Thursday Rocks: Soldierfield

A new force is rising in the U.K. determined to take the contemporary music scene by storm with its fresh blend of modern metal. Meet the Soldierfield.

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This Thursday again it's time for headbanging! Meet the Soldierfield.

Soldierfield is a relatively young band, formed only in 2011, but not without some experienced players from the UK metal scene. According to review on band's website, "a new force is rising in the U.K. determined to take the contemporary music scene by storm with its fresh blend of modern metal."

Short Bio:

Soldierfield formed in late 2011 with the aim of putting a bomb under the contemporary metal scene. Their debut EP "Bury The Ones We Love" features 5 tracks showcasing the band's blueprint of melody, harmony and hooks over an apocalyptic soundtrack of energy-fuelled guitars and warzone drums.

Drawing on influences from across the rock and metal spectrum, Soldierfield released an early demo track at the turn of 2012 before recording the EP with producer Steve Wray (Blaze, Rise To Addiction) at The Cell in Bradford during May/June 2012. Based on that one track, industry insiders are already whispering about Soldierfield as being "one to watch".

Led from the front by a highly charged vocal performance from Leigh Oates (Order Of Voices, Rise To Addiction), armed to the teeth with riff upon riff from Andy Trott and Steve Wray and featuring Jeff Singer (Paradise Lost, Kill II This, China Beach, Blaze) on drums, Soldierfield are set to take the metal scene by force with plans already in place for a full-length release in early 2013. Join the army!

Current Lineup:

  • Vocals - Leigh Oates
  • Guitars - Andy Trott
  • Guitars - Steve Wray
  • Bass - Simon Priestland
  • Drums - Jeff Singer


    "Leave You In The Dirt"

    YouTube preview picture

    Further Links:

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      Average metal played by less than average musicians. About 15 years too late as well. Although, certainly a frontrunner for the "ugliest band" competition.