Thursday Rocks: Eternal Void

This band is combining multiple influences to create an intensely unique metal sound.

Ultimate Guitar

This Thursday our featured band is Eternal Void.

Short Bio:

Since its formation in 2008, Eternal Void has been pushing the boundaries of metal on the local scene. Growing tiresome of generic metal bands, they have set out to create their own sound by combining multiple influences to create an intensely unique sound. The group has grown relentless in its search for domination and seeks to put metal back in the spotlight and any naysayers firmly in their place.

Current Lineup:

  • Vocals - Cody Long

  • Guitar - Evan Hilderbrandt

  • Guitar - Jake Tehan

  • Drums - Dylan Krebs

  • Bass - David Maus

    "99" (Live):

    YouTube preview picture

    Another songs can be streamed from here.

    Further Links:

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      Callum feeble
      can we please have some kind of up and coming band from another genre, nothing against metal, but this thing needs more variety maybe, a blues group or something
      Good musicians, but I'm so bored and tired of so many thousands of bands selling themselves as having a "unique sound", and then sounding the same as every other band on the planet.
      Seriously.... the only new band that had a different sound, and when I say different I say, like the old thrash metal school of the 80's with modern quality was "Degradation", and sadly, they are Splitting.
      Let me guess, they're from the US aren't they? WHY EVERY GODDAMN NEW BAND FROM THE US THAT CLAIM TO BE METAL SOUND THE SAME! THE SAME D TUNING, THE SAME RIFFING STYLE THE SAME DRUMS PATTERNS, THE SAME "AGGRESSIVE" VOCALS... AND NO FUCKING MELODY. This have been the trend since the latest 90s with those awful last Pantera albums.
      I know. It's a shame. There are still some good ones like Dark Castle and Druid Lord though. That type of thing just doesn't get attention.
      Gotta accept some people still love this style of music. These guys are doing a solid job at it anyway.
      My band threw a local festival with these guys in August. They're really cool dudes!! Congrats for the front page guys.
      The video really doesn't do them any justice, listen to their actual recordings. Very solid band
      This video does them more justice in my opinion. Nice cross between clean guitars, clean vocals and the more "aggressive" stuff. Good job guys!
      Is that a cowbell that you can constantly hear in that recording? Whatever it is its grating by the end of the song but I'll put it down to the crappy quality. Im puzzled why UG put these really poor quality things up for some of these bands I feel sorry for them. I know theres a link there to more stuff but its not the same and comes across a bit slapdash. But anyway I thought this was ok, nothing against it but Im not hearing anything unique or different from the norm - not sure where they got that from.
      Black Mustangs
      I wish there would have been a recording.... the sound quality on that video was terrible, but the song seemed pretty good.
      They have a lot of good quality studio recordings on their Facebook page.
      Very good stuff here. The musicianship is very good throughout. Their newer stuff is much better, get better with each release.
      It doesn't sound generic, but it doesn't sound as different as the headline claimed it did.
      Pretty decent stuff. Intensely unique? Not in the slightest. When bands make claims like that it always dissapoints people when they listen. Why can't they just say they play metal and leave it at that?