UG Top Contributors Of 2012

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UG Top Contributors Of 2012
As 2012 comes to an end, it's time to celebrate. If you are not doing so yet, then feel free to join us in this article, where we are celebrating some of this year's best contributions from our dedicated users. First of all, we'd like to thank everybody who has contributed at least one article, lesson, review or tab to Ultimate Guitar. You've done an amazing job this year and it's your contributions that make UG the best guitar site in the universe. Millions of people around the world learned how to play their favorite songs based on your tab or lesson, and you should all be very proud of yourselves! We at UG are extremely proud to have such a dedicated, friendly and free-thinking community, unlike any other on the web. Keep up the good work in 2013! Now, let's see whose contributions were the most popular with UG community in 2012, starting with guitar lessons.
  • Best Metal Guitar Lesson (by The_Flesh_Storm)
  • Best Blues Guitar Lesson (by chris flatley)
  • Best Guitar Techniques Lesson (by BFMVMASTER17)
  • Best Scales Lesson (by SamiGuitarist)
  • Best Classical Guitar Lesson (by gitbad) Besides being a guitar Mecca for all musicians around the world, UG is also a place where you can express your ideas, share your feelings or entertain the audience with your own original posts. Here are the some of the this year's top articles, as rated by you:
  • Best Original Post (by shakyjake316)
  • Best Entertainment Article (by cman212233)
  • Best Guitar Wisdom Article (by sqrrloncrack)
  • Best Funny Article (by MattCox12345)
  • Best Original Research (by axedoc2010) We hope that Ultimate Guitar is your first place to check on reviews of the latest releases, many of which are submitted by our users. See some of the most uncompromising user reviews of 2012:
  • Muse "The 2nd Law" (by Colohue). Albums of such caliber are not easy to write a review for, but this one is just flawless.
  • The Chariot "One Wing" (by millarso). One of the most anticipated metal releases of 2012 broken down track by track.
  • Linkin Park "Living Things" (by StackedTuna). Just what a good review should do give you thoughtful and objective insight on the record.
  • CANO - "Au Nord De Notre Vie" (by travislausch). Thanks to the review, many people got to know about this hidden gem.
  • Storm Corrosion "Storm Corrosion" (by ARMAGEDDON_IT). A true and honest expression of the author's feelings after listening to the record is what makes this review great. Finally, we got to thank our top contributors. These people submitted most tabs in 2012 which makes them the elite of UG community. Hats off to you guys! Top Contributors: 1. paramore_fans - 466 tabs 2. Washya - 396 tabs 3. Kraziekhat - 322 tabs 4. Neckwringer - 275 tabs 5. Pencom - 202 tabs 6. Roulie - 149 tabs 7. DiddyD - 139 tabs 8. gonzaw - 129 tabs 9. Teh+D+Bot - 120 tabs 10. maguri - 114 tabs All of the listed users are getting a small Christmas present from UG free 3 months subscription to Ad Free service to browse the site and forum comfortably without any ads seen. Merry Christmas and a Rockin' New Year to everybody! See you in 2013.
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