UG IQ Contest Results: Guitar Amp Kit from MOD Kits DIY Goes to Germany

Plus more prizes for the runners-up.

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UG IQ Contest Results: Guitar Amp Kit from MOD Kits DIY Goes to Germany
The prizes for the last UG IQ COntest were provided by MOD Kits DIY and here are the users who will enjoy quality "do it yourself" amplifier and effects pedal kits.


1st place: Nicaz with 1226 points gets the grand prize - MOD 102+ Guitar Amp Kit.

It's always good to see new names in the UG IQ Contests, but it's even better to see new names at the top of the list. Congratulations, Nicaz! Enjoy making your own tube amp.


2nd place: joschua21 with 973 points gets The Wahtz Wah

3rd place: NeoMvsEu with 922 points gets The Persuader Deluxe

4th place: special2-4-2gwf with 921 points gets The Verb Deluxe

5th place: jjhand with 847 points gets The Step Ladder

Our special props to mendace who gained 1177 points and took the 2nd place, but decided to decline her prize just to give other users a chance.

We'll contact the winners within the next few days. Stay tuned for more UG IQ Contests!

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    mendace, this is an extremely noble gesture! Congratulations to all the winners.
    I have to agree that it's a very noble gesture by mendace to decline her prize. So, congratulations to jjhand who got one instead and to all the others as well. I never really thought I'd have a chance to actually get anything during the entire period of this contest. Escpecially because it's the first time I ever took part in one on this website and I thought I could get easily get kicked out of the top 5 by others. But now I'm am really excited. Also a big thanks to UG for doing such contests and to MOD Kits DIY for sponsoring the prizes this time!
    Thanks mendace for your commitment to the site. I thought I did not place high enough to get a prize until I saw this announcement, so I'm quite thankful. Good job to all you guys making the site better with these contests and for the the improvements that have been made.