Thursday Rocks: Get A Grip

Let Get A Grip rock us this Thursday! The guys come from Vermont and are about to release their first full length! Are you ready for some hardcore?

Ultimate Guitar

This Thursday our featured band is Get A Grip, a mixture of a hardcore and punk. Guys come from Vermont.

Short Bio:

The band was formed in early spring of 2011 by former members of Orange Juice and Awaken The Martyrs. Get A Grip members care about "friends, fun, music, high fives and stage dives" and stick to "living a true and meaningful life".

Current Lineup:

  • Vocals - Evan
  • Guitars - Nick
  • Guitars - Dave
  • Bass - Steve
  • Drums - Brit


    "Waste Of Time":

    "House Of Shame":

    Further Links:

  • Facebook page

  • Reverbnation

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    Keep on rockin'!

    Yours truly, UG Team

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      Using memes for covers? Sorry but I find that beyond the level of stupidity: "We're cool, we use memes"
      Pretty much my same thoughts.
      hahaha that picture was one someone else made as a joke. we never really used it for anything. this is possibly the worst way to represent my band
      Or maybe they were just like, "We like memes, let's use a meme for our cover!"
      also our vocalist's name is Evan... not vocals... whoever wrote this article really wasnt trying very hard
      Obama FTW
      Not bad actually, wish the best of luck to these guys. Awesome singer name though.
      From the moment I saw the Jackie Chan meme in their logo, I knew it was going to be a piece of shit. ... and a Waste of Time
      von gelb
      Effin' old school! Not too bad, House of Shame sounds killer actually! Production could be a bit better, but it gives it more of an old school demo tape vibe which I like.
      listened to both get a grip tracks and they sound like every other newer hardcore band, whatever happened to black flag/minor threat type stuff? I'm sure there are those kind of bands still around and they must be so underground I can't even find them anymore.
      Well, that was absolute shit. Can their vocalist sound any worse? Ugh, calling him "Vocals" must've been a sick joke...
      You should check out The Sixpounder, young, metal band from Poland. Much better than this.
      - one of my favourite riffs
      - another great track. Enjoy!
      Both those sixpounder tracks were pretty damn bland, heaviness does not make up for boring songs.
      Man, these guitars sound like shit. This is why we remember the golden rule of always turning down your gain when recording!
      tracks we posted on there were as of yet unmastered practically raw tracks. but i still agree with you