UG's Black Friday App Deals

We're jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon so that readers worldwide can save a few dollars on our flagship Tab apps. Check out the details here before the deals are gone forever.

Ultimate Guitar

Look out, Black Friday is coming!

You know the drill. Black Friday is a day when stores across America drop their prices for an epic sale in a bid to make customers part with extra cash ahead of the holiday season.

But why limit these offers to just our American readers? We have two special deals for UG readers worldwide.

And you know what? Screw Black Friday. We're going to run these deals for the whole weekend over three days, from Friday November 23 to Monday November 26. Here's the details:

25% off Tab Pro for iPhone

Our flagship iPhone app is available as either a standalone app directly on iTunes App Store, or as an in-app upgrade from the regular UG Tabs app (just tap 'Extras' on the app home screen to find the upgrade section). If you've been waiting to take the plunge on the pro version, now's the time to do it.

You can find Tab Pro for iPhone with this direct link to the iTunes store.

Up to 30% off Tab Pro HD subscriptions

Whether you already have a subscription or not, you can make big savings on our premier Tab Pro HD subscriptions. Our iPad app is the best tab experience anywhere, and we're knocking $1 off each subscription option. The longer your subscription, the more you save! Just tap 'Subscription' in the app to see the options.

Remember, if you already subscribe to Tab Pro HD, we'll add your new discounted plan to the end of your current subscription.

You can find Tab Pro HD for iPad with this direct link to the iTunes Store.

Both deals will last for three days from Black Friday to this Sunday. This is the perfect time to invest in your guitar playing, and we love that these apps keep getting so much great feedback. Keep it coming!

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    You all keep coming to this site and every single person here acts like they are somehow owed something for nothing, like news about your favourite band or to check whether you got the gold medal for your witty post. Then abuse them when you find out some people have different taste. It's their page, it's not news that UG post a LOT of shit news, so why not stop at the headline. Click wisely, everyones happy. No more wars. Peace and love.
    Wow, 25%. I guess thats about 60p off or something then. That's one lame deal