UG Top Contributors of 2013

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UG Top Contributors of 2013
As 2013 comes to an end, it's time to celebrate our community's neverending passion for creating great tabs, lessons, column posts and reviews! First off, we'd like to thank everybody who's contributed to UG this or any of the past years. You guys really get the whole thing going and we truly appreciate your sincere efforts to share guitar passion and wisdom across the globe. Our editors work hard every day to help put your contributions out on UG, but sometimes we receive so many that it's impossible to process them all in time – if we ever kept you waiting, know that it was for a reason.

Before we start

It's very hard to make "best" picks from something that's so diverse and unique as your articles and tabs, but we did try. In the end, it's up to you anyways to decide what's worthy and what's not. Hit "Like" button, post your comments, share the news via Facebook or Twitter, otherwise have fun while we'll take care of providing you with new and interesting materials every day. So, let's start!

Best Lessons

This year has been really great for our "Lessons" section, seems like you guys were on a roll – way to go in 2014!
  • Best Solo Lesson (by beginnerguitarn)
  • Best Beginner Lesson (by edmond.brown.7)
  • Best Guitar Practice Lesson (by GodlyGuitarGuru)
  • Best Songwriting Lesson (by Ryan Duke)
  • Most Unusual Lesson (by beginnerguitarn)
  • Best Advanced Techniques Lesson (by KevinGoetz)
  • Best Guitar Exercise Lesson (by Chris Zoupa)

    Best Columns

    Some of the most interesting and unusual stuff on UG can be found in Columns. We're really just scratching the surface with this list.
  • Best Entertainment Post (by jomatami)
  • Best Guitar Post (by tommaso.zillio)
  • Best Original Research (by jomatami)
  • Best Songwriting Post (by SamDawson)
  • Best Humorous Post (by mezzaman)
  • Most Unusual Post (by Cavalcade)
  • Best Gear Post (by Hitsquad)

    Best Reviews

    UG is the place to be if you're into guitars and gear. A well-written, informative and unbiased review is a rare thing these days, but you guys nailed it flawlessly!
  • Best Electric Guitar Review (by hermonics)
  • Best Acoustic Guitar Review (by eddiehimself)
  • Best Guitar Amp Review (by roydraper)
  • Best Guitar Effects Review (by taka.perry)
  • Best Bass Guitar Review (by Archer97)

    Top Tab Contributors

    Nothing else to add, you are the best of the best. 1. Kraziekhat 2. Markchordz 3. Neckwringer 4. timbo63 5. Teh D Bot 6. Pencom (you, sir, are truly awesome!) 7. DiddyD 8. suphi 9. maguri 10. suribro And last (but not least) we'd like to thank all of our moderators and column cleaners. You guys do an awesome job teaching and preaching wisdom to UG community. By the way, there's a huge Awards ceremony happening right now on the forum – pretty interesting nominations like "Sexiest Mod" or "Best Profile" will surely keep you entertained, be sure to check it out. That was the end of our Top Contributors of 2013 post. Those who we forgot to mention – please forgive us guys, we love you all. Now, let's hear it for 2014 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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