UG Readers React to Dream Theater's New Album

artist: Dream Theater date: 09/20/2013 category: ug news
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UG Readers React to Dream Theater's New Album
Welcome to a new style of post, where we post the best comments from readers on a surprise topic each week. It's a brand new format which will bring attention to the best comments posted on UG. You never know which story we'll shine our feature torch on next, so keep posting your smart, funny and quick-witted comments to Ultimate Guitar and you might find yourself on the front page of the biggest guitar community in the world. This week we shared the brand new self-titled Dream Theater album, which was streaming in full It's their second release without founding drummer Mike Portnoy, and the reaction to their new sound has been mixed to say the least. This is what UG readers had to say after their first listen: Agent 00Awesome: So sick. These guys are on the top of their game.

DeadIdentity81: This album is pretty good, but NO, Dream Theater aren't the greatest Prog metal band out there. They are the GREATEST POPULAR Prog Metal Band and they deserve it, as they have some amazing material and this one is right up there … Illumination Theory is quite possibly the best Dream Theater song I EVER HEARD!!!

guitarsolo_17: Seems pretty strong apart from the opener. In instrumental sections Mangini sounds really tommy where MP would be really hi-hatty. Makes for a different feel. I'd love to hear a mix of both styles, but it isn't really here.

Drakodan: "Not available in your current location" What the HELL is the point in this??? And people WONDER why piracy is so rife.

filipe26: This is not Dream Theater, change the name!

Lurking: Best Dream Theater album in a long long time. My "No Portnoy, not DT train" has been derailed; I am a fan of this sound. This is much more what I want out of this talented band compared to the last few Portnoy albums.

Morphogenesis26: Write...something...different... I swear to god, the same progressions, melodies, note choice, and same horrid lyrics. This isn't progression, this is sh--ty, stagnated, pop rock. A pretty mixed bag of reviews for Dream Theater there. Do you have anything to add? Have these reviews been unfair? Post your reaction to the comments below.
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