Ultimate Guitar Introduces Ukulele Chords

We're proud to finally introduce a new section on Ultimate Guitar: ukulele chords!

Ultimate Guitar

We're proud to finally introduce a new section on Ultimate Guitar: ukulele tabs!

It's been one of the most requested updates from UG readers for years, and eagle-eyed UG readers will have spotted it arrive earlier this week.

The ukulele might look like just a small cousin to the acoustic guitar, but that doesn't make it less of an instrument. Ever since it emerged from Hawaii in the 19th century, it's been growing in popularity worldwide and has become one of the most accessible stringed instruments in the world because it's easy to learn and affordable for schools. And besides, they sound great - especially when you have tabs for great songs to play on them!

Regular 'Chord' tabs will now feature an ukulele counterpart. Tabbers who want to create Uke-dedicated tabs simply have to choose the new 'Ukulele' category when submitting the tab - you'll find it under the 'Type' drop down box on our regular 'Submit' page.

Here's some of our favorite songs to play on ukulele. Try out our new Uke tabs and let us know your feedback and first impressions in the comments.

Israel Kamakawiwoole - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Jason Mraz - "I'm Yours"

Train - "Hey, Soul Sister"

Lumineers - "Ho Hey"

Beatles - "Let It Be"

Maroon 5 - "Payphone"

Passenger - "Let Her Go"

The Eagles - "Hotel California"

Death Cab For Cutie - "I Will Follow You Into The Dark"

Adele - "Someone Like You"

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    looks like hipsters will be able to enjoy UG even more
    No they play an obscure hybrid instrument called a ukubouzoukitar - a combination of a ukulele, bouzouki and sitar. You've probably never heard of it
    what are you even? i've never seen a hipster with a uke
    It's unfortunate that veteran ukulele players are bunched with those people now.. :x
    Darth Crow
    I know that ukulele is a perfectly valid instrument, but this still seems like a joke to me
    Now I can jam to my favourite Slayer albums on ukelele. Hell yeah, thanks UG
    I love ukulele, but why do you need different tabs for ukulele and guitar? It's basically the same chords played with a different style
    Eddie Vedder released a whole album of Ukulele songs. It now passes as a valid instrument
    I got that album, it forever changed my view on the instrument. He is one talented man. Finally, I can pretend to be as cool as Eddie of House Vedder.
    Anyone care to explain what the fkin **** ukuleles have to do with hipsters?
    Thats what I was wondering. I don't know any hipsters though so it was news to me. I picked up my like for the uke from vedder and enjoy playing different songs on the uke. I think it sounds cool in a band as well.
    Hipsters used to get Ukuleles and do 'ironic covers' of rap and metal songs. Of course if was totally 'random' and hilarious until it became popular and then like all things it went from being obscure and kinda stupid to popular and full retard.
    Every good ukulele player I know uses regular chord sheets. I guess its a good idea for beginners though, who haven't quite got used to the finger positions, but some of the UG chord shapes for both guitar and uke are a bit weird to me.
    I am all for having Ukelele tabs on here and yes, lots of guitar TABs could be used as they are or adapted easily, but most of not all of the ones listed have guitar chords diagrammed and even guitar TAB included. People that already play Uke will be fine, but the learning musicians and especially younger ones that don't have much of a music background are going to be somewhat confused and/or disappointed. Hopefully you'll allow the contributors of these TABs adapt and re-submit them as Ukelele TABs, especially ones with complex chords that don't translate well to Uke or ones with melodies transcribed for guitar that are incorrect on the Uke. Good luck Ukelelers!!
    It has been said before here: It does not make any sense to automatically copy existing guitar tabs and re-label them "ukulele". When I submit a tab, I take care to include tips/voicings that are useful for players of for 6-stringed instruments (like ... yes, the guitar for example). Now this very same tab is headed under "ukulele". Uke-players do not need that. They - just like guitarists - need tabs that are written with their specific instrument in mind, so they can actually profit from it. What if ukulele players looking for a good uke-tab come across my perfectly good re-labeled guitar tab (that is now supposedly a ukulele tab) which isn't any good as a ukulele tab? Do I have to take the bad ratings for something that I never intended as a ukulele tab?
    WTF? I just had one of my contributions rated poorly and dissed because of it not being real ukulele tab. I KNOW, I DIDN'T PUT IT THERE AS UKULELE! I don't want to get crap from users just because you randomly decided to clone all of my contributions and tag them as ukulele. This is pure crap.
    The automatic inclusion of guitar tabs into the ukulele has been revoked today. Yee Haw!
    well, not exactly. The "ukulele clones" are still there, they are just not linked to the original user anymore, which is even worse, because all of my contributions are signed with my name anyway, so now I may be dissed and not even know about it, or get dissed by email. HEY UG, get this - I didn't give you right to ALTER my contributions, so delete this immediately or at least delete my name and email from them!
    Wow, that's horrible! My optimism got the better of me. I actually thought the exorcism was complete ... Removing the ukulele clones (Very nice expression! But "ukulele zombies" might be even more fitting, now that the original submitters cannot even edit themm anymore ...) from the members' list of countributions can only be the first step, of course. They have to go completely!
    Why is there a separate section for uke chords, why not normal chords, but with a button to bring up uke chord diagrams, instead of 6-string diagrams?
    None of these tabs are ukulele chords, they're all just the guitar chords (isn't it obvious when there are 6 strings on the chord shapes??)