UG Awards: Vote For Person Of The Year

Which rockstar represents everything good about 2012? Post your nomination in the comments and we'll pay tribute to them with an official UG Award.

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As part of our forthcoming UG Awards 2012 post, we're asking readers to vote in a new category each day for a special post over the holidays.

Today's category:

Who deserves to win Person Of The Year?

We want you to place a nomination and your reasoning in the comments. Remember to upvote any nominations you agree with. The one with the highest number of up votes wins the award.

We admit, this is a tough category. Maybe you think Dave Grohl's efforts to document Sound City studio deserve an award, or you want to credit Laura-Jane Grace with her bravery in talking about her gender transformation. Whoever you nominate, try to add a line about why you chose them, and we'll include it in the final award post.


You can vote for any individual from the music world. We prefer serious nominations, unless you're a genius.

Voting tips

- Place ONE nominations per comment, or the upvotes won't count. You can place as many nominations as you want across different comments, though.

- Do a quick search of the page to make sure someone else didn't already nominate that person. Just scroll down to the bottom so all the comments have loaded, then do a search on the page (ctrl-f on a PC, cmd-f on a mac) for their name.

You're welcome to discuss the topic in the comments and reply to nominations, as usual.

Remember to vote in our other award categories too. The list so far:

Band Of The Year

Guitarist Of The Year

Best New Act

Best Comeback

Biggest Drama Of 2012

Best Live Event

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    this smart ug-guy/girl that finally made editing & all it's opportunities possible.
    [offtop] now you can edit your post after sending. enjoy [/offtop]
    HOORAH! I also just edited this post. Yes!
    Randy Blythe, for all the shit he's gone through.
    saw LOG on tour the other day, that guy sounds pretty humble imo. he didnt bring up the charges, and i respect him for not seeking sympathy outright.
    Yeah right, Hey you killed a guy, but it was an accident so you're the person of the year Lets be real here people.