UG Readers Celebrate Our 15th Birthday

We loved reading your hilarious and touching comments about what Ultimate Guitar means to you and what you love about it. Here's our favourite from you.

Ultimate Guitar

Last week we celebrated 15 years of While we've been out partying the years since Zappp founded the site and built it into being the greatest guitar community in the world, UG readers left some really touching (or just funny) comments which make us love this community even more. Here's a selection from the comment thread, but we want to thank all of you for taking the time to comment. Remember, we do a comment roundup every week, and you never know which post we'll target. Keep those hilarious comments coming - they're a big part of what makes this community do great. Elegitii: Hey zappp, thanks for creating my all time favourite website. Cheers! third(-)eye: Here's to another 15 years of misleading article titles! kratos379: So I looked up what UG looked like in the past and the earliest I could find was back in 2000. So here's what UG looked like 13 years ago. Punk_Dude2005: I've been using this site since 2004 and I can honestly say that it has served for hours of entertainment, song learning and other information. Go UG! chaoticfables: I love you, G. Vash_15: This site and its userbase are a big part of what's made me the guitarist I am today. I owe all of you a huge thanks for writing tabs, reviews, and providing humor in news commentary. bevski208: The slam articles have definitely been my favourite part about UG. Other than the hundreds of excellent tabs I've used. This site is fantastic <3 symmetryerased: UG slams it's 15th anniversary Validischofe: UG. I know you're underage, but you can probably still "slam" a few celebratory shots. shredder3386: I still remember when the copyright organizations were shutting down all the other tabs sites on the net and you guys stood your ground. That will always be a badass move, cheers!

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    I've been using this website for 6 years now, haven't needed to use any other website, so yeah...awesome, way to go.
    UG sucks and nobody likes reading things. That said, I like tabs. <3