Thursday Rocks: Make For Alaska

This Thursday our featured band is MakeForAlaska, a melodic post-metalcore anti-genre bashes from the glorious North of England.

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This Thursday our featured band is MakeForAlaska, a melodic post-metalcore anti-genre bashes from the glorious North of England. Hailing from the historic city of Durham, they are often been described as sexy as f-ck, heavier than your mam & guaranteed making girls go weak at the knees.

Short Bio:

Formed back in late 2011, the band focused on writing a solid set-list before producing a demo and unleashing it upon the world. MFA have recently started gigging in an attempt to help push the music out there. See them live and you can expect a highly energetic performance with a tight sound and with enough ear bleeding screams to satisfy anyone's needs.

Current Lineup:

  • Rube - Screeching vocalist & great performer of inappropriate groin thrusts to all spectators
  • Andy - Guitarist & old bas--rd of the group. Usually performs heavily under the influence of alcohol
  • Phil - Bassist producing thundering sounds while trying to finding the brown note
  • Callum - Beater of all things skinned (note fore) & official count-in moderator


    "One Chance, One Life"

    Make For Alaska - One Chance, One Life by Make For Alaska

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      I read the name and I already knew what kind of band is it, then I came to this line " a melodic post-metalcore anti-genre bashes" and I felt like nostradamus. Nothing new just more of this trend.
      Wow...this is beyond terrible. The guitars and drums are out of time, and the vocals...eugh. It's a no from me.
      "Andy - Guitarist & old bas--rd of the group. Usually performs heavily under the influence of alcohol" It doesn't seem to be the only member to do that
      I gave it the benefit of the doubt and checked it out, shut it off 0:35 seconds in, pretty much when the vocals came in. The mix on this track is just awful there is no reason to hear that crash of cymbals over the vocals. And its not melodic at all its just power chords. Don't get me wrong if they are having fun doing what they are doing great, but odds are they wont be stepping out of the garage any time soon.
      just a suggestion for the bio: change "melodic post-metalcore anti-genre bashes" to "bashing power chords in our garage". I thought UG would be getting more entries than they could handle for this column, but it doesn't appear that that's the case.
      Aaah, look at one of the band members that came here and downvoted all the comments.
      "heavier than your mam" Guess my mom must be pretty damn skinny, judging by the posted song.
      I really hate it when bands claim to hate genres and then their music does absolutely nothing new or original with the genre they play.
      the vocalist is awful. i get what hes tryng to do but very poor execution. its like hes trying so very hard to stay in time so hes weirdly accentuationg and raising the pitch of the first lines in each measure.
      i dont understand how this band gets featured on the front page of UG. yet my band works our asses off and promotes the shit out of our music, and dont get any recognition whatsoever.
      i listened to the whole thing and theres nothing exciting about this tune.
      Nice try, I guess. I'm pretty sure my grandma could do better vocals than that.
      Sheesh.. when will this trend be over?
      This is a bad example of this particular genre, but I have heard some good bands play a similar type of music. Japandroids for one, and DDS for two.
      And what's with the silly names?, they try to sound smart but all they do is provoque shame.This is the kind of shit that hipsters listen nowadays
      the vocals aren't in tune this is ****ing awful just terrible it sounds like someone grabs his balls on every first word he sings "look at me now" and the generic gang chants just **** off you're just so awful awful awful
      They should of labeled themselves as a melodic metalcore parody band because that was pretty funny (and bad).
      Sounded like Thursday's Full Collapse stuff. Was expecting Creed Shreds from the comments. What gives? My ears have heard way worse. If UG still had the 10 scale I'd probably give them a 6!
      Screams are almost identical to Across Five Aprils Good God, I like metalcore and such, but this is ****ing terrible