Thursday Rocks: Dreamers

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Thursday Rocks: Dreamers
This Thursday it's time for some headbanging! Meet the Dreamers, a metalcore band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Short Bio: Bursting out of Toronto, Canada is the party inspired "metalcore" band, Dreamers. The band's consisting of: John Bernardo, Steve "Suggy" Sugrim, Jeff Moretta and Matthew Coelho intend to do one thing - create music that they enjoy with an open mind and no boundaries. Guys have been playing for a little over a year and have since opened and been direct support for bands such as This Or The Apocalypse, Scale The Summit, Earth Crisis, Obey The Brave, Threat Signal, Endast, Baptized In Blood, and many more as well as playing festivals such as Canadian Music Week and North by North East. Dreamers released their debut EP "Shenanigans" October 4th 2011. Don't get them wrong, Dreamers loves to party and this attitude is showcased in their music as well as their high-energy, crowd involved live shows. Current Lineup:
  • Vocals - Currently in search!
  • Guitar - John Bernardo
  • Guitar - Matthew Coelho
  • Bass - Steven Sugrim
  • Drums - Jeff Moretta
    Songs: "So Yeah... About Last Night"
    Further Links:
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  • Official website
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