Thursday Rocks: Under Blackened Skies

artist: Under Blackened Skies date: 09/13/2012 category: ug news
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Thursday Rocks: Under Blackened Skies
This Thursday it's time for some headbanging! Meet the Under Blackened Skies, a 5 piece melodic death metal band hailing from Birmingham, England, the birthplace of metal titans such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Napalm Death and Anaal Nathrakh. Short Bio: In December 2008, the last two members of the original line up were determined, completing a five piece band who's extreme musical influences create an exciting explosion of metal that, combined with an electrifying and captivating live performance, has seen the reputation of UBS rapidly rise as a serious band of the future. Highlights of the flourishing career of UBS include being featured in an international magazine about Birmingham, the birthplace of heavy metal, alongside Black Sabbath, Ozzy and Led Zepp; being picked to play the first Terrorizer Grindhouse showcase in London; vocalist Manu fronting the screams for Daniel Lioneye (side project of members of H.I.M.) for the Finnish, US and Canadian tour with Cradle Of Filth; headlining Basementfest 2011 and opening the New Blood stage of the 2010 Bloodstock Festival. "Faceless Devastation" is the latest release from Under Blackened Skies. Recorded at Monochrome Productions, UK and produced, mixed and engineered by Tom Gittins, the EP was officially released on 30th June 2012. To coincide with the EP release, an official music video for the opening track off th EP "Bludgeon" was produced. The 4 track EP features a blend of punishing riffs, melodic harmonies, furious solo's, pounding bass, captivating drums and brutal vocals. "We're all very proud of the EP. We wanted to pull together a group of songs that would put across exactly what the band is about, our personalities, our influences. The songs needed to be brutal but have hooks that would get people grooving when we play the songs live and every track delivers that." Under Blackened Skies aim to break your soul with their brutality then fix it with their unique melodies, whilst entertaining you at the same time. Is that possible? Now it is. Current Lineup:
  • Vocals - Manu Patel
  • Guitars - Aaron Sheldon
  • Guitars - Chris Locke
  • Bass - Paul Hunt
  • Drums - Andy Davies
    Songs: "Bludgeon"
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