Thursday Rocks: Zombies Ate My Girlfriend

Today our featured band is Zombies Ate My Girlfriend. The band is based in Cape Town South Africa and released it's first single in 2010.

Ultimate Guitar

Today our featured band is Zombies Ate My Girlfriend.

Short Bio:

Born out of disgust for the state of human consciousness, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend was created by guitarist Adriano Rodrigues. Together with drummer Ferdi Groenewald they have created a sound that is as explosive as a suicide bomber, with the melody of a molested altar boy.

The band is based in Cape Town, South Africa and released their first single "Deathworm" on the Hammer the Masses 3 compilation back in 2010. Zombies unleashed the siffness in 2012 with their debut EP "Patient Zero" to a ravenous horde of infected at Winterfest 2012.

Current Lineup:

  • Vocals - Gavin Marchbank
  • Guitars - Adriano Rodrigues
  • Guitars - Louis Henn
  • Bass - Wesley Robb
  • Drums - Ferdi Groenewald


    "Robert Carlyle"

    "Silent Night"

    Further Links:

  • Facebook page
  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube

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      Sound exactly as I was expecting them to with a band name like that. Which is say, like every other generic metalcore band. Even those two songs were almost indistinguishable from each other, let alone another band.
      The two songs start of nearly identically, I mean they have almost the EXACT same drum beat at the start
      "Zombies Ate My Girlfriend" "Dude that's tough, zombies ate my neighbors." OT: It's alright, wouldn't listen to them again though, they sound way too much like early Killswitch Engage for my taste.
      KSE? They really don't sound anything like them. They sound like a generic Metalcore band. KSE has a much more polished sound. Either way, I'd agree with you on not listening to them again.
      They don't really sound like KSE now, but I get the early KSE reference, kind of reminded me of them too. I quite like them anyway; Though I'm the same, will have probably forgotten about them tomorrow, lol.
      Dr. Knox666
      This. IMO it's just another KSE clone although their singer doesn't have the power of a Jesse Leach or a Howard Jones. I don't say their music is bad but it's nothing new either.
      I hate to be a dick, but I'll say it - that bio did the exact opposite of what getting featured here is supposed to do. Which is make me want to listen to their music.
      Rad! very rad. Loving the theme. Seems like we can expect great things from them
      Personally, I think they're pretty good. They just need to find something that sets them apart from the other 1000 bands that sound like this.
      To be honest, I don't mind this. It gives me some nostalgia for early metalcore. Reminds me of Shadows Are Security by As I Lay Dying.
      Actually, the farther in I get the more "new" metalcore it sounds. Not as big fan of that. The vocals lack something as well.