UG Readers React to Dream Theater's New Album

This new weekly feature takes the best UG comments on a surprise topic. This week, we see the best reactions to Dream Theater's eponymous album.

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Welcome to a new style of post, where we post the best comments from readers on a surprise topic each week. It's a brand new format which will bring attention to the best comments posted on UG. You never know which story we'll shine our feature torch on next, so keep posting your smart, funny and quick-witted comments to Ultimate Guitar and you might find yourself on the front page of the biggest guitar community in the world. This week we shared the brand new self-titled Dream Theater album, which was streaming in full It's their second release without founding drummer Mike Portnoy, and the reaction to their new sound has been mixed to say the least. This is what UG readers had to say after their first listen: Agent 00Awesome: So sick. These guys are on the top of their game.

DeadIdentity81: This album is pretty good, but NO, Dream Theater aren't the greatest Prog metal band out there. They are the GREATEST POPULAR Prog Metal Band and they deserve it, as they have some amazing material and this one is right up there … Illumination Theory is quite possibly the best Dream Theater song I EVER HEARD!!!

guitarsolo_17: Seems pretty strong apart from the opener. In instrumental sections Mangini sounds really tommy where MP would be really hi-hatty. Makes for a different feel. I'd love to hear a mix of both styles, but it isn't really here.

Drakodan: "Not available in your current location" What the HELL is the point in this??? And people WONDER why piracy is so rife.

filipe26: This is not Dream Theater, change the name!

Lurking: Best Dream Theater album in a long long time. My "No Portnoy, not DT train" has been derailed; I am a fan of this sound. This is much more what I want out of this talented band compared to the last few Portnoy albums.

Morphogenesis26: Write...something...different... I swear to god, the same progressions, melodies, note choice, and same horrid lyrics. This isn't progression, this is sh--ty, stagnated, pop rock. A pretty mixed bag of reviews for Dream Theater there. Do you have anything to add? Have these reviews been unfair? Post your reaction to the comments below.

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    "Welcome to a new style of post, where we post the best comments from readers on a surprise topic each week." We all know that eventually this will just turn into most stupid comments.
    See you on next week's feature: "UG readers react to UG reader's comments on Dream Theater's new album."
    So basically all comments on UG are fair game to appear on here then.
    This is B.S. Ultimate Guitar is turning into a popularity contest rather than a source of news. It USED to be informative, until they started fishing for comments by asking people to post their thoughts underneath the article in the comments section; people were going to do that anyway. A gold medal for the most popular comment, and now this, a blatant attempt to get people to comment in an article whos content bears no relation to its title. This is a new low. Is this a guitar website, or X factor? We'll see.
    Actually, you know what? I'm done with this website. There are far better music news sites, theory forums, gear reviews and resources that don't have to resort to a f***king popularity contest to get hits. I'd put links up to them, but they'd get censored. Adios.
    He was fine on Scenes From a Memory and in his work with Transatlantic and Flying Colors. He just went down the pseudo-death metal path with DT in the last decade.
    "Morphogenesis26: Write...something...different... I swear to god, the same progressions, melodies, note choice, and same horrid lyrics. This isn't progression, this is sh--ty, stagnated, pop rock." I'm actually struggling to understand how UG didn't censor this one...
    No kidding... Either blatant trolling and/or someone who doesn't understand the meaning of progression, melody, and note choice.
    Or someone who doesn't suck the band's dick.
    Sucking the band's dick? They're just saying they like the album. Relax.
    I understand where you're coming from, but I can also totally see what he meant by that comment. Dream Theater is pretty good, but they are very overrated, especially on the internet and in "prog" communities.
    Really??? Hey UG Admin's how does this comment not break forum rules? I didn't say anything about liking or disliking the band or the new album. Anyway, thanks for proving my point
    I'd be surprised if they decided to censor the truth. Dream Theater is the definition of mental masturbation. Songs that last for 8, 10, 20 and even 40 minutes and say ****ing nothing. DT, please: I know how fast you guys can play, I have known it for 20 long years, that is since you guys released your first album packed full of abhorrent prog metal shit and all my friends fell for it. But just stop.
    Is it just me or is the stupidest idea for a post? Please don't continue this UG, it's comes off as desperate for ideas.
    "this is not Dream Theater.." dude sounds absolutely amazing and I've got one thing to say...Illumination Theory. One of DT's best and for me it's the song of the year.
    I thought the album was awesome. I'm quite partial to the modern Dream Theater sound. Started listening to them by the release of Black Clouds.
    Listen to the early stuff. Images and Words for me is where they set the bar. Train of Thought from 2003 is my all time favourite.
    I really like the new album. I think DT was trying a little too hard with ADTOE. It just didn't feel very organic. This on the other hand, I can get on board with.
    "This is much more what I want out of this talented band compared to the last few Portnoy albums." This exactly
    Very disappointed in this article and how this forum is going. If you are a fan of DT, you'll probably like the new album. If you hate DT with a passion - big surprise - you'll probably hate the album. Why have forum rules against bashing artists, genres, and other members and then post something like this? If you didn't know it was going to lead to some of mindless bashing comments against the band and it's fans, then this site has a problem.
    Enigma machine was cool, Illumination theory was pretty good too. The rest of it was auto pilot, sounds like a lot of the same.
    I agree with the guy who said they aren't real progressive rock. They're prog for people who don't like prog.
    Thanks hipster, whats prog then?? Im pretty sure if you were to list the common elements of most prog bands, then DT would share these elements as well.
    Yall stupid, It will never change.. Always complaining en commenting in a dumb way.. It's about what a band want's to bring out, what they want to create, what they feel.. Negative shit, hate it..
    Best DT album in years. Apart for some minor-issues, such as "Along for the Ride" which is a total filler-song, the way-too-long orchestral-part at "Illumination Theory" and the fact that it is self-titled (you can really do better than that...), it's a great f*cking album. Some of the best lyrics they've written in years. Plus, Mangini is freaking awesome!
    Agent 00Awesome and Lurking are the only two comments worth reading. Freaking great album. \m/
    I really enjoyed it, major improvement over ADTOE. And can I say that Mangini is a ****in' beast on this album? The only grip I have is that most of the songs are too short, but I can understand why. And the 22 minute epic at the end kicks ass.
    Really said that this article had to be of Dream Theater... Not some other band... But, Seriously Love this album
    After a few more days of listening. this album is still a very strong release for DT. their last few rly didn't impress me but Petrucci rly stepped his game up on this one.