Thursday Rocks: Oblique

Oblique is an alternative sad-rock band from Dakha, Bangladesh. They are currently finishing recording their first full-length LP.

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Oblique is an 'alternative sad-rock' band from Dakha, Bangladesh. They are currently finishing recording their first full-length LP.

Short Bio:

Oblique is made up of friends who grew up together sharing the same dream of making some great music to perform in front of like minded people. The dreams took its shape in the early days of 2004 when Saif, Ridwan, MK and Badhan started learning guitars/keyboards under the same mentor. The practices carried on and born were some cool tunes which the friends appreciated.

Even though the band had been writing songs for a while, it didn't go on-stage before December, 2007. That was the start of a journey which picked up massive speed along the way. The current (& permanent) line-up of the band consists of 5 people from the same school & college, after Robee filled the void as the drummer.

Oblique released an EP of home recorded own songs named 'Ojothai' in 2009. A couple of singles have been published in mixed albums, notably 'Hothat Chitkaar' in 'Joyoddhoni' (G-Series). The band has played over 70 shows around Bangladesh and appeared numerous times in the broadcast media.

In 2011, Oblique entered the studio to record their first solo album. The album is expected to be released in late 2012.

Current Lineup:

  • Vocals - Saif Ishtiaque
  • Guitars - Mahmudul Karim Anik
  • Guitars - Ridwan Ahmed
  • Bass - Badhan Majumdar
  • Drums - Mahbubul Akram


    Further Links:

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      "In 2011, Oblique entered the studio to record their first solo album." How does a band record a solo album?
      Wait a sec! so your music doesn't have to be in english to be eligible for this section?... thats breaking news for me!, maybe someday i'll have the courage to submit my music.
      Eh!? Did i say something bad?... Anyway, forgot to say congrats for being featured at UG.
      'your music doesn't have to be in english' Of course not, music is music no matter what language it is in
      The sad-rock description almost turned me down, but the song was actually good
      Whoah! We actually made it through! :O thanks for the feedback people, and about the 'solo' album thing, there are a lot of band mixed albums releasing every year in Bangladesh (with single tracks from 10/11 bands), we also have 2 such 'mixed' albums. Thanks a lot UG!
      Something missing to my ears, but keep going. Who knows, maybe you're on track to becoming greatest Bangladesh rock band
      Not sure what it is, but they kind of remind of Hawthorne Heights (post Casey, of course). Not necessarily a bad thing.