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We're doing an epic round of award nominations this year, and you can vote for the winners every day. Today, we're asking for the best band of 2012.

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Who will win an official UG Award this year?

We're opening nominations and votes for a huge range of categories, and want UG readers to take part.

Every day we're going to publish an award category. Your job is to place a nomination in the comments and upvote the ones you agree with. The one with the highest number of up votes wins the award. Simple!

Today's category:

Who has been the best band of 2012?

On each category post, we'll be publishing some guidance. For example, in this category the band had to be active in 2012 with either an album release or major tour.

You can choose to vote for your personal favorite band, but it would be nice if the winning act somehow represents 2012 for something they've done or achieved. That's up to you, of course.

These comment votes can get really messy, so we have some tips for making sure your nominations counts:

- Place ONE nominations per comment, or the upvotes won't count. You can place as many nominations as you want across different comments, though.

- Do a quick search of the page to make sure someone else didn't already nominate that band. Just scroll down to the bottom so all the comments have loaded, then do a search on the page (ctrl-f on a PC, cmd-f on a mac) for their name.

Otherwise, you're welcome to discuss the topic in the comments and reply to nominations, as usual.

All good? Great... let's get voting!

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    Black Sabbath...for coming back, through age and illness, to put on one of the most memorable shows i've ever witnessed, at download this year or soundgarden, for coming back and kicking ass just like they used to...
    I like how there are so many more -1s than +1s here. Proof that UG hates music.
    UG doesn't - the users however, do.
    lots of diff tastes in genres on this site make up for diff mind sets. i respect all of everyones opinions on who they think deserve this award. the -1s mean nothing to me.
    Rush not really a fan but congrats to them for finally getting on the RnR HoF ballet this year so ya...
    They've definitely deserved it for a long time! They also put out one hell of an album this year, it blew my mind!
    damn, i would love to see RNR Hall of Fame Ballet... sounds more epic than Swan Lake.
    Rush is an amazing band, but they haven't put out a great album in quite a long time. Clockwork Angels was just as mediocre and boring as their last few releases.
    I guess you just haven't really listened to the album. Geddy is playing some of the best riffs he has done in years.
    Machine Head; for being banned by Disney. lol
    Funny thing is, I seen him walking around at Disneyland with his family a while back.
    Lamb Of God - Holding it together through all the crap this year...
    Pope Toast
    Shouldn't this be about the music and not other happenings outside of it?
    Not necessarily its about what the band did over the year and how that reflects on them...of course album releases are going to be the main thing but not the only thing right? LoG have showed a lot of mettle this year! Pun intended...
    Lamb of God was my first thought. Here's to hoping they make it through the Prague shit, and into 2013.
    I totally agree and I wouldn't mind if Testament,Tremonti or Meshuggah won it though LoG is my favourite band
    Devin Townsend
    Can't believe it took this long before someone voted for Devin! Epicloud is awesome.
    Yeah, this man is amazing. Retinal Circus, Epicloud, and during his tour, he finished his newest album: Casualties of Cool. Also heard he might work with the singer from Rotting Christ (May be wrong about this). I'm happy to see he wasn't being down-voted.
    Grizzly Beer
    He also mixes and masters for several big bands, has produced a hell of a lot of albums and artists and for the likes of Lamb Of God and Steve Vai, made his carrear singing for Steve Vai, has several side projects running all at once and maintains an incredible fan base. He does all this with Bipolar disorder. The man is a ****ing legend.