UG Awards: Vote For Best Comeback

There were more reunions of classic acts than we can count in 2012, but it's been fantastic. Vote for your favourite comeback here.

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As part of our forthcoming UG Awards 2012 post, we're asking readers to vote in a new category each day for a special post over the holidays.

Today's category:

Which act had the best comeback in 2012?

We want you to place a nomination in the comments and upvote the ones you agree with. The one with the highest number of up votes wins the award.


The act didn't have to formally announce their comeback in 2012 (Black Sabbath, for example), but they did have to release their comeback recording or comeback tour this year.

Voting tips

- Place ONE nominations per comment, or the upvotes won't count. You can place as many nominations as you want across different comments, though.

- Do a quick search of the page to make sure someone else didn't already nominate that act. Just scroll down to the bottom so all the comments have loaded, then do a search on the page (ctrl-f on a PC, cmd-f on a mac) for their name.

You're welcome to discuss the topic in the comments and reply to nominations, as usual.

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    This one seems pretty clear-cut. Definitely the best comeback of the year, as well as one of the best albums of 2012 - comeback or otherwise....
    Tenacious D, all the critics said that the D was done but they rose again, just like the fenix
    the firey heart of a champion cannot be quelched by a failure or an embarassment no way no
    wasn't a fan of ROTF. Better grab my umbrella, there's a hate storm a' comin'.
    Black Sabbath. Although the album isn't ready yet, it's already good to have them around again.
    Definitly Black Sabbath, I mean if most of the members of the Black Sabbath can come together after all these years and still bring an awsome show why cant others
    Rush---They released an epic album and recently received the news of being inducted to the RNR Hall of Fame.
    I'm not sure if I'd call it a comeback because they never really went away. But yeah, the new album is great.
    I would have said rush to along with van halen but it said best comeback not best album.
    The Darkness (if it qualifies as a comeback for this year, they started touring again in 2011 but the new album was released this year so I`ll bet it counts).
    Aerosmith. I know this might be a downvote target, but anyone who went to their live shows, especially the FREE concert on Comm. Ave. in Boston, knows it's amazing to have them back. Also, the new album has some great stuff on it. (frantically searches for shelter)
    Bad Brain
    Well Soundgarden of course. Even though I haven't listened to them for a long time >.
    Well, they didn't actually write an album, but it was nice to see System of a Down come back into the picture
    Lamb of God They came back from having their frontman in jail and still managed to tour their amazing record.
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor and My Bloody Valentine.
    Rolling stones... the comeback of Black Sabbath is already a fact but since there is nothing out yet you can't really vote for it to be this years best comeback. maybe next year.