Thursday Rocks: Sindulgence

This fine Thursday meet Sindulgence, an Experimental Metal band from Cape Town, South Africa.

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This fine Thursday meet Sindulgence, an Experimental Metal band from Cape Town, South Africa.

Short Bio:

Sindulgence's sound is diverse, unusual and energetic but also has a softer and more melodic style at times, borrowing influences from non-metal genres such as Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Folk and even Country.

Though the hints of these diversified genres are evident in their music, it is still Heavy Metal for the most part and would appeal to audiences who enjoy the music of artists such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, System of a Down, Lamb of God and Mastodon.

Since the group's conception in early 2009, these relentless musicians have pushed on and defeated many odds in a market that is predominantly not catered for their style of heavy music. They now have a steadily increasing fan base of avid followers, a high quality professional album as well as a bonus DVD - release date: 23 June 2012.

This Heavy Metal five piece consists of Muller Van Niekerk on lead vocals, Ryan Eberlin on lead and rhythm guitar, Rodney Dosson on second lead and rhythm guitar, Michael Snyman on drums and Byron Dinwoodie on Bass and Vocals.

In June 2012, the band released their debut full-length album entitled Recollections a twelve-track compilation that captures the essence of the song-writers' styles and embodies strong reflective and conceptual themes relating to the nature of man and sinful greed of the elite throughout history. Lyrically, the album covers areas of political, fantastical, storytelling, narcotic, divine and psychological themes among many others. The final product (mixed by Dean Hammond) is completed with a 2-hour documentary Bonus DVD that comes in the same jewel case as the album itself. The DVD was produced by the band; edited, mastered and authored entirely by Ryan Eberlin (guitarist of Sindulgence) and entails the songwriting and events leading up to the making of Recollections as well as other material.

Current Lineup:

  • Vocals - Muller Van Niekerk
  • Bass & Vocals - Byron Dinwoodie
  • Guitars - Ryan Eberlin
  • Guitars - Rodney Dosson
  • Drums - Michael Snyman


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      I'd rather just listen to Opeth.. but I mean, to not just be an ass, the recording/mixing is REALLY solid for an unsigned band..
      Definitely one of the better bands UG has had for the thursday thing. I was willing to listen to more than one song. The spoken vocals are a little odd, and there's a weird laugh in the middle of the first song, but pretty good metal overall.
      If this had clean vocals, then I would buy their albums.
      They should at least make the vocals understandable.. But then again that has been my problem with this kind of metal over all. Nice mixing and music parts though!
      whoa didn't even notice this was playing, just thought that they were some of my random songs on iTunes, speaks of its good quality
      pretty good stuff. also, am i the only one that thinks the guy on the far left in the picture looks like david draiman?
      really good guys about the only death metal type stuff I can listen to and I love it!
      In terms of production, this is the best sounding band so far. The music sounds pretty damn good, too, but the vocals ruin it for me. They have good sound quality, too, but that type of vocals just doesn't do anything for me. Actually, it does the opposite of that. The music is pretty good, though, and the overall sound quality is excellent for an unsigned band.