UG Awards: Vote For Guitarist Of The Year

The second category for the UG Awards 2012 has been revealed, and it's a big one. Who is your guitarist of the year? Place your nominations here!

Ultimate Guitar

As part of our epic UG Awards for 2012 we're asking UG readers to vote in each category for a special post over the holidays.

Today's category:

Who is the best guitarist of 2012?

We want you to place a nomination in the comments and upvote the ones you agree with. The one with the highest number of up votes wins the award. Simple!

On each award nomination post, we'll be publishing some guidance. In this category, the guitarist had to be active in 2012 and release a recording or be captured performing live. It'll have to be someone pretty special too!

These comment votes can get really messy, so we have some tips for making sure your nominations counts:

- Place ONE nominations per comment, or the upvotes won't count. You can place as many nominations as you want across different comments, though.

- Do a quick search of the page to make sure someone else didn't already nominate that guitarist. Just scroll down to the bottom so all the comments have loaded, then do a search on the page (ctrl-f on a PC, cmd-f on a mac) for their name.

Otherwise, you're welcome to discuss the topic in the comments and reply to nominations, as usual.

Let's get voting!

Remember to vote in our other award categories too. The list so far:

Band of the Year

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    Glass Prisoner
    Tony Iommi. Not to play the lymphoma sympathy card, but because he still has the drive to reform Sabbath, play gigs and write new music as a 64 year old, cancer-ridden man even after seeing what it did to Dio. Plus, THAT sound and THOSE riffs haven't aged a day!
    Agreed, he's dealt with cancer and pretty much ignored it just to get on with Black Sabbath. Like you said, especially after seeing what it did to Dio.
    I was going to say Guthrie Govan but now I see Tony Iommi is the clear choice. BLACK SABBATH!
    Guthrie is the man! But does anyone know if he's planning on releasing some new solo material? It's been a while since his debut album...
    He's gonna finish the Steven Wilson tour first at least. Which will prolly take up most of 2013
    Doctor: I'm sorry to tell you this Mr. Iommi, but the test results are back and I'm afraid you have cancer. Iommi: Cancer, huh? Well cancer can go **** itself. I've got shit to do.
    Couldn't agree more. Iommi should win 'Guitarist of the Year' every year...because he is the greatest.
    I completely agree. He could've sat around feeling sorry for himself but he chose instead to reform Sabbath, write/record music and just kick some ass. Mr. Iommi definitely deserves it.
    and he's missin the tips of two fingers off his left hand, but he's dealt with that his whole career, nothing seems to stop Iommi
    I was going to vote for EVH on the strength of 'A Different Kind of Truth' being a great comeback album, but you're right, it should go to Tony. He proved he's the real life "Iron Man".
    Devin Townsend, proving that emotion and adding to the music is better than shredding any day.
    Last month I had the privilege to witness Dweezil Zappa in a real cozy venue. Everything I've listened to since that evening just sounds dull now I know the guy has been at it for a while and it's been a couple of years since the first ZPZ shows where he blew everyone away, but it's still astounding how much this dude has risen to the occasion. Of course there's no way he (or anyone else) could ever fill his father's shoes in terms of sheer compositional brilliance, and tho he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet (I think half the audience went home with an autograph the night I saw him) his stage persona can't quite match up to Frank's. But as a guitarist I think he's right up there, at the top of mount awesome The ease with which he plays the more technical bits was baffling and every solo was DEAD ON. None of 'em sounded even remotely the same by the way, which is remarkable because they're all completely improvised. You can tell how much this music means to him: everyone who's seen him perform knows how emotional he gets and he really pours that into his playing. I've yet to see a show where the audience isn't completely moved at one point or another This man is on a mission and by the looks of it his audience keeps getting younger and younger, so I'd say he's doing a pretty damn decent job at preserving this music for generations to come. And even if he doesn't succeed in the end, I think his efforts deserve praise because they've driven him to become one of the most exceptional guitarist of this day and age
    TLDR: I nominate the vastly underrated Dweezil Zappa for UG's guitarist of the year
    Tosin Abassi
    Yup. Tosin all the way. I can't think of a more creative or technically talented player.
    I really hope he wins it and gets more recognition for his fresh, inventive approach to guitar.
    Can somebody please explain to me the appeal of this dude's playing?
    Grizzly Beer
    Its out of this world and not a single person on the planet sounds like him. His approach to writing is refreshing and his technique is out of this world. Forget about playing Animals As Leaders stuff, simply getting your head around it is hard enough. I was at a Guthrie Govan masterclass and even he said Tosin Abasi is out of this world and he told us all to go listen to him.
    so...i checked out one of his songs, and i didn't find it all that impressive.
    Brendon Small!!!!!
    Skwisgaar Skwigelf! Cuz he ams the bestest.
    JD Close
    Two albums this year, has the record for highest selling death metal record ever. The dude is a genius. He deserves it more than anybody
    If by 'genius' you mean 'marketing genius,' I'll agree completely. Otherwise, no.