Top 10 Best Drinking Rock Songs

What are the ultimate songs to drink and sing to? Your votes have been counted, so here's the ultimate drinking playlist for you to enjoy this weekend.

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Music and alcohol are often perfect together - but which songs are the very best to drink and sing to with your best friends?

That's what we asked UG readers in our poll this week, and clearly they're either Irish or alcoholics because the nominations were all awesome.

Here's the results, just in time for you to enjoy over the weekend. How would you improve it? Post your suggestions for excellent drinking songs in the comments.

10. Minutemen "Corona"

These alt-punk legends probably didn't expect to ever be the soundtrack to Jackass, but now those opening chords will always remind the world of doing stupid dares with your friends after seven beers too many.

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09. AC/DC "Have A Drink On Me"

"I'm trying to walk in a straight line," sings Brian Johnson. We've all been there, man. Even the next day.

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08. Flogging Molly "Drunken Lullabies"

This should be the official theme to St. Patricks Day. Even people who aren't Irish love to celebrate that day. Who would turn down the chance to drink a few pints of Guinness with music like this?

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07. Bondo "F--k You I'm Drunk"

A lot of people think this song is by Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys. Sorry guys, there's more than one Irish band out there, and this pub classic is really by Bondo.

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06. Dropkick Murphys "I'm Shipping Up To Boston"

Woody Guthrie wrote the lyrics to this song, which must a slow burner with music fans because it's sold over 1 million songs without ever touching the Billboard hot 100. That's what you call an underground classic.

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05. George Thorogood "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer"

The story of a man in a bar at closing time, ordering one more round before the barman kicks him out. The best stories are the ones you can relate to, right?

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04. Guns N' Roses "Nightrain"

The best anthems are the ones you write when you're drunk and stumbling down the road with friends who immediately join in because it's so damn catchy. It's like instant proof that the anthem works. That's what happened with Guns N' Roses, and here we are years later singing the same line. All together now: "I'm on the night train!"

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03. Thin Lizzy "Whiskey In The Jar"

This isn't a Thin Lizzy original, though their awesome version totally owns it for bar lovers. It started live as a traditional Irish song - because apparently the rivers flow with booze over in Ireland.

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02. Psychostick "Beer!"

This home made video went viral the moment everyone heard the line "BEER IS GOOD" and couldn't agree more.

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01. The Doors "Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)"

Everything about this song sounds drunk, from Jim Morrison's slurred singing to the delusional backing track which evolves from a desperate call to find drink to a circus-themed singalong that sounds as fun and tragic as any hedonistic night out. Boozing perfection.

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What do you make of this list of ultimate drinking songs? Share your opinion and your alternative suggestions in the comments.

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    Wheres the he-man song? Hey-ey-ey-eyhey!
    Rex Inclitus
    There should be an infinite thumbs down for this, not even sure what this is doing on a Guitar forum, this sucks on so many levels, it belongs on a Top 10 Chav drinking song list!! brutal LOL. I hope this was a joke.
    this song is great. There are a lot of close minded metal heads and classic rock cheeseballs here. I listen to just about everything. The strokes make the best drinking music though.
    I know what you mean about the strokes, when I'm bummed out and drinking away my sorrows it's good to see there singer up there reminding me that he's on stage entertaining thousands of people who love him and even he seems on the edge collapsing out of depressive apathy.
    korpiklaani - vodka and the entire discography of steel panther
    And that's what I call 'the great set to get f**king drunk with your bros'
    no song can beat this when you already pretty drunk, its probably impossible to not sing along
    i have a friend that when he gets drunk he does his best rendition of this song every damn time. last time we went to a bar he did karaoke and had the whole bar singing along!
    Hah, listen to the Beastie Boys + Biz Markie version. If there is anyone who sounds drunk, its the Biz. The worst thing about it is that its fantastic.
    It sure is! Let's make sure there's 99 empty bottles of beer on the wall!
    Really wanted to see "I Drink Alone." Still a fun list, though. After all, who would complain about a list like this? Just have a drink and enjoy the tunes.
    It is criminal that Thunderstruck isn't on here. The Thunderstruck drinking game is awesome, except for the two people who get plastered. But that's their own fault for standing there.
    A list of best drinking songs without any Tom Waits is not valid at all. But, what can we expect from UG...
    Sorry, but nothing from Tankard, the kings of beer metal? YOU B*STARD! STILL HATE YOU! NEED MONEY FOR A F*CKING BEER! MAKE YOUR FINAL STAND, AND DIE WITH A BEER IN YOUR HAND!
    I'm surprised that Dropkick Murphys 'Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced' isn't on here instead of 'I'm Shipping Up To Boston'.
    So the best music for drinking is music with lyrics about drinking. Subtle, guys.
    Korpiklaani - Beer, Beer. Here is my vision of the song that I used in the vid for friends.
    Can't really fathom how Thin Lizzy's version can come close to being a better drinking song than the original by The Dubliners...
    Jimmy Blue
    Has nobody played the Roxanne drinking game? You simply drink every time Sting sings 'Roxanne' in the song 'Roxanne' by The Police. Stuff gets intense.
    Yes I've played that game. You can do that to a lot of songs. Doesn't make it a good drinking song.
    No mention of "A Design For Life" by Manic Street Preachers, that's one of the best attacks at drinking songs I've ever heard