll also believe crazy in a good way because they broke up for the earlier reason.
    "True" Metal Fans, because most of them think just the Metalgenre they listen to is "real" Metal. But also genres like Metalcore are Metal too. Yes it's not like Thrash or Heavy Metal but it is Metal. Everyone who listens to Metal should stay together no matter what kind he or she listens to but people like that split the "Metal" community and this is annoying.
    The Echelon - 30 Seconds To Mars fans Technically I'm a part of it myself, but dear god..
    The club/dance/techno music fans who drive around with their sub woofers and music loud enough to drown out a jet. Doof doof doof bro!
    I think that brutal death metal/ goregrind fans are regularly balls. Some of the music is ok, but the fanbase is damn annoying.
    how so?
    Dismissive of all other music, can't take criticism of the music they like, alot don't even like the music, just the breakdowns. This is also coming from a deathcore fan, so that also shows that the bottom of the barrel is being scraped ( according to the general consensus of UG)
    Oh God, speaking of deathcore, I have no idea why but Attila fans really know how to piss me off.And they really don't know how to construct a good argument on why they think the band is good.
    tuh hah miss
    I'm not sure anyone thinks Attila is by standard definition "good," including the band members themselves. Their entire existence as a band is kind of a joke, and most people know that. I would be interested to hear someone try to argue that they were good.
    First hearing of Attila, The deathcore I talk about is Oceano, Suicide Silence, Chelsea Grin and early Bring Me The Horizon. This stuff is hated here, but I love it
    But they just love rad music! Nothing stereotypical about them.
    Over the top Slayer fans do my nut in.We all know the ones i mean.
    YUP... people like me.... SHADDUP
    Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift fans. Often times, they are all the same people.
    Oh god, Tool fans. Of course I'm not generalizing, but holy ****. Many of them will try to cut your scrotum off in the guillotine if you say you simply dislike them.
    why are you bashing one direction/justin bieber fans? its just teenagers going through a phase; they'll grow out of it eventually. either way, i vote for nirvana fans.
    Way Cool JR.
    I remember watching Good Morning America one day and Bieber happened to perform. There was a woman up front at-least 40 years old jumping up and down screaming and crying reaching out to Bieber. She was surrounded by a bunch of little girls doing the same thing. It was pretty sad and hilarious.
    One Direction fans, theres just somethin about them that makes me wanna punch their face off...
    Nirvana fans, esp. the variety that play "Smells Like Teen Spirit" over and over. I don't know about any of you but where I come from that song has been done to death by every secondary school band ever, and if you ever pull them up on it their response is always *indeterminable gurgling*"Omg you can't insult Kurt Cobain because he's the best and Nirvana is the best you're not allowed to say that you're stupid" urgh, gimme a break.
    I'm a Nirvana fan, but not one of those people who try to force others to listen to their music. Also, I know a lot more songs than stuff that's just on Nevermind. I love to drum to most of their songs and there are some fun ones for guitar too (it's really simple). But I do have to say that there is a large amount of people who have never heard of Nirvana, which is a shame because they make great songs that everyone should hear.
    Way Cool JR.
    I knew lots of people that couldn't stand Nirvana when they first came out. Then after Kurt killed himself they all became an instant fan. They would get very defensive and angry if you said you weren't a fan of theirs and you said that you never liked their music. The people I knew and other random people that liked them from the beginning were also the same way. It appears newer fans are still like that today LOL. So Nirvana fans have been confusing and irritating me since the band first came out. Just for the record I was never a fan of theirs from the beginning. I just didn't like them and I'v caught a lot of hell from their weird ASS fans (young and old) for a couple decades now about it. So I would have to put them towards the top of the list as some of the most irritating fans.
    Poser fans or Djent fans who won't accept any form of music that doesn't have stupid time signatures.
    The online metal community. We all love metal but really, some people are the most judgemental, argumentative and defensive fans I have ever seen. Granted, I hate Beliebers too, but I can actually laugh at those guys
    He dropped off the radar quite a bit but when he was popular; Ed Sheeran fans!
    tuh hah miss
    I'm curious as to why this is. Just from my experience, if someone i met was an Ed Sheeran fan (which is pretty much everyone I know), they never made a big deal about it. His music is just to simple and genuine to worship him like a god. I get the impression he really sees himself as an equal to his fans.
    Ed Sheeran deserves the hype, after seeing him do his thing live with the loop pedals I have nothing but respect for him.
    I know it's not a band but can I say Brazilian fans? If I see COME TO BRAZIL!!!!! on one more video I'm gonna fυcking lose it.
    also, Christian metal fans. My friend took me to a RED concert. The crowd was so boring for the opening acts. I was the only one headbanging, doing the horns, and enjoying myself. People gave me the weirdest looks. When RED finally took the stage, the crowd marginally increased their admiration. They still just stood there, maybe got a little closer to the stage. I heard "Praise the Lord" so many times that night...
    Christian Metal Music, if that's not a oxymoron I don't know what is. lol
    tuh hah miss
    That's sad. RED put on a fantastic, high energy show when I went to see them. There was blood drawn, moshing, crowd surfing, crowd involvement, light show.. It really was a good concert. I'm sorry that your awful crowd experience ruined their show. And to qualify, I went to see them at a Christian music festival.