UG Showdown - The Greatest Riff: Groups I-L Results

The results keep coming and they don't stop coming.

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UG Showdown - The Greatest Riff: Groups I-L Results

For the last week, you've been voting for your favorite riffs and now it's time to announce the results of the next four groups. Well, here they are (and don't ask us where did the missing percents go, as it looks like the voting system has its way with the numbers.)

1st Round Rules

  • 64 riffs will be placed into 16 groups where the winners will be decided by voting (every riff will compete with every other riff in a group)
  • For every victory in a group, a riff gets a point
  • Two riffs with the most points in every group will advance to the next round
  • If three riffs have an equal amount of points, the percentage difference will be considered.

Group I

The group I was easily won by 'No One Knows' which got 30% more votes than any riff in every match-up.

Meanwhile, SOAD secured the second place by defeating Mastodon.

The riff from 'Fly Away' wasn't appreciated by the UG community and lost to everyone else.

Group I Results

No One Knows - 1st place

Aerials - 2nd

Blood and Thunder - 3rd

Fly Away - 4th

Group J

In the group J, the first place went to 'Seven Nation Army' while the other 3 riffs had to struggle for the second place. And, surprisingly, that struggle was won by Muse with 'Plug In Baby,' which was able to defeat one of UG favorite bands Tool with their riff from 'Lateralus.' And what made the victory even more epic is the fact that less than 10 votes made the difference!

The youngest riff in the entire Showdown 'Do I Wanna Know?' by Arctic Monkeys couldn't handle the competition and was eliminated from the tournament. 

Group J Results

Seven Nation Army - 1st place

Plug In Baby - 2nd

Lateralus - 3rd

Do I Know? - 4th

Group K

'Ace of Spades' trumped all other riffs in the group K, including 'La Grange.'

However, 'La Grange' managed to win two other match-ups and proceed to the next round. 

Group K Results

Ace Of Spades - 1st place

La Grange - 2nd

Sweet Home Alabama - 3rd

All Right Now - 4th

Group L

As one of the comments said the lineup of the group L was particularly interesting because "Randy Rhoads will always win against the other, and the Police will never win against anything." Well, that's exactly what happened. Crazy Train won over every other riff by a landslide.



But, despite Van Halen's riff being the second favorite, Dire Straits snatched the victory and secured the second place in the group.

Group L Results

Crazy Train - 1st place

Money for Nothing - 2nd

Ain't Talking' Bout Love - 3rd

Every Breath You Take - 4th


That's it for today, stay tuned for tomorrow when we'll announce the results for the groups M-P, and if you still haven't voted there, you can do it here.

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    Wtf how is No one knows better than Blood and Thunder? I respect people's opinion but still
    People clearly didn't vote based on riffs. They just picked their favorite song out of the 4 choices, probably even ignoring the songs they aren't familiar with.
    I'm kind of indifferent toward both bands. I like some things from both of them but don't really care a lot about either one, and I would have gone with No One Knows (if I hadn't missed the voting so far). It just sounds better, is catchier, and actually sounds harder to play (which has nothing to do with my decision). Mastodon is faster, though. Mastodon has better riffs than that anyway.
    What is super interesting to me is that it seems people who voted for the riffs don't up/down vote comments.  The votes on your comment are in stark contrast to how people voted between those two riffs.  Maybe it has something to do with where the anonymity exists.  
    It sounds like a bland metal riff to me. It's not bad, but it isn't incredible. No One Knows is like polka translated into hard rock; and it's better than that reads. If I met an alien, and they asked me what metal was, I might play Blood and Thunder. No One Knows is catchier, sounds fun, it's fun to play, and it seems to be growing in renown. It just ticks more boxes.
    I find it interesting how Fly Away can be last in a group and Seven Nation Army can be first.
    It's probably because Fly Away is a trash song by a trash artist.  Please tell me what Lenny Kravitz has ever done that is worth note?  That's far and away his biggest song and it's awful.  Maybe it's just me that feels that way but I cannot for the life of me think of someone who is shoved down my throat as a "guitarist" that couldn't "guitar" his way out of a wet cardboard box.  
    Shoved down your throat? What are you talking about? Fly Away is an awesome song.
    Do you know how many times that song is played on various forms of media?  It's like nails on a chalkboard.  Trash song.  Glad you enjoy it, because I sure don't.  Clearly most on this site also agree.
    I haven't heard it unintentionally in like 10 years. I don't know where you go to hear it all the time.
    Walking through a mall, sitting at fast food joints, bad commercials, all over the place.
    It sucks that group K had 4 epic riffs cancel each other out. I mean it could be surmised that all 4 of group K is better than every one in group J.
    personally if " Are you gonna go my way" had been the Lenny Kravitz selection the decision would have been 1000 times more difficult given the competition in that group.
    While it pains me to say this, I think Group I is correct.  Blood and Thunder is a personal favorite riff of mine, but you can't deny Aerials and No One Knows.  That is a VERY hard group to compete in.  I can't stand No One Knows either, but everyone loves it for some reason.
    what the fucking fuck?1 I had Aint talkin bout love in the top 3 of this entire thing.. didnt even win its round. a fucking travesty. 
    "The riff from 'Fly Away' wasn't appreciated by the UG community and lost to everyone else." IT IS AN AWFUL SONG AND IT'S BEYOND OVERRATED AND OVER PLAYED