Thursday Rocks: NOYE

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Thursday Rocks: NOYE
This Thursday our featured band is NOYE. Short Bio: NOYE - originally Russian band of 4 members, plays music that combines sludge, doom and post-metal elements. Band was formed in 2010 in Kaliningrad, located on former Prussia territory. Since its formation, the band explores heavy and dark sounded musical structures to express its vision, emotions and thoughts. "Noye" means "escape" in Old Prussian language. In October 2011 NOYE released its first demo record and played its debut live concert in Kalinigrad, receiving warm welcome and support from the audience. NOYE regularly appeared on stage in their hometown since then, organizing its own concerts based on DIY principles. Concerts gathered many talented bands from Kaliningrad and famous Moscow band EndName. In April-May 2012 NOYE records its debut album "Away" in Poland with the sound mixing and mastering in Sounds Great Promotion Studio (Gdynia) by Kuba Mańkowski and Jan Galbas, famous for their work with Blindead, Behemoth, Obscure Sphinx, etc. Four noise/ambient tracks for this release were recorded by experimental electronic project Kratong. In October 2012 the band had its first concert in Europe's Polish club "Desdemona" (Gdynia) with God's Own Prototype and Godbite. On Nov. 11, 2012 the band presented "Terror" single from the debut album "Away". Internet version of "Away" was released on Nov. 23, 2012, while physical version is planned to be released in near future. Current Lineup:
  • Guitars, Vocals - Evgeniy Severin
  • Guitars - Alexander Nosach
  • Bass - Andrey Severin
  • Drums - Andrey Ermakov
    Songs: "Terror"
    Further Links:
  • Bandcamp page
  • Facebook page
  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube
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