Thursday Rocks: Revelus

This week's featured band is Revelus, an alternative rock band from Raleigh, North Carolina, US.

Ultimate Guitar

This Thursday our featured band is Revelus.

Short Bio:

Edgy mainstream alternative rock with strong melodic vocals, a fresh sound and unique appeal... Revelus melds loud, heavy guitars with cut through melodies and mixes rock sensibilities with a sharp sense of pop songwriting. The band strives on creating music that makes heads move!

Revelus is a very hard working band, and they take their musical careers very seriously. This is their thing... it's what they have been doing for the duration of their lives, and they wouldn't continue to do it if they didn't do it well.

Current Lineup:

  • Guitar/Lead Vocals - Rick
  • Guitar - Dan Dehler
  • Drums - Darius
  • Bass - Doug Hamel



    YouTube preview picture

    Further Links:

  • Reverbnation

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      Black Mustangs
      Well that was surprisingly good, I usually don't expect much from the Thursday Rocks but that was 9 solid songs.
      Chevelle ripoff anyone? This band sounded exactly like I thought they would, like another lame ass bland radio rock band
      Revelus is my band... We are doing great despite the opinions whether they are good or bad. Hard work and persistence goes a long way. We are a good band... that is all there is to it. Before you become the critic... could you do what we do any better?
      Vicryl 2.0
      its ok, but nothing too special though... this style has already been played out way too much. if i was looking for a flashback to the early 2000 then i would perhaps like it more. but im currently looking for something fresh or at least something that hasnt been played out way too many times.