UG IQ Contest Results: The Fiercest Fight for Guitar from Elixir

The key to success was simple. Submit more than 800 tabs in a single day.

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UG IQ Contest Results: The Fiercest Fight for Guitar from Elixir

Hey, everyone!

We're finally here to announce the results for the latest UG IQ Contest sponsored by Elixir Strings, the manufacturer of high-quality polyweb guitar and bass strings.

It took us quite a time to go through this amount of submitted tabs that were approved during this UG IQ Contest. I must say, it was the fiercest fight in the history of UG IQ contests. And the prize was well worth the fight as it was Elixir ‘Screaming E’ guitar by Manson Guitar Works.

Just look at this beauty!

After two weeks of the contest, the table looked like this:

1) frankowillo 8112 points
2) selkayann 3063 points
3) NeoMvsEu 2510 points
4) magbis 1296 points
5) timoel 1290 points

During the first half of the contest selkayann and NeoMvsEu were fighting for the first prize, but then frankowillo swooped the prize by adding more than 800 tabs in less than a day. How is that even possible you may ask? Well, we thought that as well, and that's why we closely investigated his tabs only to find that they were correct and made in accordance with our tab guideline. We asked him, how he managed to submit so many tabs and here's what he said:

The answer is that, after I was disqualified from the first contest, I continued writing tabs, but saved most of them in anticipation of just such another contest.

However, we also noticed that some of the tabs frankowillo sent us were taken from other sources. We checked those tabs and it turned out that they actually meet the requirements of our FAQ:

Other authors' tablatures

You should not copy tabs that were made by others. However, if you used somebody else’s tab as a basis for your own, improved version of the tab, if you made it in compliance with our guideline, nobody will say anything to you.
If you simply copy somebody else's tab in its original form, it will be deleted.

It takes the tremendous amount of work just to upload 800 tabs and it takes even more effort to make it properly. And that's precisely why frankowillo takes the first prize this time.

So that's the secret to success in UG IQ, folks! Prepare in advance, and our UG IQ Calendar will always help you with that. 

But to all the runners-up who didn't get the prize, don't be upset too much, you fought well, and that's why you each of you will get 3 sets of new Elixir® Strings OPTIWEB Coated Electric Guitar Strings!

That's it for the contest, thanks everyone for participating and stay tuned for the next UG IQ Contests!

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    I think it may be time to go over what tablature is exactly, because I'm not sure a simple chord chart with lyrics qualifies as such. In fact I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Calling chord charts "tabs" wouldn't be a problem in and on itself, except for the fact they take a lot less work than actual tabs, yet through these contests you're giving them equal weight. Personally I can take a song and outline the chords in a few minutes, but a single guitar track will take a few hours, and full GP tab with multiple guitar tracks, bass and drums will take a few days. Doesn't seem quite fair does it?
    This site refers to "tabs" colloquially as anything that qualifies as a representation of a piece of music and that is displayed most prominently on the site Copying stuff from other sites is easy, however, and that this site awards for one minute's worth of section label marking instead of 100% personal work brings issues of integrity into question.
    That's why chord charts give you less IQ points, but I agree with you that the difference should be greater. I would even go further and say that chords/tabs for complex or long songs in general should give you more IQ points - you can get the same for tabbing out 'Dogs' and 'I'm a Little Teapot' nowdays.
    I didn't know chord charts give you less IQ points, so that's something at least. I was just taken aback by the emphasis given here to the sheer number of submissions by the winners, only to discover they're for the most part not tabs. Not to take away from them; I'm sure 800 chord charts took a lot of work, probably more so than that guitar is even worth, going by minimum wage.
    I see where you're coming from to a point but disagree. A groove in drop D, power chords 0-1-0---0-1-0-3-0-- isn't analyzed as 8 "chords" overall, especially if writing a chord reduction; it's heard as one unit in D minor over a tab. (Second level music analysis) Someone could also slow a song to stoner rock tempo and claim that such a song would be worth more points when really the only thing that changed is speed as opposed to overall complexity Basically, measures of complexity and time can be more subjective and manipulable than preferred and require more deliberation before actual change is made
    Agreed. What I see as ideal is that when you submit a tab, you can tick a checkbox which says "complex/long song" or something like that, which can be voted on later. If one of the mods, or anyone else thinks the song is not complex, they can ask the author to uncheck the box before approving.
    Funny thing about the calendar though, it doesn't really help us prepare since the contests are first shown 2 or 3 days before they start
    We're working to be more predictable here and post schedule earlier, but unfortunately some things are depend on sponsors, not only UG.
    Would I be eligible to win if I wrote a python script to scrape chord charts from other websites? Seems like anything goes at this point.
    In such a controversial situation the only thing we can count on is the guideline, which we developed by taking the community feedback into the account. Furthermore, it's impossible to check all the tabs for plagiarism and that's precisely why this rule was implemented. 
    It's a tricky situation alright. IQ contests are a great way to increase contributions but unfortunately the prizes encourage cheating. Maybe it's time to scrap the IQ system and just enter the top 5 or 10 contributors in a draw for the prizes.
    The problem with scarpping the IQ system is that that some contributions value more than others, e.g. Tab Pro tab will take more time and effort to make than a chord tab, that's why we came up with the whole system in the first place.  Talking about a draw, well, that is just not a viable option here I think, as the point was to encourage as many submissions as possible to win the prize rather than just enough to stay in the top 10 to enter the lottery. What's the point of playing a game if it's all about random?
    Would it help to separate Tab Pro contribution prizes from chord contributions? It seems unfair that people who put more work and time into contributing Tab Pro lose their chances of winning to users who copy and paste a few hundred chords.  So maybe more valuable prizes for Tab Pro contribution. It doesn't seem possible to make tab pro as quickly as chords so giving it extra IQ points doesn't really make a difference in this case.