Top 10 Greatest Hits Albums

On Wednesday, we posed you the question: What is the greatest "greatest hits" album of all time? Here is the full top ten list.

Ultimate Guitar

On Wednesday, we posed you the question: What is the greatest "greatest hits" album of all time? And, like the troopers you are, you responded in droves to create Ultimate-Guitar's top ten list of Greatest Hits albums. Your responses made reference to the good and the great... and for some reason Shaquille O'Neal...

Here is the full top ten list, along with the total number of votes for each entry:

10. Alice In Chains - "Music Bank"

9. Megadeth - "Greatest Hits: Back To The Start"

8. Pearl Jam - "Rearviewmirror"

7. Shaquille O'Neal - "The Best Of"

6. Bob Marley - "Legend"

5. The Beatles - "1"

4. Jimi Hendrix - "The Ultimate Experience"

3. Weird Al Yankovic - "The Essential Weird Al Yankovic"

2. Led Zeppelin - "Mothership"

1. Queen - "Greatest Hits"

It was the classic rock legends that dominated the list, with Queen's "Greatest Hits" storming into the lead over Led Zeppelin's "Mothership". "The Ultimate Experience" by Hendrix and "1" by The Beatles sat comfortably at 4 and, while grunge and metal made up the remainder with entries from Pearl Jam, Megadeth and Alice In Chains taking up slots 8,9 and 10.

And, while we can't fault the majority of your choices, oh faithful Ultimate-Guitar readers (even Weird Al we can see the merit in), we are slightly baffled by your insistence that Shaq's Greatest Hits deserves slot number 7. We assume that the 51 users who voted for Shaq are also the only 51 people who have ever bought the album... Anyway, whether your voting for Shaq was ironic or not, we're going to subject you to this video of him conducting the Boston Pops Orchestra... enjoy!

Thanks for voting guys. Don't forget to check back next Wednesday for another question!

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    What happened to 'Echoes - The best of Pink Floyd' I'm sure it got a lot of votes.
    Just checked. It got 58 votes, nice one UG.
    Hmm. I wonder what happened there UG?..... That said, I'm not a big fan of Echoes. Sure the music is good, but the songs just don't play right when they're plucked out of context from their respective albums. Thats just my humble opinion though
    I expected it to be #2. I'm gonna assume this is UG's fault and not my inability to count.
    I tried to add Tom Petty's name into the mix on the initial article but theres was too many comments for it to get noticed. He was forced to write new a song for his greatest hits album but was strongly against it (believing it was cheating the fans to try and throw a song on a greatest hits album that wasn't a hit). That song however turned out to be "Last Dance with Mary Jane".
    finally a list on UG where u can't find guns n roses !!!!!
    Actually their greatest hits album is pretty stellar...
    The songs on it are great (they barely have a bad song), but it's just not a very good collection for anyone who's more than a casual fan, and it just seemed more like a record label cash-in sort of thing than anything else. I would strongly encourage anyone with any interest in GN'R to pass on the Greatest Hits and pick up any one of their actual albums. I would also recommend that you save "The Spaghetti Incident?" for last. It's all covers anyway, but the quality of some of that album might turn some people off before they get a chance to hear the band at their best.
    Veronique Vega
    Shaquille O'Neal is on the list, but NO CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL??? WTf'nF?! A sick sick joke.
    I wanted to suggest "the Ultimate.." but by the time I got around to it, it would have been so far down the page no one would have read it.
    UG, you DO realize that the Shaquille O'Neil album was supposed to be a joke, right?
    No they didn't, because it's become quite obvious that they can't detect sarcasm!
    Sammy Mantis
    Alice in Chains Music Bank is a four disc box set. Does this really classify as a "greatest hits album"? Not knocking AIC, happy to see them, but not really a fair entry.
    How is the Eagles Greatest Hits not on here? It's only the 7th best selling album of all time.
    This isn't a "OMG WHY ISNT ___ ON THERE THING": Dream Theater has a great one. It's simply entitled: "Greatest Hit...and 21 other pretty cool songs" Which is pretty hilarious.
    Yeah DT is good but there are plenty of other bands better than them. I used to be a fanboy but I grew up and discovered new music
    how exactly does one avoid thumbs down on this site? I give up.
    I love DT more than just about anyone on here but that was a terrible collection of songs for a greatest hits album. Not that they were terrible songs..just not the best.
    Was hoping to see Pantera (FBTGSCVH) and Black Sabbath (The Best of or Symptom of the Universe), I'm glad Mothership, The Ultimate Experience and Queen's Greatest Hits made it on though.
    Just to put these out there: Great White: Best Of Great White Cinderella- Rocked Wired ans Bluesed Iron Maiden- Edward The Great Pantera: Reinventing Hell Queen: Greatest Hits II (Better than GHI)
    WOAH! A list with Queen, Hendrix and Zeppelin? Name dropping is so cute... Nice to see Alice in Chains though.
    LMAO, dat backlash. But seriously, like I've said in the Wednesday Article with the question, I like the aforementioned bands (Hendrix especially), but come on, not EVERY list on the world needs to have the same bands over and over, it just becomes boring... open way for some new blood, dudes!
    Well it's just asking for the best Greatest Hits album, not the greatest albums ever. A lot of bands don't even do Greatest Hits albums.
    I know, but it's not the point I made. Let me give an example... Creedence Clearwater Revival. They have an immeasurable number of hits and classics, also quite a few Greatest Hits' albums, but they never seem to make it into any list... C'mon.
    I think it's just the userbase really. Every week asking the same people what the greatest X is will most likely get very similar results in terms of bands.
    Wuuuuw, curious how the first comment wins the contest and the second comment (replied by me btw) is also in the second place... The list is ok!
    It's actually not that curious, at all. Seeing as how they were at the top of the list from the beginning, they received much more attention, as everyone who wanted to comment or vote had to at least pass them by... not to mention the fact that they're both pretty goddamn good.
    Just wait... Metallica will make a best of record... Just you wait...
    They're actually against that idea.
    They are probably against it to make more money. You don't want to put all of your good songs on just one $10 cd.
    I think it's awesome not having a greatest hits because they only represent what was the most successful songs. Often a band's best songs are not the singles so the fact that the most successful metal band of all time hasn't put one out yet is awesome. Greatest hits albums are a way to grab money, and sadly some bands like Aerosmith for example keep putting out GH compilations one after the other.
    dude who made this list is obviously retarded
    i know yeah it aint a too bad list i agree with 9 of them just shouldnt of put weird al yankovich should be a bit more serious