Thursday Rocks: Under Blackened Skies

This Thursday it's time for some headbanging! Meet the Under Blackened Skies, a 5 piece melodic death metal band hailing from Birmingham, England.

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This Thursday it's time for some headbanging! Meet the Under Blackened Skies, a 5 piece melodic death metal band hailing from Birmingham, England, the birthplace of metal titans such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Napalm Death and Anaal Nathrakh.

Short Bio:

In December 2008, the last two members of the original line up were determined, completing a five piece band who's extreme musical influences create an exciting explosion of metal that, combined with an electrifying and captivating live performance, has seen the reputation of UBS rapidly rise as a serious band of the future.

Highlights of the flourishing career of UBS include being featured in an international magazine about Birmingham, the birthplace of heavy metal, alongside Black Sabbath, Ozzy and Led Zepp; being picked to play the first Terrorizer Grindhouse showcase in London; vocalist Manu fronting the screams for Daniel Lioneye (side project of members of H.I.M.) for the Finnish, US and Canadian tour with Cradle Of Filth; headlining Basementfest 2011 and opening the New Blood stage of the 2010 Bloodstock Festival.

"Faceless Devastation" is the latest release from Under Blackened Skies. Recorded at Monochrome Productions, UK and produced, mixed and engineered by Tom Gittins, the EP was officially released on 30th June 2012. To coincide with the EP release, an official music video for the opening track off th EP "Bludgeon" was produced. The 4 track EP features a blend of punishing riffs, melodic harmonies, furious solo's, pounding bass, captivating drums and brutal vocals.

"We're all very proud of the EP. We wanted to pull together a group of songs that would put across exactly what the band is about, our personalities, our influences. The songs needed to be brutal but have hooks that would get people grooving when we play the songs live and every track delivers that."

Under Blackened Skies aim to break your soul with their brutality then fix it with their unique melodies, whilst entertaining you at the same time. Is that possible? Now it is.

Current Lineup:

  • Vocals - Manu Patel
  • Guitars - Aaron Sheldon
  • Guitars - Chris Locke
  • Bass - Paul Hunt
  • Drums - Andy Davies



    YouTube preview picture

    Further Links:

  • Facebook page
  • Official website
  • Bandcamp
  • Reverbnation

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      Who's idea was it to have the vocalist in a shot all by himself looking like he has less charisma than the brick wall behind him?!? A shot of just the singer like that is NEVER a good idea. Why not just do a close-up of him in front of the whole band?
      The music is good but the video... well... not so good. Too much shots of the singer singing to the camera... it looks cheesy when its over use it. Its a metal music video. I want frantic camera movements, dozens of different camera angles, slow-mo headbanging, instruments close ups, night time shots, hi-contrast images, industrial/dark landscapes... all that stuff. Check out I'm Broken by Pantera, good example of what i'm talking about. PS. Congrats for being chosen for this section.
      The song is of a higher quality than a lot of these thursday thingies (I mean the recording quality), but the video for this one was a little painful to watch I thought... I like metal, and from Birmingham myself I think its great to see it slowly coming back here, but why is the genre plagued by boring music videos like this? Nothing against them they just didnt look very comfortable doing it and I did really like the song - I just didnt think they went together very well as musically it was solid, but visually poor. Keep it up though guys I'll be sure to keep an eye open for you around here!
      Awesome to see these guys on UG! My band supported these guys in Nottingham and although it's a style of music I'm not really into their show was flawlessly executed and Manu is an excellent frontman. We're an Alter Bridge-y rock band, so we felt a bit out of place next to them and the other brutal metal acts on the bill haha.
      Badass brummy metal. It's been too quiet over there for too long haha
      Sorry but metal without a guitar solo is like an apple pie without apple. The recording quality is good, the drum mix is awesome but I just can't stand this over the top modern sound. At least the guitar tone is not that awful tone that the so called "modern metal" bands from USA all seem to use.
      Triptykon and Eluveitie do just fine without guitar solos.
      Eluveitie has the folk ingredient in, with more than just your basic 4 or 5 piece metal band outfit of course they do just fine. Maybe I generalized too much but the "melodic" thing here was kind of absent, except for the higher notes in the chords that gave the illusion of melody, and a solo is part of that. It's like I said, like the modern sound bands that focuses too much in rythm and groove but lack melody. That shouldn't be called "melodic death metal"
      so your saying that there's high notes in there that give quote on quote "the illusion of melody", if it's a note that your ear hears as melody than it's ****ing melody whether it's part of a chord a single note line or played on a goddamned kazoo.
      It's not bad, but overall I just don't really need to hear another modern-day metal band like this. That being said, I've never been much of a modern-day metal fan! so, I'm a little biased.
      I should add that I really can't stand band photos like the one displayed here. "We're so bad ass, if you see us on the street we're going to bunch you with our d*cks" but it's better than any band photo I'll ever take...i guess.
      I actually wanted to try out as replacement guitarist for the band but Manu never got back to my message. Oh well. Seen these guys live once. Pretty good show.