Ultimate Guitar Store Is Here!

UG readers get special discounts with up to 70% off guitars and equipment with our brand new site that we're launching today. Find out more and sign up here.

Ultimate Guitar

Our brand new Ultimate Guitar Store has finally launched!

First of all, thanks to our readers for the enormous interest in our new venture. We wanted to try something new and really glad that you like it.

The goal is to offer major discounts to premium equipment to you every single day, and we're really pleased to see that so many of you are interested in signing up.

How does it work? It's simple:

- Sign up with your email at UltimateGuitarStore.com - We contact you with two deals every day (one guitar, one piece of gear) - If you want one, you have one day to buy it at up to 70% off

It's as easy as that. You'll have to be quick off the mark, because there's limited stock of each item and we have a tonne of people signed up already.

The first deals have gone live today, so visit the Ultimate Guitar Store to snap them up before they're all gone!

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    Wow! I won't be getting either of the deals today but I can see that I'm gonna like this a lot! Great idea UG.
    Liking the idea of this, but I hate how much debt it has the potential of putting me into :p
    We have PRS SE Santana guitar today, over $100 cheaper than anywhere else. Good enough for premium equipment eh?
    lol the price crossed out is the list price :p
    Yep. I am dissappoint
    we knew that was how it would be, but the guitar is priced $20 cheaper than every other site i checked up on. so it is a deal.
    do some research online shopping and you wont get a better on UGstore! This will be my daily website! Thanks UG!
    Premium equipment? Hmmmmm so whats 70 percent off of a less paul in the 3000 range. The answer is..... Still a lot.
    pretty cool but musicians friend was doing this for a long time
    yeah but musicians friend has the support UG doesnt. plus i checked out the prices of these two things and theyre both cheaper than even MF so this seems pretty awesome
    Good work, UG, you finally convinced me to make an account here after years of just lurking