Thursday Rocks: E.N.V.Y.

E.N.V.Y. is a rock band from the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. The guys have just finished their EP.

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E.N.V.Y. is a rock band from the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. The guys have just finished their EP.

Short Bio:

Through all their past incarnations and former bands, the members of E.N.V.Y. have grown into a musical tyrant collectively. The two founding members of the band, Chuck Kerr (Drums) and Mike McGee (Guitar/Vocals) have seen many incarnations of what was once a fledgling, yet enthusiastic past time. Over the years, Chuck and Mike have seen many members come and go as the band changed names or simply took a break for some time.

On question of the name, Carl said: "The guys at that point were using the name Died Tryng, which people always tried to correct the spelling of, and the name was a play on the fact they had problems finding a frontman. So, Chuck and I had thought up the name E.N.V.Y. for a side project we had started and never got to finish. We brought it up to Mike and Kevin and they dug it, liked the meaning it had, and we rolled with it."

E.N.V.Y.noun: 01. a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another's advantages, success, possessions, etc. 02. an object of envious feeling: His musical abilites made him the E.N.V.Y. of his peers. 03. Obsolete. ill will. 04. In unabbreviated form meaning "Evil Never Values You" 05. A rock band basing itself out of Summit Point, WV, made up of 5 men from completely different sides of the musical spectrum, who continue to push the boundaries of their respective genres.

Current Lineup:

  • Vocals - Carl Butner III
  • Guitar/Vocals - Mike McGee
  • Guitar/Vocals - Casey Burke
  • Bass - Kevin Snyder
  • Drums - Chuck Kerr


    Further Links:

  • Official website
  • Facebook Page
  • Reverbnation
  • Twitter

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      I know a band called 'The' Envy, I thought it was going to be about them which would be fitting because they're kind of up and coming too.
      Veronique Vega
      The pic at the top looks a lot like Spawn - drawn either by Todd McFarlane or Greg Capullo. Am I right?
      Sammy Mantis
      Yeah that image is taken from an issue of Spawn. Issue 70 or 71 I believe...Can't quite remember. Probably not legal for them to use that though.
      Ok, I'm gonna put this in UG style. E.N.V.Y. SLAMS bad music. This is badass. Congratulations, guys.
      Feels like RATM with less funk influences and more old school rock mixed in. Good stuff
      Thanks everybody for the input! We embrace the compliments as well as the critical remarks! We play music cuz we enjoy hangin' out with one another and the rush of playing in front of a crowd! This first recording was definetly a learning process and we shall build on that for our full length cd that we hope to have out in the next 12 months! Everybody keep ROCKING OUT!
      I rather like the vocalist. He's not off, and he's got that old hardcore punk kinda thing going for him. Sure he's raw and not "metal", so? Creative limitations should be embraced, not replaced. Tighter production would go a long way. I don't really feel the drums and everything sounds a little muddy. It's kinda charming, but it also limits the energetic effectiveness. Nevertheless I think this is the first band I've seen on this feature I actually want to keep an ear on. I really enjoyed listening to both songs. They're raw, energetic fun.
      Vocals are nothing much, drumming is sloppy (just listen to the tempo on Turn Up). A lot of room for improvement.