UG Editor Eugenia Lang Moves On

Our amazing editor Eugenia is leaving UG to start a freelance career. Here we look back at her contribution to the site, and thank her for rocking harder than all the dudes here.

Ultimate Guitar

Our beloved readers might not realise this, but at UG towers we have an elite team of writers helping produce the site you enjoy every day.

But writers are a lazy lot, and sometimes they need a leader to crack the whip and keep business shipshape.

Since 2008, our editor has been Eugenia Lang - and today is her last day at Ultimate Guitar.

Eugenia joined UG as a fresh-faced 20-year-old undergraduate, with nothing on her CV but a passion for music. Before long she was a web content ninja, and quickly rose through the ranks to become our senior editor where she supervised all the news, reviews, interviews, lessons and guest columns.

One of her biggest strengths was sniffing out a great news story. Along with a team of international freelancers she would trawl through RSS feeds and search the furthest corners of the internet to fill your newsfeed every day. She's been there for every obituary, every band breakup, every hilarious YouTube viral, and every funny comment.

One memorable story is from December last year, when some of our programmers were a little merry with Christmas spirit. Probably one of the strong ones.

They jumped onto the forums to ask which Metallica song was heavier: "Unforgiven I" or "Unforgiven II". They thought it would be cheeky to skip the whole editorial process, but Eugenia didn't send them down to UG jail to eat bread for a month. Nope, she bet with the programmers that "Unforgiven I" would win. As usual, she was right.

What next for Eugenia? It looks like she'll be jumping into the freelance world, but if her track record is anything to go by - as in, maintaining the biggest guitar website on the planet - then she'll have a very successful future indeed.

All the best to Eugenia from the team at UG towers and all the freelancers around the world who could only meet you though Skype. You're the best!

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    "Our beloved readers might not realise this, but at UG towers we have an elite team of writers helping produce the site you enjoy every day." HAHAHAHA, good one, UG
    They should have added a "the" before "UG towers," and "that" after "the site." It's more coherent that way. Less conversational, which is what I hate in articles.
    Spoiler alert. She's kinda cute and therefore, 9 of each 10 comments will be calls for sex.
    Thank Eugenia! The badger picture is from last year when I tried pitching just one last story about Brian May wanting to save badgers. She let me have it, so I sent a thank you from the badgers. Still had it in my image folder!
    Thank you, Jane!
    Hey babe, thank you so much for all that articles about true rap music! Brothers in the streets do respect ya if you know what i mean!! If you will ever need something, i want you to know that me and my crew will hold ya back girl!!!