Ultimate Guitar Store is Closing

The discount online music store by Ultimate Guitar is closing shop next week.

Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar will be closing its online discount store on November 30th. The new venture offered major discounts from premium equipment retailers every day to email subscribers who had up to 24 hours to get 70% off products from select partners. Sadly, we're bringing the store to a close. But there's still time to get yourself a discount before it closes - there's about a week left, and we've got some really awesome products in line for you. Just visit Ultimate Guitar Store, add your email and we'll send you an update every day with the latest deal until the closure. Meanwhile, we want to thank all of you who signed up for store and found an awesome axe, pedal or piece of musical equipment. We hope it serves you well. Thanks!

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    It is awful, but if I finally get money to buy a new piece of equipment, I want to get it ASAP. I don't have cash to buy something just because it is cheap. The idea was a good one, but in this economy the averages buyers can't buy in that manner. It would have been a welcomed coincidence if what I needed showed up on UG's store right when I was able to buy. I hope this made sense. I am not bashing. I am trying to point out that great deals are awesome, but 24 hours isn't enough time unless you are an impulse buyer with bucks.
    Some good deals yea, but still pretty expensive, and hardly any selection. I come here to read articles and such, not shop for my gear.
    Shame, I always saw some pretty good deals. Maybe I'll pick something up before it shuts down.
    Damn, I finally have money now and was hoping I could snag something from there someday. Guess I'll keep searching.
    I was going to probably get an acoustic that I wanted from the deals on there, but since they're only one-day only, I was never able to. Shame.
    Doe! I got my fuzz factory and Boss DD7 from there but missed the MXR Flanger