Thursday Rocks: Shadow Of Myself

artist: Shadow Of Myself date: 11/08/2012 category: ug news
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Thursday Rocks: Shadow Of Myself
Today our featured band is Shadow Of Myself. Shadow of Myself's versatility helps to continuously gain a wide fan-base and allows them to play with a broad style of national bands from Three Days Grace to L.A Guns. Several Shadow Of Myself tracks have been featured on state-wide local radio broadcasts from major area stations including 106.5 The End and 100.3 The New Buzz. Short Bio: Over the past five years, Shadow of Myself has been fine tuning a sound that uniquely defines them as North Carolina's premiere hard rock act. Their newly revamped lineup, as well as the addition of a modern-aggressive sound, adds to the already powerful-melodic vocals that draw the listener in from the first note to the last. S.O.M's accessible yet uncompromising sound provides the audience with an unforgettable, high-energy hard rock performance. Shadow of Myself draws its influences from the hard rock side of the musical spectrum such as: Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Metallica, Pantera, etc. S.O.M. will typically pull between 100 and 200 people per gig and it is not uncommon for them to pack the venue full of loyal fans and turn the heads of new ones. Current Lineup:
  • Vocals - Travis
  • Lead Guitar - Brian Baker
  • Bass - B. Riley
  • Rhythm Guitar - John Conway
  • Drums - Dustin Foley
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