Thursday Rocks: The Elderberries

Today our featured band is The Elderberries. These guys have one rule: fast and loud and louder is never loud enough!

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This Thursday our featured band is The Elderberries. The Elderberries - F---ing Loud! A monster from Canada, England, and France, the band locked themselves in a basement with only one rule: fast and loud and louder is never loud enough. The result is a savage rock and roll of almost demonic proportions, hitting you in the stomach, spreading throughout your body, urging you to put the pedal to the floor, regardless the wall ahead of you.

Short Bio:

Formed in 2003, The Elderberries are an international force to be reckoned with! Meeting in high school through a love of hard rock, the 5 guys hailing from either France, England or Canada immediately started what they do best - Playing live! Quickly securing opening spots for the Datsuns, Trust,The Used, Kill The Young, or even the Hellacopters, the next logical step was to bring out an album. The result : "Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained", a heartfelt tribute to the bands that inspired the young rockers. A mix-mash of Ac/Dc, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, or even Led Zeppelin was ultimately well received by the media, and a marathon tour throughout Europe followed. The success even led to work on a film soundtrack for James Huth's "Hellphone", at the ripe old age of 17.

After a few years on the road the elderberries got the itch to start writing again, spending the better part of 2008 working on "Ignorance and Bliss". The result was quite a left turn, away with the 70's sound, bringing in a more modern power-pop. The sound grabbed the attention of England's Steve Orchard, having previously worked with acts such as Travis, Coldplay, or even U2. The album, and especially the single "It Doesn't Really Matter" was met with great success.

The boys found a secluded country house, locked themselves away for weeks on end, during different periods throughout 2010-2011. Friends sometimes dropped by, offering an objective ear, but The Elderberries had one thought in mind : PLAY IT F---ING LOUD!

Their result is a 3rd album, entitled simply "The Elderberries", as it is the first album that truly represents the band. Written amidst clouds of smoke and endless quantities of beer, this is a labour of love for stoner rock, hardcore punk, classic metal. The gods up above may very well be smiling on what the band has succeeded in doing. But even if they're not, the berries are, and get ready, because starting the 25th of april, 2012, their tornado will hit.

"Don't say we didn't warn you."

Current Lineup:

  • Lead Vocals - Chris Boulton
  • Bass And Backing Vocals - Jamie Pope
  • Lead Guitar And Occasional Screaming - Ryan Sutton
  • Rhythm Guitar And Backing Vocals - Tom Pope
  • Some Pretty Tasty Percussion - Yann Clavaizolle


    "Should Have Known"

    YouTube preview picture

    "It doesn't really matter"

    YouTube preview picture

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      They could tour with the Cranberries and Fiona Apple. It would be the Fruit Salad Tour. I'm sure there are probably other ones we could throw in. That's my dumb input for the day.
      i really like the idea behind the thursday rocks thing... but does it have to rock? can it jazz or funk? or fusion? or soul? or hell, even some hip hop if it's guitar oriented? just curious. not everyone is a fan of the heavy stuff but we're musicians nonetheless...
      Pearl Jammer#1
      I agree, I've been checking out these Thursday rocks things for a few weeks and it seems like all there is are metal bands. How about something different.
      Its alright... but I dont think its anywhere near as loud and angry as they think it is. At least if the bio they provided is anything to go by.
      pretty cool sound! definitely more pop sounding than their bio led me to believe but still very good
      Eh, not bad. First song was better than second, but second video was better than first...
      Thats cause the inclusion of hot women will always make a video without the inclusion of hot women look worse in comparison.
      wyldelife do metal heads with broken hearts!
      Make an article about the band Dorje. They have recently released their first EP and a video for the song Aeromancy.