Thursday Rocks: The Drake Equation

A Swedish metal band with influences from jazz, pop and electro that is aiming for the top.

Ultimate Guitar

Today our featured band is The Drake Equation.

A Swedish metal band with influences from jazz, pop and electro that is aiming for the top.

Short Bio: After winning a place in the finals in "Musik Direkt", they have made great progress and have played together with bands such as The Haunted and Adept. Songwriting is in progress and The Drake Equation promises to deliver...

Current Lineup:

  • Vocals - Dennis "Kare" Andersson
  • Guitar, Vocals - Mattias Tiselius
  • Guitar - Emil Johansson
  • Bass, Vocals - Anton Svensson
  • Drums - Adam Janzi


    One Step Alone

    YouTube preview picture

    Further Links:

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      I thought this was going to be about that piece of shit hip hop/rap artist Drake. My jimmies are slightly less rusted.
      im not mental
      i thought it was going to be a mathematical equation related to drake.
      Black Mustangs
      It's a reference to the equation used to estimate the amount of extraterrestrial life in our galaxy. It was created by an astronomer named Frank Drake
      Oh yeah. I can totally hear the jazz influence. -_- Why even bother including that little detail if your band sounds nothing like that? It's misleading. Anyway, the video and song were pretty well done. I don't really care for it, but the production values are fairly good.
      Because just because you can't hear the influence doesn't mean that they don't have that influence. If you evaluated their music closely (as in sat down and transcribed it), I'd bet you'd hear (or see) the jazz influence.
      I can hear what they're doing. Harmonically, most everything is derived from natural minor which is not idiosyncratic to jazz or any specific genre for that matter. The chord progressions themselves are all very pop influenced, like their bio says. The whole chorus bit (or what I'm assuming is the chorus) is VI - i - iv. Melodically, everything is straight out of natural minor again and a brief moment of harmonic minor, but nothing that would make any informed musician say "oh that sounds like jazz." You need ii-V's, emphasis on upper extensions, or some really outlandish alterations to traditional harmony to even consider calling that jazz influenced.
      I clicked their video with an open mind. Once "the dreads" started screaming I was done. That song with the screaming and the electronic beats behind it just made it awful.
      im just amazed how many bands is coming up with this..... where is diversity?!..... to me it is like every band just suddenly started doing this Enter Shikari BMTH stuff...
      Seems like everyone on UG lately is an professional critic. A)It wasn't that bad. B)No there is no jazz influence but maybe there is in other songs. C)Shit about the dreads? Its not a beauty contest i'm afraid.. I actually didn't mind it. I probably wouldn't listen to it, its just not my style, but I can still appreciate it.
      Nero Galon
      Seem like a very heavily produced band. Someone has payed a lot of money by the looks of it. I can definitely hear Adept in this. One thing I found was how they didn't seem to gel together. The lead vocals/growls didn't seem to suit the band at all, sometimes contrast between the leads and back ups can work well but I am not feeling it with these.
      *Reads Jazz/Metal* "Nice you mean like Cynic or Athiest? I love those guys! Or Trioscapes and Steve DiGiorgio's Dark Hall? Again awesome!" *Clicks Video* "Where the Jazz at? Sounds like another BMTH clone to me."
      I definitely didn't expect the guy with the long hair to scream like that
      It wasn't that bad, guitar-work-wise. The screaming vocalist was completely out of place; the bassist was a better screamer. The guitarist/clean singer was a bit too nasally, but what pissed me off was the obvious auto-tuning on his voice. This band could honestly improve just by booting out their screaming vocalist and dropping the electronic beats. Bands like Periphery do very well with electronic aspects, mostly because a lot of the rest of their music is pretty brutal in their genre. This song was a little too soft to get away with electronic elements, because it just sounded way too poppy with those elements. All in all, it wasn't complete shit, and I also listened the whole way through. An elitist with something to prove will say it was the worst thing they ever heard, but they are truly only trying to convince themselves.
      The one dude in the picture looks like Tom Morello a little bit...whats with the farmer outfits though?
      i ask this question again... will UG ever feature a band that isn't metal, hardcore, or butt rock? seriously. Show me a funk band. or a good soul band. or a sweet hip hop band. or, hell, a rock and roll band. that's right. rock and roll. this is not rock and roll. Most great guitarists don't play metal. hence the reason most metal is full of solos that only sound good because of distortion overload and speed picking. PLEASE! feature something interesting and not more of this screaming garbage. Sorry to those who actually like this music (and have fun with the crowd of mostly sweaty dudes and ugly chicks).
      though i will say this guitarist is good. the band isnt terrible either, good for metal. but drop the singer. he turns it from music into loud noise.
      Like a peanut butter jelly sandwich, I like the middle of this song, but not so much the beginning and the end.
      There were a lot of good parts, but too much electronic beats and the ending was out of place.
      Why must all this screaming (i don't mean growl) pester the metal genre? Stop sodomizing metal with screams and breakdowns.
      The first half sounded like a shittier version of Misery Signals and the rest of it sounded like a shittier Dead By April (who weren't THAT good to begin with). Not my thing.
      Holy shit that guy on the far right in the photo has a giraffe's neck. Just realized that.
      The guy with the white guitar looks like an alien in that photo, seems the band name was his idea. I could see the emo girls and 14 years olds liking this, but sounds to me like a Periphery style band with absolutely none of the bits that make them interesting.
      Those are actually really nice dreads compared to some. I like it alot. And their singer isn't as good at singing as their guitarist because he probably joined the band because he could scream.
      If god put every genre into one band this is how it would sound, genius idea, in actuality sounds like a big pile of muzzled s***