Thursday Rocks: SignS

Today our featured band is SignS. These guys play instrumental post metal/rock and progressive metal (experimental).

Ultimate Guitar

Today our featured band is SignS.

SignS plays instrumental post metal/rock, progressive metal (experimental). The debut concert was on 19th November 2011.

Short Bio:

SignS was created by Asif Isgandarli and Musa Kuliyev in 2010. The band came from Baku, Azerbaijan. Right now SignS preparing to release their debut EP (demo) - "Sun, Ice, Gift, Necessity, Sun".

Current Lineup:

  • Guitar - Asif Isgandarli
  • Bass - Musa Kuliyev
  • Drums - Ali Aga Ali Zade
  • Keyboards - Eldar Karimli


    Further Links:

  • Facebook page
  • Reverbnation
  • YouTube

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      "SignS plays instrumental post metal/rock, progressive metal (experimental)" I wonder if they used enough words to describe their style of music...
      this is just a little different from anything i've heard before. I'm digging it.
      Wow this is some really interesting music! It's not like anything I've heard before.
      Wow this was really good. So tired of these deathcore X unique sound! bands we have always here. Keep it up guys!
      Hey guys, I'm happy that u liked our music. Thnks everyone ) We apreciate that )) Soon we gonna start to record our debut album. It will placed on internet, it will be free to download. To learn about the release, u can like our FB page ) Cheers! )
      Hey I can't find your page on Facebook, can you provide a link? There are so many other results when I search for 'SignS'
      the link is right in this article, under Further Links, which is right below the playlist
      the one in the news ) there is a Further Links section, it has to be there. U also can find us by your own, just search - signsband