Thursday Rocks: The Mosaic

Today our featured band is a 5-piece post-rock/post-hardcore outfit The Mosaic from Long Island, New York.

Ultimate Guitar

This Thursday we would like you to meet The Mosaic, a 5-piece post-rock/post-hardcore group from Long Island, New York. The guys have recently released their debut self-titled EP.

Short Bio:

The Mosaic is a post-rock/post-hardcore group from Long Island, New York formed in late 2011. The band's sound is characterized by angular guitar lines, dreamy ambient sections, and drastic shifts in dynamics. In addition to vocals, guitar, bass, and drums, the 5-piece makes use of cello and heavily-reverbed trumpet to create a dense, melancholic atmosphere. Main influences include Slint, Godspeed You! Black Empero, Fugazi, and My Bloody Valentine.

Current Lineup:

  • Vocals - Michael Anglim
  • Guitar, Vocals - Declan Diemer
  • Guitar - Michael Iztkin
  • Bass, Cello - Stephen Ruggiero
  • Drums - Robert Vetri


    "San Venosa"

    "One Lasting Reflection"

    Further Links:

  • Facebook page
  • Official website
  • Soundcloud

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    Yours truly, UG Team

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      Nero Galon
      These guys are FANTASTIC! Thank you UG and whoever suggested these. Now I have two great bands to listen to (these and Imperial Sons) I think this is the type of music i've been missing. I love the atmosphere, they're very good at building it up and the haunting vocals are great. This band can go VERY FAR!
      Only half way through San Venosa, and these guys already stand head and shoulders above every other band that his been featured on Thursday Rocks. And that goes for actual musicality, professionalism, audio quality, the whole nine yards. Thank you UG for stepping out of the realm of cookie cutter metal, and thank you Mosaic for the music!
      This is really good...the second song is kind of a complete Explosions in the Sky rip-off tho, musically.
      It's not like anything I listen to, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. When I saw how long the songs were, I thought there was no way I'd listen through it all. It's well put together and heavy on atmosphere. I'd like to hear the vocals better, and the second song could have been split into two. Nice job.