Top 10 Albums Of 2012

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Top 10 Albums Of 2012
Where other news outlets put together their own top 10 lists, Ultimate Guitar turns to its community who know better than anyone what the best music of the year is.

Two weeks ago we opened a poll to see who had released the best album of 2012. It took over 13,000 votes, so thanks to all of you for taking part.

So what were your top 10 albums of 2012?

10. Soundgarden "King Animal"

Their comeback album earned 8/10 in our album review. It's their first LP since 1996, and we're glad they're back.

Hear "Been Away Too Long":

9. Green Day "¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre!"

Green Day took the unprecedented step of releasing three albums as one concept release. UG readers were divided over which one sounded best, but everyone found something to love amid the dozens of new tracks.

See the reviews for each individual release here: "¡Uno!", "¡Dos!", "¡Tre!"

Hear "Oh Love":

8. Lamb Of God "Resolution"

Singer Randy Blythe has had a crazy year with his manslaughter charge in the Czech Republic, but not until after their storming album release in January. We awarded it a solid 9/10.

Hear "Ghost Walking":

7. Muse "The 2nd Law"

Early demos featuring dubstep made Muse fans uneasy, and early single streams made them sound more like Queen-wannabes than ever. But in the context of a full album, every track has a place and Muse proved themselves kings of operatic rock for the modern age. See the full review here.

Hear opening track "Supremacy" here:

6. Deftones "Koi Yo Nokan"

It's always been hard to top their renowned 2000 epic "White Pony", but their latest two albums have demonstrated a band who are back on form. This release in particular was a triumph; cold heavy riffage, blissful ambience, and singer Chino Moreno delivering some of the best performances of his career. It's no surprise that we awarded it 9/10.

Hear "Swerve City":

5. Rush "Clockwork Angels"

The prog-rock legends are nearing the end of their career, but still have plenty to teach younger acts about rocking hard. As ever, it's a stellar record and they just won our Band Of The Year award. See their 9/10 review here.

Hear the title song "Clockwork Angels":

4. Jack White "Blunderbuss"

Few modern artists pull off an authentic classic rock n' roll sound like Jack can. His debut solo album was make-or-break for the late White Stripes man - and it looks like he made it. See the review here.

Hear "Freedom At 21":

3. Slash "Apocalyptic Love"

It might bear his name, but this is no longer just a Slash solo project. He's gelled with his touring band (featuring Myles Kennedy) so well that it's just become a collaboration between high-calibre musicians - and the result is simply a great set of songs. See the review here.

Hear "Bad Rain":

2. Billy Talent "Dead Silence"

Rebellious, angst and rocking. That's how our reviewer described their new album which earned 9/10. They were helped to second place by a Facebook campaign, but it wasn't quite enough to match the might of the Periphery army!

Hear "Viking Death March":

1. Periphery "II: This Time It's Personal"

Boom. There's no arguing with democracy: Periphery have released the best album of 2012, and you'll find it hard to turn down their relentless riffage and rock-shattering vocals.

Our reviewer put it best: "Periphery really stepped it up here, and this is simply an album worth having. Mark my words: this band isn't done. By a long shot."

Congratulations Periphery for making the best album of 2012!

Hear "Make Total Destroy":

Thanks for voting for album of the year. But how would you order the list? Did any of your favorite records miss out? Tell us about them in the comments.
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