Top 25 Modern Bands That Will Be Considered Legendary or Classic in the Future

As voted by UG community.

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This week's traditional Wednesday Question saw the people of UG community discussing the matter of modern bands that will likely be considered classic acts in the near future.

Plenty of votes and over 850 comments summed up an interesting Top 25 rundown.

Before kicking things off, we'll point out that honorable mentions include The Black Keys, Tame Impala, Weezer, Baroness, Haken, Kendrick Lamar, Protest the Hero, Children of Bodom, Coheed & Cambria, The Strokes, Clutch, ISIS, Gorillaz, Rise Against, and Meshuggah.

Now, the list awaits below.

25. The Mars Volta

Kicking things off we have experimental prog boys known as The Mars Volta. Over 11 years of their existence, the gang amassed a strong and passionate following, and you folks believe that the band will receive a definite place in the pantheon in the near future.

danielchasebe pointed out: "Maybe legendary in the sense that, despite not being everyone's cup of tea, they did huge shit with their sound, their scope, and their ambition in making something undeniably unique."

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24. Devin Townsend

Mr. Hevy Devy is up next with his eclectic mixture of constantly evolving and always top-quality music. Active since 1993, the man's sonic compass directed him towards anything from extreme metal to ambient music.

savory_softy noted: "Not just because he's musically brilliant. His geeky demeanor and proclivity for experimentation stands in such stark contrast to the parochial views I've had to wade through on many a collision with staunch metal fans."

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23. Between the Buried and Me

Hailed by you folks as "a shining example of new prog metal," Between the Buried and Me have eight studio efforts under their belt and a status of one of the genres strongest modern acts.

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22. Killswitch Engage

Nominated by AlexGreat123 as "pretty much the first and best metalcore act," Killswitch Engage have released their seventh studio album this year. As a highly influential band, they are bound to score a place among the all-time greats soon according to UG community.

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21. Beck

This one was a bit debatable since the man's been around since '85, but so be it - Mr. Beck at No. 21.

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20. Animals as Leaders

Tosin Abasi is hailed as one of the most innovative guitarists the world got to know in a while, and it seems very well deserved for Animals as Leaders to ultimately attain the status of one of the greats. Here's what the UG panel had to say:

Parthan: "Much like Yngwie and Hendrix before Yngwie, Tosin has carved out an almost completely unique niche of heavy guitar that many will try to emulate but be doomed to fail. Let's not forget that Hendrix had his detractors too."

nskihuri: "Yep. They too single-handedly forced prog to evolve."

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19. My Chemical Romance

Active between 2001 and 2013, My Chemical Romance have left an impressive legacy behind, something you folks believe will secure the band a place among giants.

I-Am-The-Man explained: "They have an awesome unique sound. They never did the same album twice and always changed their style after each album. Plus they still have a really large following to this day after only 4 albums in a 12 year career and 5 years since they broke up. They are legendary whether you like them or not."

crystalmonday80 added: "Say what you will about them (emo, crap, mainstream, etc.), but they broke up 3 years ago, their last album came out 6 years ago, and they still have one of the biggest followings I've seen for a modern band. And I don't see that dying down anytime soon. Also 'Three Cheers' and 'Black Parade' are considered 'modern classics' by many music fans and critics."

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18. Steven Wilson + Porcupine Tree

The thing that makes Steven Wilson stand out from some of the names on this list is that despite being around for more than a few years, many fans agree that his best work is yet to come. The previous two albums were nothing short of stellar, so why not...

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17. Trivium

In the words of FistOfFury, "'Ascendancy' and 'Shogun' are what will stay legendary in the future."

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16. Periphery

The gang who "changed the prog scene," the almighty Misha and the good ol' Periphery boys band, are up next. A few words from the esteemed panel:

travislausch: "I like to think of them as being sort of the Rush of modern metal: Very polarizing vocal style that you either love or hate, just like Geddy Lee, but they craft very well-written songs that are very technical and melodic. There may be faster bands, that write more complex songs, or bands that use more melodic sounds, or bands that are far more brutal... but Periphery is pretty much a crossroads of all of those things and more."

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15. Deftones

Abacus11 summed this one up: "They've been making records and touring for well over 20 years now and they've only gotten better and better over time... breaking away from the nu-metal of their early days and carving out a niche all their own."

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14. Jack White

What some of you folks agreed with is that Jack White deserves a spot on this list based on his solo work alone, but if The White Stripes stuff is included in the mix, the man becomes a shoo-in for the rundown.

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13. Alter Bridge

Up next - "Creed done correctly" (description by lovely Mr. HardAttack). Around since 2004, Alter Bridge are constantly getting better, delivering everything a top-notch rock act should from year to year.

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12. Arctic Monkeys

Switching towards indie rock domain, Arctic Monkeys are up next at No. 12. Active since 2004, five studio albums, potential bonafide classics.

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11. Radiohead

Once again, this one's a bit tricky - Radiohead have been around for quite a while and one could argue that they already are a classic act. But sure, we'll give it a pass - Thom Yorke and the gand on No. 11!

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10. Lamb of God

Representing the realm of full-blown metal, Lamb of God get to crack the Top 10 open. Travislausch made some valid points, saying:

"They have a huge legacy behind them, each member is hugely respected in their own right (though I gotta pay special attention to Chris Adler, whose work with Protest the Hero and Megadeth has been MASSIVELY well-received), they're willing to experiment with their sound but still have a lot of stylistic integrity, and they're becoming far more popular than a lot of other metal bands out there. They're dead ringers for the next truly 'classic' metal band, in my books."

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9. Opeth

Constantly growing and changing, Opeth have a strong catalog under their belt. Far from stale or predictive, the best times only seem to be up ahead for the guys. What UG panel had to say:

ensifer1: "In 50 years I'll be like 'Grandson, let me show you someone who knew howto growl so viciously that he decided he conquered the sound and stopped."

*Stranger*: "My friend explained Mikael like this once: 'Randy Blythe growls like he is summoning a demon from hell. Mikael is the demon spawned."

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8. Gojira

That new album really has potential, if it proves to be the effort that propelled Gojira to the level of all-time giants, we would be so happy.

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7. Tool

Not many bands of this era have fans as fanatical as the Tool fanbase. Not many bands of this era have music as fantastical Tool either...

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6. Slipknot

Like 'em or not, Slipknot have grown to become one of the biggest metal bands of all time in terms of success. Panel words now:

stamgogos94: "I don't believe we will witness any other band with such a diverse sound between every record but also with such an artistic way to approach things."

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5. Ghost

The third album seems to have pushed Ghost to the next level. The times are exciting, and hopefully the guys will truly explode in years to come.

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4. System of a Down

Similar to Slipknot, System of a Down have grown from one of the strongest representatives of the whole nu-metal era into one of the biggest bands in the world.

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3. Muse

The bronze medal this week goes to Muse. They are huge, they have music that stood the test of time, and it seems pretty certain that they will soon be labeled as one of the classic acts.

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2. Queens of the Stone Age

QOTSA - Songs for the Deaf

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1. Mastodon

At the throne of UG this week, give it up for those Mastodon weirdos! A fitting description from Maiden95: "They already have a great and eclectic discography. Add a couple more records to it and they will have a legendary catalog. I'm hoping they can be remembered like the Megadeths and Slayers of the genre."

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    Can someone explain what constitutes as "modern" please? Because A LOT of these aren't exactly new and some of them already have a "legendary" status. (QOTSA....Tool....Opeth....fucking Beck has been around making music since NINETEEN EIGHTY-FIVE!)
    Exactly right. It's ludicrous to have a 31 year old act/band listed as modern. If this was the 80s, I doubt we would be voting on Chuck Berry as "modern artist that will be legendary". If it was the 90s, we wouldn't be voting on the Beatles or Black Sabbath"someday becoming legendary". In the 00's, we didn't think of The Smiths and Duran Duran as "modern bands". It is the 2010s why the fuck are we calling 90s bands "modern bands that will be considered legendary in the future"??? Should have cut this off at 2005+ or at the very least 2000+. As it is, this list is just a predictable list of established and successful rock/metal acts of the last few decades, not a list of up and coming or emerging classics.
    I would've thought UG would explain too since there were quite a few complaints during the polls.
    Don't forget radiohead. If "Creep" isn't a classic, then I sure as hell don't know what classic means...
    Sure Creep is already a classic. But a song from 1992 isn't modern. Nor is a band formed 30 years ago!! The question asked what modern bands will be classic in the future and that is what people failed to grasp.
    UG kind of buggered this question up. They should have known to have stipulated a time period or cut off point to define the "modern" tag seeing as most who comment on these polls fail to grasp the simple keyboard function of Ctrl+F.
    Rebel Scum
    Problem with the ctl-f is it only works if you fully load the page with all comments. Which means you have to keep scrolling down until it ends. They never explain that and that's why you still get dupes. People load the page, ctl-f and think its all good but the whole comment section isn't loaded yet.
    Granted some have said it hasn't worked. But if you have to load the whole page and then scroll down surely you'd see the names of bands nominated already as you're doing that? The "add a new comment" section is at the foot of the page also, meaning you have to scroll past everything to get to it. And also if people are going to nominate a very popular or common act, unless you're the first person to comment, I would guess they have already been mentioned. Smacks of people not reading the rules and being in a blind hurry to name their choice.
    And not many people do it (scroll down in the comments, and you see a lot of suggestions which have already been made).
    I'd say "modern" in this context should be anything newer than 1995ish (20 years), because anything older is already starting to wear the "classic" label in some circles (like Nirvana and GnR and such).
    Or maybe even turn of the century onwards. So maybe they have 3 albums out and starting to make an impact and influence newer bands.
    That too, but I like the "20 years" thing because that seems to be the cutoff most radio stations and various other sources use to delineate where "classic" begins.
    Yeah, 1995— seems fair. List does need a redo. I'm not complaining about the modern acts they chose, I'm just complaining that the older entries (pre-1995) should be replaced.
    I was going from 1999/2000 for bands that started/put out their first album. Hence why I picked Killswitch Engage and why I assumed Slipknot got picked
    Sleeping in
    "Over 11 years of their existence, the gang amassed a strong and passionate following during 11 years of existence" When you have to hit that word count
    Fucking epic list
    Personally... I can't see many of these becoming 'classic' or 'legendary' 10 or 20 years from now. Not like how The Beatles, Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Queen, Black Sabbath, etc., are considered classic rock and legendary. Back in the day, there were fewer BIG bands, which helped to make them 'legendary' years later, but today there seems to be far more music acts in so many genres, that I don't see history repeating itself in the same way.
    Instead of comparing them to the bands you've listed, think of them like Rush. A band that is well respected, has a large following, and whose music will likely have a following for a while after the people that created it have stopped performing. I've only become a fan of Mastodon and Deftones in the last couple of years, but I really can't stop listening to them (particularly Mastodon). There's just something eternally musically appealing about albums like White Pony and Crack The Skye, and from other bands on this list I'd add In Rainbows (almost all Radiohead albums), Toxicity, Lateralus, Fear of a Blank Planet, Frances The Mute ... Rush are not the most well known band, but those that know them at least understand (whether they agree or not) their being dubbed legends. These bands may never be famous in the public consciousness, but they have created some legendary work that musicians will likely be sharing with one another for decades.
    Is it really fair to constantly compare everything to The Beatles, Zep, RStones, etc, etc? Imagine, if you will, there was a UG back in their day, asking this same question, and a contributor such as yourself, making this argument: "Not unlike [Insert the bands that influenced The Beatles, Led Zep, RStones, etc, etc...]" "Shadows only extend so far, no matter how big you are. Eventually, there are new shadows, shadows which you do not cast." - unknown. You may think there are more bigger bands today, but are there REALLY that many more? Or are you not aware of how many big bands there were back in the day? There were tons. It wasn't just The Beatles, Zep, Stones... Even you cannot see into the future, my friend. Even you cannot see the future's future. What might seem legendary yesterday, and even today, may be forgotten tomorrow (this has happened throughout history). Even you might be surprised, tomorrow.
    Yeah, definitely some good variety here. I was afraid it would mainly just be bands that every UGer besides me loves, but I'm really glad there's some good metal that I enjoy here, like Animals As Leaders, and Killswitch Engage.
    But that's what 80% of this list is. Bullshit trendy crap that UG loves. Downvotes only make me stronger!
    I think UG needs to be for 18+ year olds only. MCR..trivium..killshit...dont they realise metalcore was stale form the day it got named?
    Can't argue with a single one of these. There's a lot more that could be added too but this list, I like it.
    theres metalcore, theres slipknot, one of the worst bands ever that is bringing metal down, mastodon, an overrated pop metal band, and fucking periphery is gettng compared to FUXKING RUSH, when its just more shitty metalcore, fuckng scam of a list
    Cry more, please.
    im not crying just give a reason why is shit like slipknot on this list, its just shitty nu metal, in that case why not put limp bizkit, seriously, convince me im wrong, or go cry in a corner, you fucking sheep
    Lol I didn't expect you to actually come back and cry more. Nice!
    give me proof this list isnt full of shit, you might think youre witty, but youre a shitty idiot
    Your poop award is good enough proof that you're kinda wrong.
    This list was exactly what I would expect - hilarious. I ain't even mad. Who else could you pick? Nickleback? Bands is dead these days.
    Yeah, a band delivered one of the best progressive metal record(Crack The Skye) and has songs that is over 10 and 13 minute long songs is definitely pop. Go back to Metalarchives or whatever shithole you came from buddy.
    listen to that song, its shitty metalcore, this list is a shitty scam
    Mastodon is metalcore? Interesting... I must have been doing that wrong all this time.
    How is it a scam? Whether you like it or not, who is being "scammed"? Do you even know what the word "scam" means? God damn you're stupid.
    Okay you little bitch, tell us who you believe should be on this list. Make your own Top 25 list, because apparently your elitist opinion is the only one that fucking matters. Side note: Can someone explain to me why Slipknot gets so much shit from the metal community?
    I think it's because they are really succesful and doesnt care so much about how people can handle if they change their sound. And yeah - they have melodic choruses - but contrast between heavy parts and soft parts make them great IMHO.
    Yeah well also a lot of people have trouble with corey taylor, whether its his vocals or his personality... I love slipknot, but i have a friend who hates his singing cuz it sounds "forced"... so there's that too
    I work AR carrefour, the french Wal-Mart, and they played ghost on the supermarket ! The playlist is the same for every store in france, so it's kinda showing that they are becoling bigger and bigger every year, they really stand out from most metal bands and they also play in a lot of non metal festival (at least in France). So yeah, for me they are one of the few on this list that will be considered legendary in a decade !
    After a long workout, I like quenching my thirst with a nice, salty bottle of your tears. Fuck Gatorade; there's more electrolytes per drop in a bottle of your sadness.
    Great list! But where are the Foo Fighters?
    Yeah, very odd that Beck was allowed but the Foo Fighters weren't. I'm pretty sure they had more votes than a lot of these bands.
    I guess many might already consider them in the legends category. But I'd almost put Beck in that list anyway, he's been around for a long long years and is widely known, if only for the whole Kanye kerfuffle.
    Yeah, really... I was absolutely positive FF would be #1 on this list before I even saw the top 10.
    20 year old stuff is modern.. yeah right? Sure black sabbath is modern too since they still exist?
    Is it weird that the only band/artist on this list that I like is Devin Townsend. I can see how some of these band could reach a legendary status in the future (or at least close to legendary) I think that there are some bands at this list that will never reach that status ( at least not outside of the US. Anyway, I really hope that Hevy Devy will soon be seen as a legend by more than a few geeky metalheads.
    Let's just face it, a band that is famous for being technically great, will have a real hard time reaching legendary status because only musicians listen to them. sure some prog bands have become classics/legendary, but as music in general is getting dumbed down the really difficult stuff will get less attention.
    God that's pretentious. Only musicians listen to them? Actual musicians listen to things out of their genre instead of sticking to their precious genre because that's what's most familiar to them. "Chugging power chords and arpeggios? Fuck yeah bro." - Every metal "musician"
    That is very true. Especially when many of them often mainly appeal to a certain type of musician/music nerd (I do actually know a few people who can't play any instrument yet still are really into alot of stuff that mostly musicians listen to). It also doesn't help that prog metal isn't really a genre that attracts a massive audience.
    Devin Townsend is one of my least favorites on this list, so yea it is weird.
    To each their own, I guess. That is sort of my problem with this list. None of these bands have any broad appeal. They all seem to be focused on a specific type of music nerd which means that it will be really difficult for them to achieve that status. The bands that are considered legendary got that status as they were a big influence on pretty much everything that came after, and while some of these bands are very influential, it's still only to a fairly small group of people.
    And yes, Devin is definitely among my favourites on this list, and - dare I say - already a legend. The way people write and speak about him shows real admiration of his personality, working ethos and attitude. For his niche, he is a source of constant inspiration. And it's not only about his fans 'from the crowd' - I remember members of BTBAM, who are just above Dev on this very list, speaking of Dev as sort of role model.
    BTBAM have also cited Mastodon and The Mars Volta as influences. BTBAM is a weird presence in Metal in that, they actually *like* the genre that they're involved in.
    I don't think this is necessarily the problem. 'Death' has a very narrow musical appeal, but it is an absolute legend within its scene. And well, the bands that have the legendary status as in 'influence for all' are mostly from the era when the genre diversity was a bit lower and more of the 'general' modern music ideas (not only 'genre-specific' modern music ideas) hadn't been discovered or properly exploited yet.
    I think they don't have broad appeal because of behind-the-scenes bullshit, and not because they're not "catchy" or "commercial". I know plenty of people who only listen to pop music, who enjoyed The Mars Volta thoroughly. Who enjoyed Mastodon and SOAD and Tool and BTBAM thoroughly, despite only being into pop music. Hell, I managed to get a person who "hated metal" into NILE of all bands. It's not that it has a limited appeal, it's that it has limited resources to get the word out. If Mastodon had the publicity that a band like Nirvana had in the 90's? You'd better bet they'd have a humongous fanbase. Just put on the song "The Motherload" and tell me that song isn't an instant classic, *even if* you're not a fan. And for the record I used to be a Devin fan and got really sick of his music, but I can still recognize that he has some true classics under his belt. Just not so much since, idk, after the first Ziltoid record.
    Good point. Many great bands don't get the publicity they deserve but at the same time some of these bands mainly appeal to certain musical tastes which doesn't really help them get that level of publicity. My favorite Devin records are mostly the DTP stuff. But considering how different many of his records are from each other it's understandable that not all fans are going to like everything.
    Incoming comment from dewitt complaining about this list and saying that there's too many "shitty" metal bands on it.
    Now that you mention, there are too many shitty metal bands here. But I'd really rather bitch about them including things like Tool, Radiohead, etc. when they're decades old and already considered legends/classics.
    Would have loved to have seen Meshuggah, SikTh and Baroness make the top 25, but I can't argue with that list!
    I think Baroness aren't big enough or cult (followed) enough tbh
    Pretty sure that was part of the point of this. It's bands who aren't super duper huge right now that MIGHT be legendary in the future.
    Jack white has the obvious advantage for this list. He'll be 80 and still writing songs.
    "Over 11 years of their existence, the gang amassed a strong and passionate following during 11 years of existence..." C'mon UG, basic proofreading should've caught that
    I love how whenever QOTSA makes a list, they just post songs for the deaf, as if enough said lol.
    I nominated Jack White just because I wouldn't imagine all of his band involvements would make it onto this list. I can definitely see him as a rock legend 20 years from now. I could say the same thing about Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Tenacious D, QOTSA, and Them Crooked Vultures). These two lads have definitely cemented their names as rock legends in my book.
    This looks more like a list of the 25 most trendiest bands according to UG. its always the same fucking bands listed every week, Mastodon QOTSA and Periphery are mentioned in almost every poll, these polls get more and more shit every week.
    This. UG users are basically 15 year old white kids that listen to brütal metal.
    Linkin Park not even in honorable mentions? All the bands on the list are good, but not even half of these could become legendary. I mean, My Chemical Romance, are you kidding me? People will forget about them in less than five years.
    Lol at all these Linkin Park haters. Hybrid Theory is the 3rd best selling album of all time, behind Thriller and the fucking Black Album. Whine and bitch all you want, but they are already legendary, and in another few decades, will be considered among the greatest bands of our generation. Literally 0% chance that they don't end up with that legacy.
    Legendary in terms of musical and creative content NOT record sales. It would be an easy list if they just looked at numbers
    priebe_alexander it's not dude. It's only sold 10 million copies, whereas Thriller has sold about 40-50 million (depending on the source), and, actually, Back in Black is the second best selling album of all time, with The Dark Side of the Moon at 3rd... where the hell are you getting your info from dude?
    10 million in the US alone. Over 50 mil worldwide. As for the rest of the statement, I can't be bothered to look it up again, and it doesn't matter anyway. Even 10 million is an absolute fuck ton of records, and their singles from the first album still get more radio play than most modern bands. They are already legendary, whether you like them or not. Not being on this list doesn't change that. It just means that this incredibly tiny sample size of mostly anti-popular-music elitist pricks doesn't like them.
    It's the third best selling debut as far as I know. But dude, 10 million copies is still a lot.
    Are you serious? Hybrid Theory is the 3rd best selling album of all time? There are stupid opinions. Then there's just being wrong.
    Linkin Park....? Are you serious?
    Hybrid Theory is one of the best selling albums of all time. Way outsold most artists on this list, so yes, Linkin Park have "classic" status even if they aren't your thing.
    So is Candle in the Wind. Whats your fucking point?
    Candle in the Wind is pop. Pop music works like that, it gets popular and makes a lot of money, but most of it gets forgotten after a few months/years. Michael Jackson is the only legendary pop musician I know.
    Memory In Death
    Although Linkin Park has a very polarizing discography, there's no doubt that they'll be considered legends in the next 15-20 years or so.
    Yes. I am. You may not like them, but that doesn't make them less successful.
    Linkin Park might not that legendary but they still continue making music for the listeners and fans. Yes you can compare Linkin Park with Candle in the Wind when it comes to the word "Legendary" but compare to Limp Bizkit? They're a lot better that LB.
    Weeeeird, I was quoted. Normally, UG tells me to stop fucking around on here. Weeeeeird! This is going in the Christmas letter! Nanna is going to be so proud!
    A7X should be on this list and everyone knows it.
    They're not, because UG is a bunch of elitist dweebs who hate things that used to be not super popular but got super popular. And their latest album, though it has grown on me, is a bit of a letdown, if for no other reason than being such an obvious tribute to old metal styles, when they had their own very original and unique sound, which I wanted to hear more of. But their body of work before that, combined with the fact that they are, by far, the best metal band getting mainstream recognition, and their songs on pop rock radio, means they will be remembered as one of the legendary bands of our time. Actually, they're probably far more likely to earn such a legacy than any of the bands on this list which haven't already done so.
    Muse should be number 1 I mean, who knows Mastodon outside of the metal world ? Muse definitly already achieved what no other band from this list could ever dream of.
    Well they were 2 times at Letterman show, 3 Grammy nominations, Brann just spent week as a guest drummer at Seth Meyers show, apperance in Game of Thrones. They arent that undeground as it seems.
    It's obvious for you because you know them. But look, even a band like Radiohead which has been around like forever now and achieved great success... Not everybody knows about them. And Muse... Who doesn't know Muse ? Even my grandmother already heard about them If we really want to put Muse on this list, then it should definitly be number 1. I'd say they are the most recognized and the most successfull 'modern band' Anyway, my favorite is Alter Bridge. but I'm afraid they'll never be THAT legendary, but I'm fine with this.
    Fucking everyone knows Radiohead. All of their albums have been Grammy nominated.
    Grammy nominated, huh? Well, isn't THAT a stamp of approval.
    I'm not talking about critical acclaim, asshole. I'm talking about popularity, and the Grammys is a good indication of popularity.
    Yeah. But you see? That's YOUR opinion. Fact of the matter is Mastodon got almost 100 votes more than Muse. That's a pretty huge difference. I'm not saying Muse are bad. But yeah.
    It has nothing to do with my opinion. Fact of the matter is Muse sold over 20 millions albums all over the world, they're multi grammy award winners and they have over 750 million views on YouTube. They are already legendary. I'm not saying Mastodon are bad. They're just not in the same league, really.
    Okay. But you see? By your logic they shouldn't even be on the list. Because it's for artist who aren't even at that level yet. Not ones who already ARE at a "legendary" or "classic" level.
    Nothing wrong with what you say. But SINCE they're on this list, methinks they should be on the first place, because of all the reasons above. Many bands should be on the list aswell since Muse is nominated. Linkin Park, Coldplay, Green Day, Foo Fighters and so on and so on. They're all more or less from the same 'generation' or 'era' and they all achieved greatness in the music industry. We may not like all of them, but we all have heard about them and that's what really count to be considered legendary in the very next future. Many unknown bands are great, but they'll never be considered legendary. Having 3 fans at the gigs doesn't count.
    Only UG members voted though- meaning you get a very limited sample of votes, lots of which ARE probably in the "metal world". If it were me writing the list, I'd have still put Mastodon at #1 and Muse in #2 or #3, but saying Mastodon got more votes doesn't really mean much.
    Can't argue with the list BUT. Periphery being above SW and PT is an insult to everyone who knows what prog is.
    suggestion for a future Wednesday question: the best opening tracks of an album. It came to my mind because one band (that should've/could've been included in this list) has the most in-your-face opening track ever, on their album Miss Machine: DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN
    Yeah, totally agree! This list is great but Dillinger should definitely be on there. São Paulo tomorrow night, fuck yeah!
    Glad to see so many amazing bands on the list.Finally getting to see Muse this summer!
    No Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats?! Fuck you voters! Wait, sorry that was the last Canadian election...
    Yeah that bugged me too since I nominated em. But I guess it's all good. It's still a pretty decent list though I wish they'd put Baroness actually IN the list instead of just an honorable mention since they had 3 less votes than Mars Volta and UG is known for making effed up numbered lists.
    This list may be the biggest crock of shit I've ever seen. Where only 12 year olds with no sense of music or anything the ones alowwed to vote?!? Sorry but only a few of these are actually stand out groups. Mastadon? Really? I guess if repetitiveness is "legendary."
    Yeah, the band that changes its sound every single album is repetitive...
    Too many mainstream bands on this list. Don't think Muse, Alter Bridge, Lamb of God, My Chemical Romance, or Killswitch Engage will even be classic. Too mainstream and generic. Early Muse is good at least though. Other than that it's a good list. And what's the definition of modern here? Porcupine Tree formed in the late 80s and had demos out then so I guess that's the start. So bands to add: Dream Theater Type O Negative Rival Sons Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats Blood Ceremony Haken Graveyard The Sword Kyuss Clutch Colour Haze Anglagard Gazpacho Just some thoughts...
    "Too many mainstream bands on this list". I thought a band had to be very well known to be considered "legendary", no?
    Anglagard? Are you fucking serious? People barely even know that band and not to mention it took them a fucking decade and more just to make their latest album. Sorry but they won't be a classic. They will stay on the underground at best.
    But....Kyuss formed almost 30 years ago back in 1987 as Katzemjammer. Then changed their name to Sons of Kyuss in 1989 and even released an EP under the name Sons of Kyuss before shortening it to just "Kyuss" in like 1991 before releasing Wretch in the same year. They're also already considered legendary in their genre. Same with Electric Wizard, Sleep, Yawning Man, and Acid King. And TON was around since 1989. Though I'm really happy to see Uncle Acid getting some love on here. Wanna know a band you and anyone else who is into Uncle Acid should check out if you haven't already? Doctor Smoke.
    Really good Uncle Acid inspired heavy rock. Don't have a single problem with: Rival Sons Blood Ceremony (kinda miffed I forgot to nominate em though) Graveyard The Sword Clutch Or Colour Haze Never heard of the last two bands you listed though. Or I probably have aND just forgot about em.
    I was actually quite impressed with this list. I just have one problem: Why did you include artists like Beck or Radiohead when they are already considered classics by many? Don't get me wrong, they're not bad, but I'm pretty sure they're already classics.
    Had to check the URL - all these comments had me thinking I was on Reddit
    I for one think this list was WAY to focused on a very specific subgenre of metal. I would have included the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Mumford and Sons, and The Lumineers over a lot of the groups that were included on here. Especially Nine Inch Nails. When Johnny flippin' Cash covers your song you're pretty much there already anyway. Also, no Foo Fighters or 3 Doors Down? Really?
    How about [insert any hipsters made up band we never heard before]?????
    Such as: -Every Time I Stub My Toe -Plaid's The New Plaid -Fedorably Unfedorable -Johnny Depp's Pencil Mustache -Irony is Ironic And... -PBR & Jelly Sandwich
    I think we may need a new whole article for this one: "Top 50 Greatest Hipster band we never heard before"
    "Top 100 bands most UG users think no one knows because they pretty much don't like anything that isn't on this list"
    UG just put my entire childhood into one list. I don't care if people think these bands are cheesy, we all loved them at some point or another.
    "What some of you folks agreed with is that Jack White deserves a spot on this list based on his solo work alone, but if The White Stripes stuff is included in the mix, the man becomes a shoo-in for the rundown." Why would it even be considered that the white stripes be separated from jack white's body of work? He WAS that band.
    Wow, actually surprised not to see Foo fighters on the list. Not that I love them, just like them. Really expected them though.
    Fucking shit list, nothing but a bunch of metal bands with the occasional hard rock/mainstream rock band. Overrated bands and fucking obscure as hell bands, no one listens to shit like Trivium beyond a handful of people. This is like my best friend, who listens to RATM, QOTSA, and various Metal bands exclusively. The only bands I can see as being "legendary" or "classic" would be MCR (for nostalgic reasons) and AAL, but really even then all they're known for is Tosin and his 7-8 string guitars (a guitar NERD band). These lists are always purely subjective, so I'll make a few contributions myself. OUGHT - great Canadian art-punk band Parquet Courts - lyric-heavy New York punk band Courtney Barnett - amazing singer/songwriter from Aussie Benjamin Booker - garage-blues/punk band from New Orleans Mac DeMarco - funny man from Canada with some funny tunes Girl Band - visceral punk band from Ireland, just wicked Tame Impala - sweet aussie band fronted by Kevin Parker
    You've stolen my indie-loving heart. Girl Band is fucking solid, Tame Impala is great, and Courtney Barnett is Courtney Baenett. Not too big of a fan of Mac DeMarco though. He's a bit too goofy for my tastes.
    The Strokes weren't added because they're already considered legendary.
    Muse a classic? Nope. Legendary? Not a chance! Muse is probably the most overrated band on this list.
    Alter Bridge fucking rules. Watch out for AB 5 and Tremonti's solo 3rd solo album, Dust! Gonna hit ya hard!
    AB 5 could be even better. Each album has taken it up a notch. Ab3 was more of a growing period and wasnt quite as good as blackbird but it lead to Fortress which was awesome. An AB album with myles singing the heavy tunes and Mark handling a few of the more ballad types could be awesome. I actually think Mark is better at singing that type of stuff now
    system and alter bridge are the only good bands on this list the rest or fucking,gay as aids !
    Killswitch? I didn't expect that, and I don't mind because they're known to be great guys, and they are talented, but when metalcore was the shit, As I Lay Daying (despite their sociopath vocalist) was releasing significantly better material (lyrically and instrumentally). The last 3 As I Lay Dying albums blow most of Killswitch's discography out of the water.