UG IQ Contest: Guitar and Case From Epiphone As Prizes!

Your chance to win a DR-500MCE Acoustic/Electric Guitar.

Ultimate Guitar
UG IQ Contest: Guitar and Case From Epiphone As Prizes!

Hey, everyone!

It's time to grab your guitars as this contest is sponsored by the one and only Epiphone!

This time, there can be only one winner, but the grand prize will please any guitarist as it is Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE Acoustic/Electric Guitar with a hard case. You can check out this beauty in the pictures below.


How to win

It is pretty much simple, all you need is to gain as much UG IQ as you can during July 9th - 22nd.

Here is a small FAQ for you:

What actions count towards the UG IQ contest?

Every time you submit a tablature, a chord sheet or an article to the site you receive UG IQ points. This list includes publishing articles, lessons, and reviews, submitting chords, text tabs or Power Tabs / Guitar Pro tabs, receiving Trophies and your actions in the Pending Approval queue. The full list of actions that get you UG IQ points is available on the What is UG IQ? page.

Who is eligible to participate in contests?

All Ultimate Guitar users, except for admins, the UG staff, and banned users, are eligible to take a part in contests. UG IQ Contest grand prize winners are excluded from the next 2 Contests, however, they can participate in UG IQ Special.

When do they start and end?

99% of the time they start at 12:01 AM (EDT) on Sunday and end at 11:59 PM (EDT) on Saturday. Every contribution approved and published on during contest counts (a type of contribution may vary for UG IQ Special).

Where can I see the current UG IQ rankings?

Active contests are displayed on the main page. UG IQ Top Users section reflects current top and connected to UG IQ Contest.

Here is the direct link to UG IQ Contest on the Top 100 Users page.

Need more information?

Check out this What is UG IQ Contest/Special? page

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    I wish these contests would not be determined by amount of UG IQ gained, but rather that it would be like tickets in a lottery. Better chances with more UG IQ but still possible. As it is I cannot hope to compete so it doesn't really incentivize me to try or participate, as I can never really hope to beat out the best contributors. The prizes are awesome but I think the problem is they will keep going to a narrow pool of contestants instead of others who have a more moderate time / ability to contribute.
    I think all the contest are great and fun. Just gives us an incentive to post comments and work. Even if someone wins and someone dose not, still a great time to express ones self and interact on the website. I just love the website and have found many, many song on here, not found elsewhere. To all that participate, keep up the good work and most of all, just have fun!
    Something something Frankowillo
    Yup, frankowillo came out of nowhere, submitted almost 6k worth of IQs and took the prize. Getting submissions automatically approved is overpowered.
    How come you receive the same points for a Guitar Pro (which TP steals and destroys) as you do for a chord chart. The one takes 2 weeks and the other an hour?? - Full song GP that is. That said, I also have to work for a living.
    Full song GP gets 30 IQ, a chord chart gives you 10. Still, GP should give more, it takes way less time to make a 3 chord charts than a full GP for a full song. You can even make 2 chord charts with strumming patterns and get the same amount of UGIQ as a single GP file. Chord charts are way overpowered when compared to any other kind of submission.